LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group (2014-2016)

This page is obsolete! TWiki page for new LHC Higgs WG can be found here.

Red led News

  • LHCHXSWG General meeting to discuss the new structure of the group to be held during October 12 (Wed.) - 14 (Fri.) at CERN. Please register from here NEW
  • Meeting of the Higgs exotic decay subgroup, November 7-8 at SLAC. Agenda and registration here (2016.09.21) NEW
  • Meeting of the HH subgroup, October 3 at CERN. Agenda here (2016.09.21) NEW
  • CERN Yellow Report 4 now under proofreading. Please submit comments before Friday, September 30, 2016 from here (2016.09.16)
  • Higgs boson production cross sections and decay branching ratios plots for CERN Yellow Report 4 are now available here (2016.08.02)
  • Higgs boson production cross sections and decay branching ratios updates for CERN Yellow Report 4 are now available here (2016.03.03)
  • CERN support for HXSWG operation: Guidelines (2014.12.19)

Red led Meetings ( InDico page)

Upcoming meetings

  1. SC+WG convener weekly meeting takes place every Wednesday or Thursday 17:00-18:30. Please avoid organizing meeting during this time slot.
  2. Also please avoid having meetings in the morning unless no other choice, to facilitate the participation of our friends from other side of the pond.


The LHC Higgs cross-section working group ( LHCHXSWG) was created in January 2010. The aim of this group was to produce agreements on cross sections, branching ratios and pseudo-observables relevant to SM and MSSM Higgs boson(s). In spring 2012, the group was restructured and new subgroups were added with the goal of discussing Higgs property/measurement and BSM extensions. Three CERN Reports have been completed, "Inclusive Observables" ( CERN-2011- 002), "Differential Distributions" ( CERN-2012-002), and "Higgs Properties" ( CERN-2013-004). These achievements facilitated the comparison and combination of Higgs results at LHC since the beginning of the LHC physics programme.
After 4 years of activities, our group is being reorganized in view of long LHC shutdown 2013-2014 (LS1) and in order to prepare the future run at higher energy. This new activity will pave the way of the work to be carried over to crystallize the various theoretical ideas and predictions into actual recommendations to the experiments.

  • Proposal for new LHC Higgs XS WG submitted by ATLAS and CMS Collaborations (2014.04.25)

If you want to join the working group, please send an e-mail to working group conveners listed below. Please subscribe yourself to the mailing lists of the group.

Green led Organization

Green led Steering Committee Members Mail

Reisaburo Tanaka (LAL) Markus Schumacher (Freiburg) Pierre Savard (Toronto) Chiara Mariotti (Torino) Alexander Nikitenko (IC, London) Marco Pieri (UCSD) Daniel de Florian (Buenos Aires) Christophe Grojean (Barcelona&Hamburg) Fabio Maltoni (Louvain)

Green led Working Group Conveners

  • We are organized in 3 working groups.

Group TWiki Mail to conveners ATLAS CMS THEORY
Higgs XS&BR Mail Bruce Mellado (Witwatersrand) Pasquale Musella (Zurich) Massimiliano Grazzini (Zürich) Robert Harlander (Wuppertal)
Higgs Properties Mail Chris Hays (Oxford) Mingshui Chen (CN) Adam Falkowski (Orsay-LPT) Gino Isidori (Zürich)
BSM Higgs Mail Nikolaos Rompotis (Washington) Roger Wolf (KIT) Ian Low (Argonne and Northwestern) Margarete Mühlleitner (Karlsruhe)
  • Remove SPAMNOT from mailing address when sending.

