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class HltL0LinesConf(LHCbConfigurableUser) : 
   __slots__ = { 'Prescale'  : 1 
                      , 'Postscale' : 0.000001 
                      , 'L0Channels' : []  # if empty, use all pre-defined channels 
   def __apply_configuration__(self): 
        channels = self.getProp('L0Channels') 
        if not channels : channels = L0Channels() 
        for channel in channels : 
            Line ( 'L0' + channel 
                 , L0DU  = "L0_CHANNEL('"+channel+"')" 
                 , prescale = self.getProp('Prescale') 
                 , algos = [ convertL0Candidates(channel) ] 
                 , postscale = self.getProp('Postscale') 

If an L0 TCK is explicitly specified, HltConf().L0TCK = ... goes out and finds the configured L0 channels, otherwise default to the ‘canonical’ list of L0Channels Note: HltConf().L0TCK does NOT configure the L0DU to use this TCK, it is intended to be set by the configuration layer ‘above’ HltConf which also actually configures L0... It is there such that at configuration time, one can check that only L0 channels which exist get used, and allow to check (partly) the consistency between L0 & HLT

Configure Hlt1Lines

Configuration of Hlt1Lines is triggered through HltConf().hltType = ...

Hlt1 is defined as

Hlt1 == L0+VE+LU+MU+HA+EL+PH  

HltType configures lines, then they get added to the Hlt1 sequencer this is in a postconfig step (which has confused some) because there is some (small) order dependence (eg. Hlt1Global and Hlt1IgnorningLumi) this can only be made after the rest.

Hlt1 Alleys

Hlt1Lines are grouped together in alleys.

PA Pass through
L0 L0
VE velo
LU Luminosity
MU Muons (includes mu+track)
HA Hadrons
EL Electrons
PH Photons
BG Beam Gass

There is one .py-File per alley, that lists all the lines in that alley.

-- StephanNies - 12 Apr 2009

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