Shift Organisation

A GEOC shift lasts for a full week from Monday to Sunday. Before starting at shift s/he shall check that
• has a proper CERN account
• has a Grid proxy and is registered to the LHCb VO in VOMS with lhcb_admin and lhcb_shifter roles
• is subscribed to necessary mailing lists (see the GridExpertOnCallLinks page)
• is in charge on updating this guide

See GridExpertOnCall2018 for the current stats per GEOC.

Changes 2018

Few instructions for hosting the operations meeting:

  • When cloning the ops meeting, be sure to clone also the "material" attached to the agenda, as this contains useful links to what is being discussed
    • After you have cloned the meeting check that the correct email is being used to send out reminders to people (this should be your email)
  • You will need to be able to project (if you are at CERN) & share (in Vidyo) the meeting page and the other pages visualized, so that participants can see GGUS tickets, plots, etc
    • This means that, if you are at CERN, you need a VGA or a HDMI cable for your laptop
  • Taking the minutes of the ops meeting, based on the template https://cernbox.cern.ch/index.php/s/NWQl0Sx0qbfbH0J

The GEOC should also be online in the LHCb mattermost channel "Computing Operations": https://mattermost.web.cern.ch/lhcb/channels/computing-operations


For shifters not familiar with the DIRAC interface (who don't use it daily but are familiar with it).

  • To get to the shift monitoring plots load this_url . This should log you into the dirac portal with the lhcb_shifter role and take you to the "Public State Manager".
  • Refresh this page if you don't see an expandable tree for Desktops/Applications
  • Open a second window/tab to here as this will be useful for tracking down errors or making custom plots to check things
  • Find the Desktop called "Shifter_Overview" from mcnab
  • Click on the grey radio box in the load column
  • Click on the load icon from the popup

This should now load multiple tabs containing all of the monitoring plots of grid resources. You should regularly loop through these plots throughout the day whilst on shift every 15-30 min should suffice but more frequent is better.


The GEOC is the central point of info, operations and management for LHCb Distributed Computing Operations, in this role s/he is the first contact point for everything that concerns LHCb Distributed Computing Operations. The GEOC

• Manages and possibly solves all issues, otherwise relays problems to the next line of support
• May involve others: relay to “LHCb 3rd line support or ask shifters for help
• Receives info from Shifters, Sites, Production teams, LHCb/DIRAC developers
• Provides info to Sites, WLCG Services, LHCb Online
• Organizes, participates to LHCb/WLCG meetings


LHCb Computing Operations

LHCb Run Meeting WLCG 3pm WLCG Operations Coordination

-- AndrewMcNab - 2016-10-17

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