Green led Sub-working Group / Task-force Group Conveners

Group TWiki Group Mailing List Mail to conveners ATLAS CMS THEORY
BR   Mail Daniela Rebuzzi (Pavia)   Ivica Puljak (Split)   Ansgar Denner (Würzburg) Sven Heinemeyer (IFCA) Alexander Mück (Aachen)
ggF   Mail Dag Gillberg (CERN) Chris Hays (Oxford) Giovanni Petrucciani (CERN) Andrea Massironi (Northeastern U) Stefano Forte (Milano) Achilleas Lazopoulos (ETH Zürich) Giulia Zanderighi (Oxford)
VBF/VH Mailing List Mail Jason Nielsen (UCSC) Elisabetta Pianori (Warwick) Pietro Govoni (Milano-Bicocca) Luca Perrozzi (ETH) Stefan Dittmaier (Freiburg) Barbara Jäger (Tübingen) Francesco Tramontano (Naples)
ttH/tH Mailing List Mail Stefan Guindon (SUNY)   Christopher Neu (Virginia)   Stefano Pozzorini (Zürich) Laura Reina (Florida)  
bbH/bH   Mail Matthew Beckingham (Warwick)   Alexandre Nikitenko (IC, London)   Michael Spira (PSI) Marius Wiesemann (Zürich)  
HH   Mail Magdalena Slawinska (NIKHEF)   Maxime Gouzevitch (Lyon) Roberto Salerno (Ecole Polytechnique) Sally Dawson (BNL) Christoph Englert (Glasgow)  
Fiducial XS   Mail Florian Bernlochner (Bonn )   Predrag Milenovic (Florida)   Sabine Kraml (Grenoble) Pier Monni (Oxford)  
Offshell   Mail Yanyan Gao (Liverpool)   Jian Wang (Florida) Livia Soffi (Cornell) Fabrizio Caola (CERN) Nikolas Kauer (Royal Holloway)  
MSSM Neutral   Mail Allison McCarn (Michigan)   Rebecca Lane (IC) Daniel Winterbottom (IC) Stefan Liebler (DESY) Pietro Slavich (LPTHE, Paris) Michael Spira (PSI)
MSSM Charged   Mail Steve Sekula (SMU)   Martin Flechl (Vienna)   Maria Ubiali (Cambridge) Marco Zaro (LPTHE, Paris)  
NMSSM   Mail David Strom (Oregon)   Rachel Yohay (UC Davis)   Ulrich Ellwanger (LPT, Orsay) Margarete Mühlleitner (Karlsruhe) Florian Staub (CERN)
Neutral Extended Scalars   Mail Xiaohu Sun (Chinese Academy of Sciences)   Raffaele Gerosa (Milano-Bicocca)   Heather Logan (Carleton) Rui Santos (ISEL/CFTC, Lisbon) Shufang Su (Arizona)
Exotic Decay   Mail Shikma Bressler (Weizmann)   Abdollah Mohammadi (Universite Libre de Bruxelles (BE))   Stefania Gori (Perimeter Inst. for Theoretical Physics) Jessie Shelton (UIUC)  
MCNet   Mail     Simon Plätzer (DESY)    
PDF   Mail Joey Huston (Michigan State)       Stefano Forte (Milano) Robert Thorne (UCL)  
ALL   Mail to all conveners              

  • Remove dummy.name@cernSPAMNOT.ch or SPAMNOT from mailing address when sending.
  • The address should have the prefix "lhc-higgs-" for any kind of mailing lists in our group.
  • Any TWiki page Topic name should have the prefix "LHCHXSWG" and should be created under "LHCHXSWG" Topic parent.

Green led Theory Advisory Committee

(as from September 1st 2016)

Sally Dawson (BNL) Stefan Dittmaier (Freiburg) Nigel Glover (Durham) Fabio Maltoni (Louvain)
Alex Pomarol Clotet (Barcelona) Gavin Salam (CERN) Carlos Wagner (Argonne/Chicago) Michelangelo Mangano (CERN/LPCC)

Green led Mode of operation


One of the main purposes of the LHCHXSWG is to provide the experimental collaborations with information in various forms (reference cross sections, benchmarks, recommendations, codes,...). Normally, an expression of interest on a specific piece of information might also come from EXP sources (from analysis contact persons, from group conveners, from physics coordinators) or even from TH ones. Such requests are communicated to the WG conveners. In the following we illustrate the guidelines that should be followed to insure a correct and efficient work and communication in and out of the LHCHXSWG.

General Principles

  • Information on the activities of the LHCHXSWG is fully public, open and accessible by anybody, at any time.
  • Vertical and horizontal information flow in the LHCHXSWG should be always guaranteed.
  • Calls for action/help should be made in a public/wide and transparent way so to be accessible also from outside the LHCHXSWG.
  • Official LHCHXSWG deliverables are always subject to approval procedures before being publicly available.
  • Personal and group focused initiatives, external collaborations with other groups should be supported in the interest of the all WG and should be open.


Here below we illustrate a "normal" workflow in the WG. It is understood that in case of doubt the WG conveners should consult the SC.

1) Submission of the request to the WG's

The WG conveners promote and organize the activities in their groups. In addition they are the recipients of requests that can come from any internal (the SC or other WG's members) or external [ATLAS/CMS analysis contact persons, group conveners, physics coordinators or other groups (FCC, HL-LHC, BSM theorists) ] source. Each activity/request is first considered and, if relevant, clearly defined. If the request is deemed relevant but not-yet-feasible is proposed as an addition to an official LHCHXSWG wish-list. A priority grading might be given. Such proposals are communicated to the SC (and in case to other WG's conveners) during the regular meetings (or via e-mail) and approved together with the other WG conveners.

