Heavy Higgs and Beyond Standard Model subgroup

Goal of the group

The main scope of the group is to provide theoretical guidelines, in common between ATLAS and CMS, to

  • characterize properly the heavy Higgs in the SM case (line shape and S/B interference in gg fusion and VBF)
  • define general benchmarks to reinterpret SM searches/signatures in BSM scenarios
    We started to look into the most basic/general BSM scenarios from a general point of view:
    • EW-singlet mixed with SM-like Higgs at ~126 GeV
    • 2HDM
We have in the plan to look into Higgs Triple Models and study the case of two degenerate resonances at ~126 GeV from a model-independent point of view.
Also help in defining search for specific signatures (eg H->invisible, H->hh) can be provided in case of interest

On the long term (for the next LHC run) a proper strategy for general EWSB studies (eg VV scattering analysis) should be prepared

Group Contacts

Experimental contacts:

Theory contacts: Margarete Muehlleitner (Karlsruhe) Heather Logan (Carleton)

Results (links and references)

Complex Pole Lineshape

Link to CPS lineshape with EWK uncertainties (arXiv:1112.5517)

gg->VV S/B interference

Preliminary set of results for interference reweighing in SM case

  • gg->4l Link to interference tables with QCD uncertainties (arXiv:1206.3824)

  • gg->2l2n for H->ZZ->2l2n with gg2VV-3.1.3
    zz2l2n_interfwgts.root: Inteference weights in format of 1+Interf/Signal, as a function of M(ZZ). Following selections are used when computing these weights:
    pT_l > 20, |eta| < 2.5, 76.2 < M_ll < 106.2, MET > 50.

Preliminary set of results for interference reweighing in BSM case (EW singlet)

  • gg->2l2n for H->ZZ->2l2n with gg2VV-3.1.3

  • gg->lv2j for H->WW->lvjj with MCFM-V6.3
    wwlvjjBSM_interfwgts.root: Inteference weights in format of Interf/Signal (C2=1,0.1,...,0.9, Upper, Central, Down), as a function of M(WW), without cuts

  • gg->lvlv forH->WW->lvlv with MCFM 6.3 (and 6.2): WWlvlv_Interference_weights.tar.gz: Interference weights in the form of Interference/Signal, for additive, central and multiplicative schemes, as a function of M(WW).


Meetings and Minutes

-- ReiTanaka - 20-Apr-2012

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