LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

10:30 - 12:00
CERN (2-R-030)


Gloria, Hubert, Illya, Joel, Karol, Marco Ca., Marco Cl. (minutes), Markus, Paloma, Rob



  • From the LIM meeting
    • Atlas wants to test a new version of gcc and have the possibility to use their own private patches.
      It is probably fine for testing only, until they want to have the SFT support for their patches (we want well documented and proved arguments). (more infos)
    • Discussion between Atlas and SFT about improvements to Savannah.
      It's a pity that we were not involved in the discussion, but we can give feedback too. A poll for requirements for a tracking system to replace Savannah will be circulated around Easter with the aim to get a proposal and a prototype for June (more infos, SPI-33 on JIRA)
    • Some obsolete/unused interface packages will be removed (more infos)
      • vdt
      • EDGRLS
      • slc4_compat
      • MathLib
      • cgsigsoap
      • roofit (will be fixed to point to the current version of ROOT)
    • It has been asked at which level we use Neurobayes.
      We rely on it.

Round Table

Marco Cl.

  • I've been working on CMake to clean up the configuration proposed by Pere in Gaudi. I'm more and more convinced that it will be much better than CMT even from the point of view of the readability of the configuration.
  • Created a branch for Gaudi v22. The only differences between the trunk and the branch are two changes: auditors bug-fix and VC9 fixes.
  • It has been suggested again to have the -g option in the optimized build. I had a look to its effects on Gaudi: the average size of the libraries is increased by a factor 5 (or 3 in Hubert's tests). The runtime memory is not affected by the presence of the symbols. In any case, the change in the size will cause many problems on the grid (size of shared areas), cvmfs (larger transfer) and even on the Online (NFS overload) where the feature was needed to be able to have some meaningful traceback in the case of failures in the farm.
    We agreed to keep the current configuration, but have a simple way to turn on the -g flag and build locally to analyze a core dump (we need to ensure that we have one in case of a crash in the farm).
    Markus found on the web that it is possible to have the debug symbols in separate (optional) files (more infos on stackoverflow and on strip manpage). With that we can package the debug symbols independently. To be investigated further.
  • Observing how Eclipse report the warnings, I asked Karol to modify the parser of the build logs to show the warnings only once per file/line, so that warnings in headers files are not counted several times.


  • Fixed a bug in the form to edit of local revisions (reported by Rob)
  • Working to make the home page and the "hidden projects" page more responsive, loading only what explicitly requested. The current status is available in the test tag collector.


  • We had a chat with Benedikt and Victor about the future of the LCG nightly build scripts.
    • restructuring/cluen up ongoing (remove dead code, simplify)
    • preparing a list of requirements for the "new" scripts to be able to use them (plug-ins for builders, etc.)
    • once they restructuring will be completed, we will check with them our requirements and try to move to the new scripts
  • Added the output of the checkout phase to the build logs.
  • New way to copy logs from Windows, without the need for an AFS token.
  • Connection with the Tag Collector working (currently using a test slot). The connection is being improved with the introduction of a "smart" sorting of the projects, based on their dependencies.

Marco Cl.: to make the smart sorting useful, the project managers will have to declare the dependencies of the projects in the Tag Collector. It must be done only once, and then just updated for each new project version.

Rob: We should change the current configuration and use the Tag Collector to control the others slots, but not the lhcb-prerelease one.


  • Preparing LbScripts v6r1
    • many fixes
    • fixed an issue with install_project.py when VO_LHCB_SW_DIR was not consistent with MYSITEROOT, and another issue when MYSITEROOT path was including symlinks.
    • new command lbwhich to locate projects and packages within projects
    • still to fix the v999 symlink for data packages
  • When playing the compilation flags in GaudiPolicy, I realized it requires some restructuring, which I currently working on.
  • What's the status with the ICC license?
    Is seems that the current ICC license was restricted to OpenLab. Discussion still ongoing.


  • We need a forum to discuss the integration of tools and the requirements to avoid that we diverge in the development.

A discussion followed... It's clear that we need to be able to present the Core Software plans and get feed back from the users. Since the "Software Week" has shifted from "Core" to "Analysis", we will need another meeting (every few month) with a slightly different format to allow discussions.

Marco Ca.

  • There has been a discussion on the CondDB size, triggered by the patch #4777. Some work has to be done to investigate the possibility of distributing only snapshots of the tags instead of a complete image of the databases.
  • The deadline for submission for projects for technical and doctoral students is April, the 12. There are already a couple of project we want to propose. Anybody else have ideas?


  • New version of Online with new Monitoring released and running in the PIT.
  • The new version of Online triggered new versions of other satellite projects, one of which (OT monitoring) was hit by the removal of SQLDDDB.opts.
    Marco Ca.: if a QMTest test was available, we would have spot it much earlier and found a solution.


  • Witek asked if we can move to the new HepMC. They already prepared some special configurations for it.

-- MarcoClemencic - 31-Mar-2011

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