LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

10:30 - 12:00
CERN (2-R-030)


Ben Couturier, Gloria Corti, Hubert Degaudenzi, Illya Shapoval, Joel Closier, Marco Cattaneo, Marco Clemencic (minutes), Markus Frank, Thomas Hartmann (EVO)



  • LCGCMT 61b ready
    • patched ROOT (fix for xrootd client)
    • NeuroBayes 10.12
    • Gaudi v22r5 to be tagged by Friday (curernt HEAD is OK)
  • Database TEG Workshop
  • No Core Software Meeting next week
  • The ICC licensing problem is being resolved (CERN is about to buy a pool of licenses)
  • The gcc-4.6 builds of the externals are ready (SLC5 only). Thomas will add the platform to the lhcb-lcg-head slot.
  • (Joel) CERN is moving from EVO to the Vidyo conferencing system, we could try it in the Core Software Meeting, since we have a limited remote attendance.
    • (Marco Cl.) is there a phone bridge service? (the PC audio is broken in 2-r-30)
    • (Marco Ca.) when will the room 2-r-30 be refurbished? we are a priority (waiting for a new FTE in the support)

Round Table

Marco Cl.

  • Working on new pacakgeing for Gaudi
    • split GaudiSvc (patch #1816, task #23931, GAUDI-1)
    • remove obsolete pacakges (GaudiMonitor, GaudiPoolDb)
    • import packages from LHCb (DetDesc, RootCnv) Marco Ca. suggests to prepare a detailed proposal and sent it to the gaudi-developer mailing list for feedback.
  • A problem occurred building Moore v12r6p1g1: the database of configurable were corrupted. The problem occurred because the genConf directories are not separated per platform, so several parallel builds of different platforms conflict with each other. A fix will be prepared for next Gaudi (after v22r5).
    Marco Ca. pointed out that a race condition is occurring also during the creation of the HTML files with the dependencies. Hubert will have a look.
  • Preparing the tools to allow DQ filtering on whole runs (task #19007).

Marco Ca.:

  • The latest xrootd client prints, by default, messages on stderr, causing all the tests to fail. It is possible to disable these messages with an environment variable, but a discussion is ongoing to get it disabled by default since it was requested by only one experiment (CMS).
  • Workshop on cuncurrency in the many-cores era @ fermilab
    • Markus will participate with his work on multi-threaded Brunel.
    • Marco Ca. and Marco Cl. will attend from here.
    • We should out strategy wrt the multi-threadin/processing (support Pere's project?)
  • Discussion about LHCb Upgrade next week
    • as LHCb Computing we have to present how we want to support the upgrade and what is needed
      Marco Ca. will prepare afew slides that we can briefly discuss in a dedicated meeting on Monday.
  • At the end of next week there will be a "PH retirement" meeting for which Monica requested a couple of slides on our manpower needs to be reported to PH.


  • Problem with SetupProject DIRAC. After the removal of the automatic switch from Dirac to LHCbDirac in SetupProject, few users had problems because they were not aware of (or ignored) the existence of LHCbDirac.
    • Marco Cl. will add a big warning in the next version of SetupProject to avoid confusion.
  • Released LbScripts v6r5p1 because of a problem with the automatic fallback on svn to detect the list of installable packages/projects.
  • At the LIM it was reported that the new version of Coverity is much faster than the old one.
    Marco Cl. will see to install it.


  • Tagged SQLDDDB v7r0: new deployment scheme. Only for testing.
    • Hubert will take care of the release to test the new features.


  • Request for the nightlies: add the -O3 flag to see how much it can improve the execution time.
    Marco Ca.: let's start with gcc 4.6 and the current optimization, then we can test/validate -O3, but it's better to do it only in the gcc 4.6 platform.


  • Marco Ca.: the summary page is not updated correctly after a restart.
    Under investigation.
  • Marco Cl.: the twiki page with the instructions to run/rerun the nightlies may need to be updated.
    It will be done.

-- MarcoClemencic - 14-Nov-2011

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