Draft list of lines for the 2010 re-stripping: Stripping 14

A draft list of lines can be found below. Please note that the streaming may be adjusted to account for the differing stream retentions, i.e. it may be necessary to merge two streams to produce files that can be more easily handled by the production.

Stream: Semileptonic

1 B0q2DplusMuX ['Semileptonic']

Stream: Calibration

1 BeamGas ['ALL']
2 InclPhi ['ALL']
3 Jpsi2eeForElectronID ['ALL']
4 V0ForPID ['ALL']
5 MuIDCalib ['ALL']
6 TrackEffDownMuon ['ALL']
7 NoPIDDstarWithD02RSKPi ['ALL']
8 TrackEffMuonTT ['ALL']
9 TrackEffVeloMuon ['ALL']
10 D02KPiPi0 ['ALL']

Stream: Dimuon

1 B2XMuMuSS ['RD']
2 Bd2KstarMuMu ['RD']
3 HyperCP ['RD']
4 B2SameChargeMuon ['RD']

Stream: Charm

1 DstarD02KKmumu ['Charm']
2 Xicc ['Charm']
3 PromptCharm ['Charm']
4 DstarD02KKpipi ['Charm']
5 CharmedAndCharmedStrangeSpectroscopy ['Charm']

Stream: EW

1 We ['EW']
2 Z02ee ['EW']
3 DY2ee ['EW']
4 SingleTrackTIS ['EW']
5 ExclusiveDiMuon ['EW']
6 WMu ['EW']
7 DisplVertices ['Exotics']

Stream: CharmCompleteEvent

1 D2XMuMu ['Charm']
2 D2hh ['Charm']
3 DstarD2KShh ['Charm']

-- ThomasBlake - 20-May-2011

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