Work package: Frames and Infrastructure

Chairs: Blake Leverington (Frames), Sune Jakobsen (Services)

C-Frame Integration Engineer: Thomas Mittelstaedt


The work package comprises the following main items and tasks

  • C-frame mechanics, incl. rails, carriages.
  • Novec cooling and circulation plant for cooling the SiPM arrays to -40 C.
  • Water cooling system to evacuate the dissipated heat of the front-end electronics.
  • A vacuum system for the insulation of the Novec distribution lines and 0n-detector Novec manifolds
  • A dry gas flushing system to ensure a condensation and frost free environment inside the cold boxes.

C-Frame Mechanics

The structure of the C-Frame is a follows:

  1. The structural support is provided by extruded aluminium I-beams. These form the C-shape of the so-called C-Frame, with an upper and lower arm connect to a vertical beam.
  2. The detector modules are mounted on an aluminium plate that is fixed to the upper and lower arms (there is an intermediate support for the novec manifold between the I-beam and mounting plate).
  3. The bottom arm is supported by means of two carbon fibre strings from the top.
  4. All cables, water lines, dry gas lines, and optical fibres are contained in a movable cable transport carrier which is fixed to the vertical beam. The lines are then routed over the C-Frame and connected to the detector modules.
CAD files and other documents can be found on EDMS:

A prototype C-Frame is under development: SciFiProtoCframe It serves as an assembly prototype and test bench.