How to Use it


  • install_project is used to install a Project and all its dependencies in a directory retreived by:
    • setenv MYSITEROOT `pwd`
  • the script can install only the sources or the sources and binaries:
    • python -p <Project> -v <version>
  • the binary is, by default, the $CMTCONFIG one unless another one is specified:
    • python -p <Project> -v <version> -b
  • different binaries can be installed on the same tree.
    • python -p <Project> -v <version> --binary=<another_binary>
    • it is possible to install a win32 binary from a Linux box, but, in this case, it is not possible to build vsnet files.
  • data files ( XlmDDDB, SQLDDDB, Geant4Files, ParamFiles, DecFiles) can be installed in the same way:
    • python -p XmlDDDB -v <version>
  • the current version of CMT is installed by default, another one can be installed on request:
    • python -p <Project> -v <version> -c <another_cmt_version>
  • the script is available from the web. It has a version number of the type yymmdd
    • the latest version is always download and the version compared to the local one. If the local one is older than the latest the script is stopped.
  • The script download a script tar file which contains the most commonly used LHCb scripts.
  • The script download a system tar file with some libraries requested for the Production on the GRID, one of them is .
  • A html file is associated to every LHCb Project or data file tar files.
  • When a tar file has be untarred with success it is replaced with a dummy tar file to save disk space.
  • If a tar file cannot be untarred it is remove with its associated html file.
  • The html file contains the list of dependent Project tar files.
  • The script tries to NOT overwrite anything already installed:
    • if a tar file already exists it is not download.
    • if a project_version already exists the corresponding tar file is not untarred.
  • To re-installed a Project it is necessary to remove it first (html, tar.gz, Project_version tree):
    • python -p <Project> -v <version> -r
    • python -p <Project> -v <version> -b
  • To re-installed some external package first remove the LCGCMT version it belongs to and the external package:
    • python -p <LCGCMT> -v <lcg_version> -r
    • python -p <external_package> -v <ext_version> -r
    • python -p Gaudi -v <version_using_the_LCGCMT> -b
  • To get the list of available versions of a Project:
    • python -p<Project> -l


  print ' - version %s:  install a project in the current directory '%(script_version)
  print """
    cd <somewhere>
    setenv MYSITEROOT $PWD
    python -p <project> -v <version> [-b| --binary=<bin> ] [-d or --debug] [-m <do_config|global|select>]
        $CMTCONFIG  is the binary directory name
    creates log/         to receive log files
            scripts/     to receive script files
            lcg/         to receive lcg software
            lhcb/        to receive lhcb software
            contrib/     to receive CMT and OpenScientist
            targz/       to receive tar files from the web
            $CMTCONFIG/  to receive runtime libraries
    download necessary scripts in scripts/
    get the list of projects to download
    download project sources
    if binaries are required: download project binaries
    otherwise compile project sources
    -d or --debug      : to print more info
    -l or --list       : to list the <project>_<version>_*.tar.gz files available on the web
    -r or --remove     : remove the <project>/<version>
    -c or --cmtversion : download this CMT version
    -m do_config       : to make a 'cmt broadcast cmt config' of all projects but LCGCMT
    -m global          : to compile all projects but LCGCMT
    -m select          : to compile only the project given in -p argument
    -h or --help       : to print this help
    -b                 : to import $CMTCONFIG binaries
    --binary=<bin>     : to import another binary (i.e. $CMTCONFIG_dbg on Linux)
                         this triggers a 'cmt broadcast cmt config' of all projects but LCGCMT
    -f                 : to import source, $CMTCONFIG binaries, $CMTCONFIG_dbg binaries and
                         to make a 'cmt broadcast cmt config' of all projects but LCGCMT
    requires python version >= 2.3.4 on Win32 and python >=2.2.3 on Linux
    the following environment variables should have been set before invoking the script:
          $MYSITEROOT is the full path of the current directory
          $MYSITEROOT is not a link.
          > cd <somewhere>
          > setenv  MYSITEROOT $PWD
          $CMTCONFIG  is the binary directory name
          if you want to download binaries $CMTCONFIG should be identical to
          one the LHCb CERN platforms
    scripts and system tar.gz files are always download
    project tar.gz files are not download if they already exist.
    tar.gz file which cannot be untared is removed and a message is printed