2) Publication of the activity and call to the LHCHXSWG

WG conveners publish the approved activities (and/or the corresponding call-for-action) on the corresponding Wiki page, with a description of the work to be done, expected type of contributions and the approximated schedule (including a deadline for committing to contribute) and take corresponding actions to gather all the needed expertise from the community. People willing to contribute manifest their interest to the WG conveners. Depending on the exact request, deliverables are also identified (e.g. tables of numbers to be published on the wiki, codes to be made public, lists of available results/codes, documents to appear on the arXiv, ...).

3) Work is performed

The WG conveners organize the work and collect the results and deliverables. Intermediate status reports can be given upon the SC request and/or appear on the Twiki of the corresponding WG. Open discussions/meetings are regularly scheduled.

4) Approval of the results

Once results and/or information that answer to the request is available, WG conveners inform the SC (typically in the usual SC-WG convener meetings) who either might approve it directly or start an approval procedure, the details of which will depend on the actual deliverable. For example, in the case of a document to appear on the arXiv in the name of the LHCHXSWG (as a whole or by a WG or by smaller groups), a WG-wide (yet light) review procedure will take place.

5) Publication of the results

Report type could be either of the following,

a) LHCHXSWG internal note: such as work review or work plan as an internal document. Authors will submit the draft to the WG conveners that will oversee the document by a fast review and after approval will provide an INT preprint number. The note will be labelled like LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-001 and will be signed by the (few) individuals who have done the work. Internal notes are not intended to become public beyond the LHCHXSWG twiki page and a CDS entry and, in particular, submission to the arXiv of internal notes is strongly discouraged.

b) LHCHXSWG official report: such as (interim) recommendation which can be cited by the collaboration in the papers, proceedings/reports representing LHCHXSWG. The authors will submit the draft to the WG conveners that within a few days will post it on the twiki page and invite all members of the corresponding WG to comment (via CERN CDS system), review and eventually join the work. Final review is performed by SC members and all LHCHXSWG members are invited to comment via the CDS system during a period fixed by the SC and adjusted to the complexity of the content and the length of the note. The report should be labelled like LHCHXSWG-2015-001 and will include the endorsement “work done on behalf of the LHCHXSWG”. Everyone who has substantially contributed to the discussion or has responded to the call from the WG conveners will be invited to sign it. Official reports can be submitted to the arXiv.

c) LHCHXSWG CERN Reports: compilation of all works done in the group. Compilation and review of the different sections will he handled by the WG conveners and final review will be performed by the SC. Report numbers are handled by CERN Library like CERN-2015-001. The report will be signed by all members of the LHCHXSWG that contributed. LHCHXSWG CERN reports will be submitted to the arXiv.

Practical Issues/Recommendations about Internal Notes

- For the report number WG conveners are eligible and responsible to submit the sequential number to the authors and edit LHCHXSWG Library page themselves https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LHCPhysics/LHCHXSWGLibrary This page is linked from LHCHXSWG's main TWiki page at "Documents and Practical Guide". WG conveners with CERN account should be able to edit this TWiki page. After submission the report number and making entry to Library TWiki page, please notify to SC.

- We wish that communications that usually occur by private emails between EXP and TH (as cross section numbers, scale recommendations, etc) end up into the form of Internal notes in order to provide the possibility of future checks and better handling the information. The internal notes don’t need to have the format of a formal article, can, for example, be a more informal report on the discussion.

-Internal notes could be the starting point towards an official report. For instance, the WG conveners could decide to elaborate on an internal note and call for an extended work inside their WG to issue some official recommendations. Of course, the authors of an internal note could themselves motivate/convince the WG to go for such a call.

- We encourage ATLAS/CMS to rely on official notes and if they want to use some results in INT notes, they should contact the WGi conveners such that a call is made inside the WG and the process for the transmutation INT note -> official report is initiated

- Please make sure that all notes are placed under SVN system with each directory for both INT note (LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-001) and official reports (LHCHXSWG-2015-001). All SVN instructions are linked from https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LHCPhysics/LHCHXSWG#Documents_and_Practical_Guide.

The announcement of new developments in the TH/MC/Tools

"The announcement of new developments in the TH/MC/Tools can be posted on the dedicated Wiki page if the authors consider it relevant for the all LHCHXSWG groups. The MCnet contact person supervises the corresponding Wiki page and its maintenance. The submission of the news through LHCHXSWG e-mail lists should be avoided.”

Higgs cross sections and decay branching ratios

Orange led Production cross sections and decay BRs for RUN-2

Orange led SM Higgs

Orange led BSM Higgs

Orange led Latest plots

Figure 1: Standard Model Higgs boson production cross sections at Ecm = 13 and 14 TeV as a function of Higgs boson mass and Higgs boson production cross sections as a function of the centre-of-mass-energies. The tH production cross section accounts for t-ch and s-ch only (no tWH production) [CERN Yellow Report 4].

