Configuring Gauss: available and future controls

A list of the existing control parameters and some of foreseen new one, their meaning as well as status of the implementation is listed below.

Some options are used by Dirac and cannot be changed without work arounds or providing a backward compatible version

Controls of the Gauss() configurable

Table with the existing Gauss() control parameters. Foreseen new one are also listed. The meaning of the various controls as well as the status of the implementation is listed. Gauss() uses LHCbApp() and the meaningful controls will be added.

Option Explanation Type Possible values Default value Available in Gauss version
Histograms Type of histograms string '','None','Default' 'Default' v37r3(p1)
DatasetName String used to build output file names string any 'Gauss' v37r3(p1)
SpilloverPaths Spillover paths to fill: [] means no spillover, for 25 ns put ['Next', 'Prev', 'PrevPrev'] list of strings any [] v37r3(p1), in future may be replaced with bunch spacing
PhysicsList Name of physics list to be passed, will look for options PhysList-xxx.opts string 'LHEP','QGSP' 'LHEP' v37r3(p1), in future may change
GenStandAlone Flag to indicate that only generator phase is run bool True, False False v37r3(p1)
BeamMomentum Momentum of the beam real any 5.0*SystemOfUnits.TeV v37r3(p1)
BeamCrossingAngle Crossing angle of beam 1 in LHCb reference system with respect to z axis real any 0.329*SystemOfUnits.mrad v37r3(p1)
BeamEmittance Emittance at given energy real any 0.704*(10**(-9))*SystemOfUnits.rad*SystemOfUnits.m v37r3(p1)
BeamBetaStar Beta* at interaction point real any 2.0*SystemOfUnits.m v37r3(p1)
InteractionSize Sigma of luminous region in the three coordinates list of 3 real any [ 0.027*, 0.027*, 3.82* ] v37r3(p1)
BeamSize Sigma of the beam in the transverse coordinates list of 2 real any [ 0.038*, 0.038* ] v37r3(p1)
CrossingRate Rate of crossing of filled bunches in LHCb (default is for single crossing per turn) real any 11.245*SystemOfUnits.kilohertz v37r3(p1)
Luminosity Luminosity per bunch, used with crossing rate and total cross section to calculate nu (collisions/bunch) real any 0.116*(10**30)/(SystemOfUnits.cm2*SystemOfUnits.s) v37r3(p1)
TotalCrossSection Total cross section at given CM energy, used with crossing rate and luminosity to calculate nu (collisions/bunch) real any 97.2*SystemOfUnits.millibarn v37r3(p1)
Output Type of data output to write, allow to swith it off string ['', 'NONE', 'SIM'] 'SIM' v37r4, may evolve to have reduced info or have GEN, F(ast)SIM or should we set them automatically with processing?
Production Type of production to make: physics (with beam), particle guns or machine induced background string ''. 'PHYS', 'PGUN', 'MIB' 'PHYS' v37r4, may be togheter with generator or here put also 'none' that would not make necessary a 'SimOnly'
Generator Name of generator to use for production (pythia/herwig/bcvegpy) maybe can be a single one with Productio. Note cannot use 'Generator' as name of phase nor 'Generation' as name of algorithm in options of decfiles        
EventType Event type code to generate, not clear if we want it here or in Generator(), but may want to check consistecy        
Monitor Type of monitors: GEN, list of detectors (list of detector done via DetectorMoni) . etc... or default, expert, debug... two options?        
SimOnly/SimStandAlone Execute only the simulation phase, requires an input file        
SkipG4/FastSim Skip the G4 part but still fill MCParticles/MCVertices from generator info, have a single one with above 'Sim' = none, fast, full? In which case GenStandAlone may be the same as 'Sim=none' and 'Monitor=gen'        
DetectorGeo List of of detectors to simulate dictionnary All the key should exist but subdetectors can be removed. for example keeping only the tracking system, correspond to {"VELO":['Velo','PuVeto'], "TT":['TT'], "IT":['IT'], "OT":['OT'], "RICH":[], "CALO":[], "MUON":[],"MAGNET": True } {"VELO":['Velo','PuVeto'], "TT":['TT'], "IT":['IT'], "OT":['OT'], "RICH":['Rich1','Rich2'], "CALO":['Spd','Prs','Ecal','Hcal'], "MUON":['Muon'],"MAGNET": True } v38r0
DetectorSim List of detector giving hits dictionnary See DetectorGeo, if one only wants Ecal and Hcal hits: {"VELO":[], "TT":[], "IT":[], "OT":[], "RICH":[], "CALO":['Ecal','Hcal'], "MUON":[],"MAGNET": True } {"VELO":['Velo','PuVeto'], "TT":['TT'], "IT":['IT'], "OT":['OT'], "RICH":['Rich1','Rich2'], "CALO":['Spd','Prs','Ecal','Hcal'], "MUON":['Muon'],"MAGNET": True } v38r0
DetectorMoni List of detector to monitor dictionnary See DetectorGeo and DetectorSim {"VELO":['Velo','PuVeto'], "TT":['TT'], "IT":['IT'], "OT":['OT'], "RICH":['Rich1','Rich2'], "CALO":['Spd','Prs','Ecal','Hcal'], "MUON":['Muon'],"MAGNET": True } v38r0
MagneticField Use MagneticFieldSvc or MultipleMagneticFieldSvc that include compensators fileds        


A SimWriter() configurables has been provided by Chris Jones. Its configuration by Gauss will depend on which phase of gauss is being executed and has to be usable also by Boole and Brunel for xDST.

Options used by Dirac

General Options:

from Configurables import CondDB
CondDB(SQLiteLocalCopiesDir = ".")
LHCbApp().DDDBtag = "DDDBTag"
LHCbApp().CondDBtag = "condbTag"
LHCbApp().EvtMax = events
MessageSvc().Format = '%u % F%18W%S%7W%R%T %0W%M';MessageSvc ().timeFormat = '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S UTC'
HistogramPersistencySvc().OutputFile = "histogramFile"
FileCatalog().Catalogs= ["xmlcatalog_file:pool_xml_catalog.xml"]


from Configurables import SimInit'
GaussSim = SimInit("GaussSim")
GaussSim.OutputLevel = 2
GaussGen = GenInit("GaussGen")
GaussGen.RunNumber = "someRunNumber"
GaussGen.FirstEventNumber = "someEventNumber"
ApplicationMgr().EvtMax ="-1"
OutputStream("GaussTape").Output = "DATAFILE='PFN:outputPFN'  

-- GloriaCorti - 2009-10-02

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