LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

December 12, 2007
10:30 - 11:30
CERN (2-R-030)


Marco Ca., Marco Cl. (minutes), Markus, Olivier, Patrick (EVO), Philippe, Thomas


Gloria, Hubert



  • Marco Ca.: testing against LCG54
    • Problem reading back "unsigned int" (Philippe Canal is working on it). To be discussed in the A.F. tomorrow.

Software Releases

Gaudi (Hubert, Marco Cl.)

  • Marco Cl. working to fix the gcc41 build in the nightlies.
    • A cast like "(void**)&pointer" (the one used when calling queryInterface) produces a nasty warning. It can be avoided in many ways, but the best (simpler) is to use a small templated function to replace the cast (in GaudiKernel)
    • Investigating (with Markus) a segmentation fault in a test. It seems related to strong optimization operated by gcc 4.1.

LHCb, Boole, Brunel (Marco Ca.)

  • New version of LHCb tagged and ready to be released.
    • Intermittent problem on OSX with libpcre.co (link failure).
  • Problem with the Input property of the MDF input streamer: it supports less formats than the one in the usual input streamer. It should be improved.
  • Brunel & Boole are ready
    • Waiting for a bug-fix in RecUtils. Patrick says it's OK and is preparing a test file.
    • now Brunel is able to digest rawdata files with missing ODIN banks.

Marco Cl.: we should change the way the decoding of the ODIN is triggered. If somebody does not do any reconstruction, it does not happen, and the recipe is to add updMgrSvc() in the initialize, which sounds like black magic.

HLT (Patrick)

  • Good news: most of the things are there, but not yet in DEV
    • if HLT is not ready in time, DaVinci will be released without HLT (to have a release of DaVinci before Christmas).

DaVinci (Patrick)

  • Most under control
  • Juan working on uDST.

Do we need a back-port of the fix for ETC copy?
It should be enough to include the fixed package in Brunel.

OnLine (Markus)

Marco Ca.: Is a new release on top of LHCb v23r2 planned?
It is enough a rebuild.

Panoramix (Thomas)

  • Panoramix is waiting in DEV

Round Table

Working on TAE (Time Alignment Events) in MFD with Markus.
Patch script by Markus to fix the copy of ETCs has to be tested and used.
When will be the tutorials during the Software Week? Starting from Monday morning.

-- MarcoClemencic - 13 Dec 2007

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