LHCb Core Software Meeting

Date and Location

14 May 2014
10:30 - 11:10
CERN (2-R-030)

AttendeesBen Couturier,

Illya Shapoval, Joel Closier, Marco Cattaneo, Marco Clemencic (minutes), Markus Frank, Sebastien Binet (Vidyo), Stefan Lohn



Round Table

Marco Cl.

  • ROOT 6
    • Modified the reflex_dictionary pattern to handle PCMs
  • Completed the build of the LCG stack (externals, projects and generators) on Ubuntu 14.04. Patches sent to SFT.
  • CMake
    • resurrected the effort on the SetupProject replacement (LBCORE-12)
    • fixed a few configuration problems in a few projects


  • Hardware issue on the build machines last week
  • Discussion in the LHCbDirac team about development procedures
    • will probably move to github
    • enforce core review and good practice
    • switch to be completed in 6 months
  • S-NOW people are preparing the form for the deployment requests.

Marco Ca.

  • Release stack on the way
  • Discussion about coverity at the SFT group meeting
    • difficult migration for them because of the version they were using
    • we should check how to filter non interesting files (dictionaries)


  • Developments in the graph based scheduler for GaudiHive
    • Pere suggested that it should be presented at the concurrency forum
  • Submitted abstract to NSS IEEE


  • Continued the work on RPM-based installation of DaVinci.
    • Now working, but several details still have to be sorted out.
    • We need widespread testing
  • Experimenting with the CMake builds
    • this opens the door to all the tools that are already integrated with CMake
  • New release of LbScripts needed soon
  • It looks like LHCbDirac (from Ganga) still uses a chained MYSITEROOT


  • Last week we managed to finally invoke the debugger.
    • we need to simplify the access to gdb for regular users


  • Playing with the Docker containers
  • Working to use CVMFS in a container

Marco Cl.: not yet merged the patches because I wanted to be sure that ATLAS is ready to test them.

-- MarcoClemencic - 14 May 2014

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