LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

10:30 - 11:15
CERN (2-R-030)


Gloria Corti, Hubert Degaudenzi, Illya Shapoval, Joel Closier, Marco Clemencic (minutes), Markus Frank, Martin Plajner, Thomas Hartmann



  • LCGCMT 61 ready (Windows a bit late as usual)
  • Gaudi v22r3 tagged and being released
  • Migration of the CVMFS storage to IT
    • the migration requires that the repository stays read-only for about 4 days, which means that for 4 days we will not be able to deploy new software on the grid
      Marco Ca. suggested (via e-mail) to do it ASAP because next week we will start to release the new version of the stack (the migration doesn't prevent the releases)
      Gloria said that she needs to deploy on the Grid a new version of Gauss before the end of the week, so we agreed to wait for it and ask for the migration across the weekend.

Round Table


  • Last meeting.
  • The tool to modify the environment is documented in a twiki page and we are planning to adopt it first in the LbLogin cache.


  • The tests of the new ROOT persistency are proceeding.
    • There is a problem with the FSR. Rob is looking into it.


  • Deploying Gaudi (problems with Win) and Feicim
  • LbScripts v6r4p1 being prepared for today


  • We need to review the way we distribute LHPDF
    • Currently we only pick up a few files, but this forces us to make a new release of the generators if we want to test one of the PDF files that are not in the distribution.
    • We should distribute all the PDF files. It is not clear how big they are, so we agreed to check and choose either to just distribute all the files as we do at the moment with few (small size), or to make a PARAM package (big size).


  • Completed the tools for the new way of distributing SQLite versions of the CondDB
    • currently tested in the Release Area and soon in CVMFS

The new distribution model (very similar to the CVMFS model) consists of an HTTP repository with (compressed) files and a catalog with checksums, a script to update the repository and another to update the local copy (Release Area or MYSITEROOT) downloading only the files that have changed. Both scripts can be run in a cron job or by hand.

Changes in the ONLINE partition (Oracle) are regularly dumped to the SQLite copy and uploaded to the repository. A cron job updates the Release Area (and the CVMFS installation in the near future) if needed.

The new major version of SQLDDDB (v7) will not include the SQLite files, just the scripts to update the repository (only for CondDB administrators) and the local copy (for everybody). When installing SQLDDDB, install_project.py will call the update script as a post-install action, thus reproducing the old behavior, i.e. an installation of SQLDDDB from scratch will produce options and SQLite files in the installation directories. Since an update of the SQLite files will not require a new version of SQLDDDB, regular users and administrators will have to keep the local copy of the SQLite files up-to-date by either calling by hand the update script or using a cron job to do it.

Joel pointed out that this mechanism cannot work on the Grid because we do not have the control of the CEs and cannot ask all the administrators in the world to install the cron job. The only thing we can do is to trigger the installation.

We agreed to change slightly the plan to use an "update" action in install_project, instead of the post-install one. With "update" we mean that whenever install_project is finds that the installation of SQLDDDB is needed, it will always call the update script, even if the package is already installed (note that the mechanism is generic and doesn't need to be bound to the SQLDDDB package).


  • Preparing to change the intermediate format of the nightly summary pages from HTML to XML to make it more easy to produce tools that check its content.
  • Coverity builds slow, may be because AFS.

-- MarcoClemencic - 27-Aug-2011

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