Figure 2: Higgs boson production cross sections (SM-like coupling, NWA, no EW corrections) at Ecm = 13 and 14 TeV [CERN Yellow Report 4].

Figure 3: Standard Model Higgs boson decay branching ratios [CERN Yellow Report 4].

Figure 4: Standard Model Higgs boson decay branching ratios and total width [CERN Yellow Report 3].

Documents and Practical Guide

Aqua led Documentation ( Link to the Library, Link to CDS)

Aqua led CERN Reports: Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections

  1. Inclusive Observables ( CERN-2011-002, arXiv:1101.0593).
  2. Differential Distributions ( CERN-2012-002, arXiv:1201.3084).
  3. Higgs Properties ( CERN-2013-004, arXiv:1307.1347).

Aqua led SVN and CDS

SVN Information Sort WebSVN Sort
CDS Information CDS Collection
Instruction for CERN Yellow Report

Aqua led Communication Tools

How to get CERN Account CERN Account How to manage CERN computing account.
InDico InDico Agenda Group's workshop and subgroup meeting agenda system.

Aqua led Mailing List

  • The address should have the prefix "lhc-higgs-" for any kind of mailing lists in our group.
  • Posting the message is restricted to e-Group member lhc-higgs, i.e. you need to use your e-mail account registered to lhc-higgs mailing list.

  address alias  
General lhc-higgs@cern.ch   For group's common issues, like announcement of group meeting, meeting summary etc.
Can send message to this list from lhc-higgs subscribers. Archived message.
WG1: Higgs XS&BR lhc-higgs-xsbr@cern.ch lhc-higgs-wg1@cern.ch WG1: Higgs XS&BR general mailing list. Archived message.
Can send message to this list from this WG1 or lhc-higgs subscribers.
Inherited from previous lhc-higgs mailing list.
WG2: Higgs Properties lhc-higgs-properties@cern.ch lhc-higgs-wg2@cern.ch WG2: Higgs Properties general mailing list. Archived message.
Can send message to this list from this WG2 or lhc-higgs subscribers.
Inherited from previous lhc-higgs-lm mailing list.
WG3: BSM Higgs lhc-higgs-bsm@cern.ch lhc-higgs-wg3@cern.ch WG3: BSM Higgs general mailing list. Archived message.
Can send message to this list from this WG3 or lhc-higgs subscribers.
Inherited from previous lhc-higgs-hm mailing list.
Steering Committee lhc-higgs-steering-committee@cern.ch lhc-higgs-sc@cern.ch For Steering Committee members (restricted access).
Can send message to this list from lhc-higgs subscribers.
WG1 Convener lhc-higgs-xsbr-convener@cern.ch lhc-higgs-wg1-convener@cern.ch For WG1 conveners (restricted access).
Can send message to this list from WG1 or lhc-higgs subscribers.
WG2 Convener lhc-higgs-properties-convener@cern.ch lhc-higgs-wg2-convener@cern.ch For WG2 conveners (restricted access).
Can send message to this list from WG2 or lhc-higgs subscribers.
WG3 Convener lhc-higgs-bsm-convener@cern.ch lhc-higgs-wg3-convener@cern.ch For WG3 conveners (restricted access).
Can send message to this list from WG3 or lhc-higgs subscribers.
Subgroup Convener lhc-higgs-xsbr-subgroup-convener@cern.ch   For Subgroup conveners (restricted access).
Can send message to this list from lhc-higgs subscribers and others.

Aqua led Workshops

The 12th General Assembly Meeting at CERN 2016 Oct. 12-14, 2016 Home page Agenda  
Preparatory Meeting July 7-8, 2016 Home page Agenda  
The 11th General Assembly Meeting at CERN 2016 Jan. 13-15, 2016 Home page Agenda  
The 10th General Assembly Meeting at CERN 2015 July 15-17, 2015 Home page Agenda  
The 9th General Assembly Meeting at CERN 2015 January 22-24, 2015 Home page Agenda  
The 8th General Assembly Meeting at CERN 2014 June 12-13, 2014 Home page Agenda Minutes
The 7th Workshop at CERN 2012 Dec. 5-6, 2012 Home page Agenda  
The 6th Workshop at CERN 2012 May 24-25, 2012 Home page Agenda  
The 5th Workshop at LAL 2011 Nov. 21-22, 2011 Home page Agenda  
The 4th Workshop at BNL 2011 May 4-6, 2011 Home page Agenda  
The 3rd Workshop at Bari 2010 Nov. 4-5, 2010 Home page Agenda  
The 2nd Workshop at CERN 2010 Jul. 5-6, 2010 Home page Agenda Minutes
Inauguration Workshop in Freiburg 2010 Apr. 12-13, 2010 Home page Agenda Minutes

-- ReiTanaka - 08 May 2014

ReiTanaka - 2016-10-14

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