LHC HWG for BSM Higgs (WG3)

LHCHWG3 is responsible to provide support and recommendations for BSM Higgs related issues.

Group organization

Group conveners:

Jana Schaarschmidt (U of Washington) (2021) Abdollah Mohammadi (U of Wisconsin-Madison) (2021-) Brian Shuve (Harvey Mudd) (2022) Shufang Su (Arizona) (2021)
The conveners can be globally reached at the address lhc-higgs-bsm-convener@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch (only if you already subscribed to the WG3 mailing list or the general HWG mailing list, see here).

WG3 acknowledges historical contributors, especially leadership from all conveners, and we look forward to your future contributions. These convenors are recorded here; please contact the WG3 convenors to update or correct the information below. We are still in the process of completing the record and hope that future conveners will help complete them.

WG3 Conveners Subgroup Conveners
Exotic Higgs Decays Extended Higgs Sector MSSM NMSSM bbH
Zhen Liu 2019-2021 Lorenzo Sestini 2017-Current Rui Santos 2015-Current Michael Spira 2010-Current Nikos Rompotis 2018-Current Michael Spira 2014-Current
Jan Steggemann 2020-2021 Alexis Kalogeropoulos 2022-Current Santeri Laurila 2021-Current Pietro Slavich 2012-2022 Nausheen R. Shah 2019-Current Marius Wiesemann 2014-Current
Jana Schaarschmidt 2021-Current Brian Shuve 2020-Current Tania Robens 2021-Current Timothy Barklow 2019-Current Timothy Barklow 2021-Current Abdollah Mohammadi 2019-Current
Shufang Su 2021-Current Matthias Konig 2020-Current Nikos Rompotis 2021-Current Artur Gottmann 2020-2021 Afiq Anuar 2021-Current Timothy Barklow 2021-Current
Pietro Slavich 2017-2021 Verena Martinez 2021-Current Jana Schaarschmidt 2016-2020 Emanuele Bagnaschi 2020-Current Eric Feng Previous Lei Zhang 2019-2021
Anna Goussiou 2018-2020 Jesse Shelton 2013-2020 Jan Steggemann 2019-2021 Andrew Gilbert 2017-2020 David Strom Previous    
Stefania Gori 2017-2019 Georgia Karapostoli, Cecile Caillol 2020-21, 2017-20 Mariarosaria d'Alfonso 2021-current Guillermo Hamity 2017-2019 Rachel Yohei Previous    
Liron Barak 2016-2018 Ljiljana Morvaj 2018-2020 Lidija Zivkovic 2019-Current Allison McCarn Previous Ullrich Ellwanger Current    
Nikos Rompotis 2014-2016 Zhen Liu 2017-2019 Healther Logan 2015-2021 Stefan Liebler Previous Maggie Mühlleitner Current    
Roger Wolf Previous Stefania Gori 2013-2017 Shufang Su 2015-2021 Rebecca Lane Previous Florian Staub Previous    
Ian Low Previous Abdollah Mohammadi 2015-2017 Ulrich Ellwanger 2015-2021 Daniel Winterbottom Previous Abideh Jafari Previous    
Maggie Mühlleitner Previous Shikma Bressler Previous Xiaohu Sun Previous            
David Sperka Previous Abdollah Mohammadi Previous Raffaele Gerosa Previous            
Mario Pelliccioni Previous Roger Caminal Previous Martin Flechl Previous            
        Maria Ubiali Previous            
        Marco Zaro Previous            
        Xiangyang Ju Previous            

Extended Higgs Sector (neutral + charged Higgs bosons):

Task Involved persons Status Timescale
Keep an eye on potentially missing signatures   In progress Continuous

MSSM Higgs

Task Involved persons Status Timescale
Keep an eye on potentially missing signatures   In progress Continuous
WG support to the release of experimental likelihoods   In progress Continuous
Prioritize channels according to importance for end of LHC run2/3 or HL-LHC   In progress Continuous
A/H decay to SUSY states and corresponding ROOT files   In progress 2022
Higgs pT public note   In progress (link) 2022
Provide description and common tool for BSM Higgs pT calculation @ NLO+PS precision for gluon fusion   In progress (link) 2022
Update of the ROOT files to the latest HDECAY version   Complete December 2021
Update of the ROOT files with new quantities (e.g. trilinear self-coupling of the SM-like Higgs)   Complete December 2021
Update of the hMSSM ROOT file to the same predictions of the other scenarios   Complete December 2021
Release of the ROOT files on Zenodo   Complete December 2021
ROOT files public note   Complete December 2021
Update of the ROOT files of EFT scenarios with the inclusion of the SM predictions   Complete July 2021
Release ROOT files for mh125 variants with negative mu   Complete Nov/Dec 2020
Update of the ROOT files (SM BRs, HDECAY modification of SUSY-QCD corrections to h/H/A -> bb for proper Delta_b terms, FH proper version)   Complete Nov/Dec 2020
Provide updated ROOT files for end RunII analyses   Complete End 2018
Provide benchmark scenario for low tanb using EFT approach   Complete End 2018
Provide new MSSM benchmark scenarios   Complete Sept 2018
Update SM parameters for MSSM calculations to be consistent with YR recommendations for SM calculations   Complete Sept 2018


