Instructions for installing and configure Ganga for use within LHCb

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Ganga can be installed through the standard release process in LHCb. See the instruction on the software release page. As an example to install Ganga version v504r0 you would do python -p Ganga -v v504r0 -b. While Ganga in itself does not have any binary code, you need to add the -b option to get the binary versions of the dependencies. Note in particular that DIRAC is now installed automatically.


Not much is required in terms of a local configuration of Ganga.

Grid certificate validation

DIRAC install a local copy of the files that validate Grid certificates. If these files becomes out of date, odd behaviour can occur though. IF you have a local LCG installation that is maintained you can make the two environment variables X509_CERT_DIR and X509_VOMS_DIR point to the correct files. If you have afs available you can also make them point to


Local Ganga configuration

If you want to make modifications to the configuration of Ganga for all local users, you should implement a site configuration file. As an example, this might modify options for the local batch system. As the site wide options might be different for different Ganga releases, there is a directory structure to support this.
  • Create a directory in some group readable area and modify group login scripts to make the environment variable GANGA_SITE_CONFIG_AREA point to the directory.
  • Create a subdirectory with a name corresponding to the release, e.g. v504r0.
  • Any file with extension .ini in this directory will be used for site wide configuration.

There is no need to create a new directory and file for every new release. If there are no changes, Ganga will simply pick the file from the directory corresponding to the most recent release beforehand. Take a look at /afs/ to see how it works. Also, as an example, the site configuration file for Imperial is shown below. It adds a welcome message, sets SGE to be the default batch system and modifies a few options related to the batch system.

IgnoreRuntimeWarnings = True
StartupGPI=print 'Hello from Ganga at Imperial. Please contact Nobody, Nobody@no.spam if you have any problems'

submit_str = cd %s; qsub -cwd -V %s %s %s %s
preexecute = os.chdir(os.environ["TMPDIR"])


To start Ganga simply in a new shell do SetupProject Ganga and then you can start Ganga as many times as you like by just typing ganga.

-- UlrikEgede - 2009-09-22

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