H -> ττ and μμ Process

Goal of the group

Group Contacts

Group Members

  • Experiment: Everybody who wants to contribute
  • Theory: Everybody who wants to contribute

Plan of the Activity (both Higgs signals and SM backgrounds)

  • differential K-factor: want to evaluate ratio of NLO cross-sections with and without experimental cuts and compare it with ratio given by MC generators using in analysis
  • overview of background determination methods (data-driven, non-data driven)
    • QCD - using data OS/SS non-isol lepton-tau pairs and assuming OS/SS non-isol muon = OS/SS isol muon. Mass shape from data SS isol muon-tau pair.
    • W+jets - normalization on data W enriched area MT(l+MET) > 40 GeV and extrapolation into signal area from MC. Want to know unceratinty of extrapolation. Alternative: OS vs SS technique.
    • ttbar: tautau-->leplep: define control region by large jet multiplicity, need uncertainty on jet multiplicty distribution for signal and background; tautau-->lep had: opposite versus same sign
    • Z->tautau - using data Z->mumu events and replacing real muons with MC taus.

  • list of LO/NLO Event Generators
    • VBF: currently HERWIG/PYTHIA, move to POWHEG and SHERPA, ALPGEN, MADEVENT family
    • Gluon Fusion: currently MC@NLO, check with POWHEG and SHERPA, ALPGEN, MADEVENT family
    • bH+X: currently PYTHIA, SHERPA, hoep for implementation in POWHEG

  • wish List for theorists:
    • gg->H - implementation in POWHEG SUSY gg->H with t and b quarks in loop (Alessandro Vicini ?)
    • gg->bbH - implemenation in POWHEG

Common cuts definition between ATLAS and CMS

  • CMS cuts
    • SUSY H->2tau->l+jet inclusive: pTl > 15 GeV, pTtau jet > 20 GeV, DR(l-tau) > 0.2, MT(l-MET) < 40 GeV
    • SUSY H->2tau->l+jet with single b-tagging: at least one b-tagged jet pT > 30 GeV, |eta-j| < 2.4
    • qq->qqH, H->2tau->l+jet: pTl > 15 GeV, pTtau jet > 30 GeV, DR(l-tau) > 0.3, eta_j1 x eta_j2 < 0, |eta_j| < 4.5, Et_j > 30 GeV, M_j1_j2 > 40 GeV, MT(lepton+MET) < 40 GeV, jet veto: no jet with pT raw > 10 GeV (corresponds to pT ~ 20 GeV corrected) between tagging jets.

  • ATLAS cuts:
    • SUSY H--> tau tau: 0 jet analysis ( no jet above20 geV), light jet analysis (no b-tagged jet above 20 GeV), b-tagged analysis (at least one b.tagged jet with pt>20 GeV) pt_lep > 15 GeV , pt_tauhad >20 pt_lep2>10 GeV, DR(lep-lep,lep-tau)>0.2, ....
    • SUSY H-->mu mu (two branches (i) at least one b-tagged jet with pt>20GeV, (ii) no b-tagged jet)
      • 2 mu with pt>15 and |eta|<2.5
      • missing transverse energy MET < 40 GeV
      • (i) no b-jets with pt>20
      • (ii) cos phi_mumu <0.65, scalar sum p_tjets < 90 GeV

Available Tools





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