Full Description

functions are in alphabetic order but usage and help and main
  • main reads the command line, decodes the arguments, set flags, gets, calls run_install.
  • run_install executes the installation:
      • check definition of $MYSITEROOT and $CMTCONFIG
        • exit if not defined
      • create _dir the structure below $MYSITEROOT, return logfile descriptor
        • html_dir, targz_dir, log_dir, contrib_dir, lhcb_dir, lcg_dir, script_dir, system_dir
      • if require list_versions gives the list of available versions and exit
      • if require remove_project removes a project_version and exit
      • get_scripts tar file, overwrite existing one and untar it
      • get_CMT tar file and install it if not already there, return the CMT version
      • set_lhcb_env ironment
      • download source tar files first
        • get_project_list
          • from project name and version build the file name (html or tar.gz)
            • <PROJECT><PROJECT>_<version>
          • get the html file from the web if it is not already there and read it:
            • to fill a html_list which contains the list of tar files to download
            • to build a project_list dictionary which for each tar file gives the origin:
              • {'<PROJECT><PROJECT>_<version>.tar.gz' : '<PROJECT>' , 'LCGCMT_<vers>_<binary>.tar.gz' : 'source' , etc ...}
          • return the html_list and the project_list dictionary
        • get_project_tar
          • tar_list keys are file names, tar_list values are the location directories (source/, system/, <PROJECT>/)
            • tar files from source/ directory are pure binary tar files: the right binary file must be chosen according to CMTCONFIG value. these tar files are untarred either in lcg_dir (LCGCMT, GENSER) or in contrib_dir.
            • tar files from <PROJECT>/ directory are untarred in lhcb_dir.
            • tar file from system/ directory is untarred in $CMTCONFIG.
              • get_file
                • decide if it is necessary to download the file (.tar.gz, .html, .py)
                  • scripts and system tar files are always overwritten if they already exist.
                  • other projects are not overwritten.
                    • lhcb projects can exist as source but not binary , or a binary exists but not the required one:
                      • check existence of InstallArea/<binary> in the project path
                        • if it exists return with exist_flag = True
                    • external projects do not have an InstallArea, but an empty <binary> directory.
                      • check existence of <binary> directory in the project path.
                        • if it exists return with exist_flag = True
                • if exist_flag = False
                  • download the file with urllib.urlretrieve, retry once, exit if it does not work.
              • untar_flag = get_untar_flag which returns yes if exist_flag = False
              • if untar_flag == 'yes'
                • untar_file
                  • if python_version > 2.3.4 but not 2.4.3 (which seems to not work properly)
                    • use the tarfile python module.
                  • if tarfile module not available : exit on win32, extract with tar on Linux
                  • to save disk space remove the tar file, replace it with a one_line text file.
                  • in case of error, remove the faulty tar file and exit.
                • if it is an external project ( one from ext_lhcb list with no source, only binary) creates an empty binary directory in lcg_dir/project/vers to remember which binary tar file has been installed.
                • if it is an lhcb project binary file make sure that InstallArea/binary directory exists, if not create it
                • on Linux update the softlinks (which point to the afs release area) with the LbInstallArea shell script
        • cmt_configure the project and all its dependencies, returns application package paths if any.
          • loop over all projects in the html_list order, the first one is the required project
            • from the file name get_pack_ver returns in a list: PROJECT name, PROJECT_version, binary, fullpath * if binary installation has been requested:
          • get_project_list of binaries
          • get_project_tar binary tar files
          • if the project is an application project then run exec_cmt_library_links to update the library links in the application package.
        • if one of the following options ( do_config, select, global) has been requested call compile_project
          • compile_project
            • if CMTPROJECTPATH is set then use it to set CMTPATH otherwise CMTPATH has been set earlier.
            • loop over all paths of CMTPATH but LCGCMT, DBASE and PARAM
              • to execute cmt br cmt config
              • if do_config
                • rebuild library links on all packages
                • on linux if InstallArea exists reset softlinks.
              • if select
                • compile only the just installed project
              • if global
                • compile all projects one at a time.
        • if the full option has been requested:
          • move $CMTCONFIG to binary_dbg
          • get_project_list of binary_dbg project
          • get_project_tar of binary_dbg tar files
          • compile_project with do_config option

-- FlorenceRanjard - 30 Mar 2007

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