LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

11 Feb 2009
10:30 - 12:00
CERN (2-R-030)


Gloria, Hubert, Joel, Marco Ca., Marco Cl. (minutes), Markus, Patrick (EVO)


Software Releases

Gaudi (Marco Cl.)

  • Starting to attack the factorization of common methods to move the to base classes (Algorithm, Service, AlgTool, Auditor).
    Marco Ca.: suggests to add the missing method "Info()" as suggested on savannah
  • Moved the implementation of the methods addRef and release to the templated base classes implements (except the non trivial one in Service). Added the method refCount too.

Marco Ca.: suggests to start ASAP a twiki page to describe the steps needed to migrate to Gaudi v21 (with both the things that will break and the best practice suggestions).

LHCb, Boole, Brunel (Marco Ca.)

  • Released Boole v17r2p1 for the new FEST production.
  • We need a new release of the complete stack for Data Quality tasks. To be ready by the end of next week so that Hubert can start the build on the following Monday.
  • Preparing the special package (in DBASE) for the job options used in production (with one subdirectory per application).

Gauss (Gloria)

  • Release being finalized: Gauss v36r2. FEST options and minor additions.
  • The next release will be on the next LHCb.

HLT (Patrick)

  • Aiming to get Moore ready with LHCb.

DaVinci (Patrick)

  • Juan is chasing a bug that must be fixed for the next release.

Online (Markus)

  • Tried with the latest Gaudi (v20r4): it works.

Marco Cl.: We need to include Carmen's server in the release of Online.
OK, if it work out of the box (can be disabled on Win32).

Round Table

Marco Cl.
  • Preparing the release of SQLDDDB: fixes for OT and beampipe, first production tags for SIMCOND.
    Marco Ca.: What about The Muon? We cannot wait for the fix otherwise we do not test the others.
  • Restructured the ODIN encoding-decoding, now in LHCbAlgs.
  • 3 releases: Moore v6r0, Boole v17r2p1 and Gauss v36r2.
    To be remembered: we need a grid certificate to release DecFiles because of the interaction with the bookkeeping.
  • New version of LHCbGrid in $LHCBDEV.
    Marco Ca.: it should be integrated in the login, so that we get the correct version of CASTOR without having to call SetupProject (qmtest procedure). Side note: we have a problem with LCG_Interface packages. They behave differently if they are in a project with or without install area. For LHCbGrid is fine, but cannot be included in Dirac for testing.
  • LbScript:
    • v2r4 to be released (works on Windows)
    • v3 will contain the legacy scripts.
      They should be added to v2r4 too so that the early adopters can check what is missing before v3.
  • Asked Karol to have a time-out on the actions of the nightly builds (Moore get stuck blocking the whole build).
    We should also discover why Moore needs to run a multi-threaded python script during the build.
The 2nd Windows build machine has arrived (Hubert is preparing it). Stefan asked if SFT can use it; they can as long as the load is not preventing us to use it. Note: installed version of VisualStudio will be 2008 Express (the free one).
Marco Ca.
  • What about the nightlies on SLC5? Is the CVS problem solved?
    Joel: a fix exists, at lease on the Atlas build machine. We will ask for the same fix on ours.
  • What about the migration of (hn-)lhcb-core-soft to e-groups?
    Not done yet, but Joel will check.

-- MarcoClemencic - 11 Feb 2009

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