LHC Higgs Cross Section Working Group CDS Guide

LHCHXSWG Collection in CDS (CERN Document Server)

CDS Access Privileges

  1. Submission: anyone in e-Group lhc-higgs can submit new draft or modify his/her own LHCHXSWG Official Report, LHCHXSWG Internal Note or LHCHXSWG Internal Discussions categories.
  2. Modification: only who submitted, Steering Committee or WG1/2/3 conveners can modify any record.
    • When new draft is submitted or modified for BOTH categories, LHCHXSWG SC and WG conveners will be notified.
  3. Posting Comment: anyone with CERN full account or CERN Lightweight External account can post the comments.
  4. Approval: only SC member can push "Extra status" button for Draft or Approved status in LHCHXSWG Official Report category.

Mode of Operation

  1. The report number of LHCHXSWG Official Report and LHCHXSWG Internal Note will be given automatically by CDS automatically when you submit the note.
  2. First, please check the existing report number at our Collections and make the "guess" of your new note number like LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-00X or LHCHXSWG-2015-00X.
  3. Create SVN directory under internal (ex. LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-001) or official notes (ex. LHCHXSWG-2015-001) and work under your SVN directory for documents.
    • SC strongly recommends that you use SVN for co-editing and for the record.
  4. After completion of the draft, contact your WG conveners and/or SC (Mode of Operation).
  5. After approval by WG and/or SC for submission, please submit yor draft to CDS.
  6. Follow the Mode of Operation to review your draft inside LHC Higgs XS WG.

LaTeX Style

How to submit the notes to CDS (CDS Submit Guide)

  1. Go to CDS submission site Research and Computing -> Experimental Physics: LHC -> LHC Working Group
  2. Choose note category: LHCHXSWG Official Report, LHCHXSWG Internal or LHCHXSWG Internal Discussions
  3. Choose Submit New Record or Modify Record
  4. Submit New Record
    • Report number is automatically generated like LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-001 !!! Thus you should be extremely careful about your submission.
    • Category <- it is pre-fixed "Particle Physics - Phenomenology" (what else?)
    • Extra status <- choose Draft (option for Official Report category only)
    • Experiment <- no need to touch
    • Input Title
    • Input Abstract
    • Input Author Names
      • For author names, type the author name or email address.
      • CDS automatically searches the name from CERN database (CERN Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Click the author among the list.
      • Then start typing another author's name.
      • If author name is not found in the database, you can input manually.
    • Input Contact Person name and e-mail address
    • Input Date for submission
    • Language English
    • Input Number of Pages
    • Input Key Words like Higgs
    • Input URL if any for additional information (you may want to link to your WG TWiki page)
    • Hit Add new file for Main document, input name and explanation and then upload.
    • Then hit finis submission button.
    • LaTeX input: some fields might accept LaTeX markup as input as long as it is enclosed within '$' delimiters. For example: $E=mc^{2}$. Simply make sure that every opening '$' is followed by a closing one. Some fields might also offer a preview of the rendered output to let you check the validity of your markup (it might take a few seconds for the preview to be available).
  5. Confirmation
    • You should receive the message from CDS submission engine. CDS appearance may take time for a while. Be patient.
  6. Modification
    • You may eventually want to modify the record.
    • Go to the link shown in the e-mail message which you have received or repeat 1. through 3. above to go to Modify Record menu.
    • Input Document Record Number, ex. LHCHXSWG-INT-2015-002 (that you have received via automatic numbering by CDS)
    • Select Fileds to Modify among Title, Abstract, etc. and hit Continue.
    • After editing push END, and repeat this.
  7. Deletion
    • Deleting CDS record is delicate operation. If you have submitted wrongly, the first solution would be to use this number for the next note and modify all area with "Modify Record" menu.

-- ReiTanaka - 2015-03-19

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