LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

04 July 2007
10:30 - 11:30
CERN (2-R-030)


Gloria, Hubert, Marco Ca., Marco Cl. (minutes), Markus, Olivier, Philippe, Thomas



  • LCG 53 almost ready. Main features:
    • ROOT 5.14.00g
    • COOL 2.2.0
    • CORAL 1.9.0
    • Oracle full instant clinet (instead of a stripped down version)
    • dcache
    • new GRID middleware interface packages

Software Releases

Gaudi (Hubert)

  • Worknig on installation of python scripts/modules in InstallArea

Marco Cl.: Stuart forwarded the stack trace of a segmentation fault occurring after the usual info message "Disconnected from database". Unfotunately, this time is is really due to the time-out threads, and it looks like it is due to the fact that the MessageSvc is not thread-safe. Marco Cl. will prepare a patch for it, in the mean time we can disable the messages from the extra threads with an option.

LHCb, Boole, Brunel (Marco Ca.)

  • Preparing a new Brunel for next week (requested by Matt). Deadline for updates is the 12.
  • Marco Cl. committed to the conditions database the XML files for Wouter's TrackfitGeometry. The tag DC06 now points to the most recent version, since it is backward compatible. The old version is now tagged as DC06-v2r0.
    It has been a good opportunity to exercise the procedures to manage the CondDB.

Gauss (Gloria)

  • Preparing new version of Gauss
    • No visualization on AMD64 because of a problem at compile time. Marco Cl. will help investigating
    • Geant4 must be built for win32


Philippe reported about a pending request of the trigger group for a special production (min. bias, only L0 yes). The requests should follow the procedure explained by Thomas during the OPG meeting (go to the Physics Group, have a release of DaVinci including the needed options, finally start the production).

OnLine (Markus)

  • Markus fixed the problems on AMD64, but they will go in a later release.


Thomas discovered few duplicated symbols in rootmap files. Hubert will have a look.

Releases and Deployment (Hubert)

  • Building Panoramix v15r5 (only win32 missing). Now available on AMD64 (thanks to Guy).

Philippe mentioned that Hubert is also investigating a problem with install_project.py. In some cases, the user installation procedure can corrupt the shared installation. He, Hubert and Stuart will have a meeting in the afternoon.

Marco Ca. reported that VELO experts will need to use Vetra in the pit. The proposal is that they prepare the project so that Hubert needs only to "press the button" to release it and every problem should be reported to the developers.

Grid issues

  • Problems with Gauss getting stuck at the beginning. A new policy will be introduced in LCG, so that if a job used less than 10 min. of CPU in 2h (world clock time), it will be killed.
  • Crashes during finalization in DaVinci (30%). From the stack trace, it seems that ROOT is involved.

Round Table

Marco Ca.
Tutorials are foreseen for the Software Week in October. We have to prepare for them (update templates, identify lecturers, etc.)

-- MarcoClemencic - 06 Jul 2007

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