Task Involved persons Status Timescale
Re-interpetation of public experimental results Theorists In progress Continuous
Release of first set of benchmarks All Done Spring 2020
Additional benchmarks for H2->H1 Z All partially done Spring 2022
Cross sections for ggF->H3->(Hs->bb) + (H125->bb/tautau) Theorists In progress January 2022

Exotic Higgs Decays

Task Involved persons Status Timescale
Provide a benchmark for interpretations of h->aa->4y/2g2y searches Andrea Thamm DONE ALP benchmark
Add feasibility studies for h-&gt All planned lower priority
List uncovered, but well motivated, Higgs decays searches involving one or more displaced vertices. Brian Shuve Note In progress early 2022
What is the best way to present Higgs searches with displaced vertices to allow a simple recast by theorists? Theorists In progress mid 2022
Reinterpret prompt decays results for LLP signatures Experimentalists In progress within collaborations Full Run 2 papers
List of high priority channels for inclusion into BSM H fits and for which experimentalists are highly encouraged to publish likelihood scans ( see p7-9). In the form of slides or a short document. Theorists In progress late 2022
Parameter calculations for Higgs rare decays beyond gamma+J/Psi, gamma+phi, gamma+Upsilon Matthias Koenig DONE Parameter_calculations
Provide final recommendations for h->W/Z+meson: link Zhen Liu, Stefan Alte superseded, see below  
Update predictions h->W/Z+meson, publish as note Matthias Koenig In Progress Summer 2021
Determine model benchmarks giving h->2f+MET Brian Shuve In Progress mid 2022
Determine future meeting structure and organization in subgroup All In Progress early 2022

bbH/bH Associated Production

Task Involved persons Status Timescale
TBA All Planned ongoing

Other groups

Other useful information for LHC HWG task forces/sub-groups that are relevant to WG3 activities:

  • Branching ratio sub-group: twiki is here, contact them by clicking here
  • Di-Higgs sub-group: twiki is here, contact them by clicking here.

gitlab repository and tools

There is a gitlab repository in which various WG3 items are stored. For the time being the following folders are

  • 2HDM
  • MSSM for neutral and charged Higgs

If you need to put something on gitlab or you have some question please contact the WG3 conveners.

The list of the notes (public, interim recommendations and internal) is here.


Indico page of the WG3

Mailing lists

How to subscribe to mailing lists

The mail address for the WG3 is lhc-higgs-bsm@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch. All messages are archived here.

We highly recomment to also be subscribed to the general HWG mailing list: lhc-higgs@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch.

The conveners can be reached at lhc-higgs-bsm-convener@cernNOSPAMPLEASE.ch, but only if you already subscribed to either the WG3 mailing list or the generic lhc-higgs HWG mailing list.

WG3 related documentation

All the documents, public and internal can be found in the LHC HWG Library.

  • arXiv:1607.05291: Intermediate mass region for charged Higgs production, Celine Degrande, Rikkert Frederix, Valentin Hirschi, Maria Ubiali, Marius Wiesemann, Marco Zaro.
  • LHCHXSWG-2015-002: public note on low tanbeta MSSM scenarios.
  • The 10th workshop of the LHC HXSWG has a good overview of the topics studied in WG3 up to July 2015.
  • Low tanbeta scenarios note LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-004 , to become public soon.
  • Georgi-Machacek VBF H+ -> WZ Public LHC HXSWG note LHCHXSWG-2015-001.
  • Heavy charged Higgs cross sections update: Martin Flechl, Richard Klees, Michael Kr\"amer, Michael Spira, Maria Ubiali, Improved cross-section predictions for heavy charged Higgs boson production at the LHC. arXiv:1409.5615, Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) 7, 075015.
  • Interim recommendations for the evaluation of Higgs production cross sections and branching ratios at the LHC in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model, LHCHXSWG-2013-001.

General documentation

A great deal of information can be found in the three CERN Reports: Handbook of LHC Higgs Cross Sections:

  1. Inclusive Observables ( CERN-2011-002, arXiv:1101.0593).
  2. Differential Distributions ( CERN-2012-002, arXiv:1201.3084).
  3. Higgs Properties ( CERN-2013-004, arXiv:1307.1347).
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