LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

10:30 - 11:22
CERN (2-R-030)


Ben Couturier, Gaylord Cherencey, Gloria Corti, Illya Shapoval, Marco Cattaneo, Marco Clemencic (minutes), Markus Frank, Wojciech Fijołek



  • SFT (possibly) in charge of building EMI middleware (e.g. for Python bindings)
  • Inconsistencies in some Python-related packages in LCGCMT 64. The fixes are available but require a new stack.
  • Bugfix release of ROOT: 5.34/01

MCa: we might want to do a release of DaVinci (discuss at PAC).

Proposal for the new LHCb web site based on Drupal


  • login link too close to search
  • MCa:
  • MCa: Populate releases from cron job
  • Ben: extract dep info from drupal? drupal can get them from somewhere else?
  • Gloria: we should not forget packages.

Round Table

Marco Cl.

  • Updated Eclipse shared installation
    • use with eclipse --eclipse-version dev
    • based on Eclipse 4.2 (Juno)
    • reorganization of LHCb plugins, fixing the problem of dependencies on external versions (see EclipseTutorial)
    • new update site (see EclipseConfiguration)
  • Implemented a mechanism to be able to release all Boost memory pools in one call
  • Created a shared GIT repository for testing many-cores demonstrators (http://cern.ch/gaudi/GaudiMC.git). Writable by a small group of people in SFT.
  • Planning to migrate our custom builds of Geant4 from CMT to (native) CMake. Geant4 developers will be happy to integrate our contributions.


  • Vladimir reported problem with ProdConf and FSR
    • Gloria: the problem is the memory usage with the merging of FSRs (submitting a bug report). The only work-around is to reduce the number of input files to merging.

Marco Ca.

  • We need more build machines. In the last weeks the results are coming too late. Also the releases are taking too much time.


  • Sit down and solve the inclusion in Gauss of fixes to LCG_Interfaces.


  • On Saturday night there was a problem with corrupted ONLINE snapshot distributed to the world.
    • Fixed and added a protection to avoid distribution of corrupted files.

Gloria: there is a patch for the upgrade DB, can we show to Sajan the procedure?
Illya: it's a too complex special case for initial training.

-- MarcoClemencic - 18-Jul-2012

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