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When logged on a control room station (LB015W) for us:

  • Start Exceed on the station
  • Use Putty to log on tmudaq01 on piyvduval account
  • Redirect the X display on the station export DISPLAY=LB015W:0.0 or use the alias disp
  • If you need to generate events, start the event server : startEventServer.sh &
  • Start the test interface PhysicTest.py


On the test interface you should set yout test name and directory. This is done using the button Modify to switch in modify mode and you can end this test parameters modification mode with the button Apply to save your modification or Reset button to ignore them.

Dont change the Root directory if you want to have access to the million stored events. Change the "Identification name for test" to separate different series of test. A good minimum policy is to change it every day.

To run without the TFC, tick the case "Use TFC simulation".

To run with the TFC, configure it with a periodic trigger sending 16 consecutives L0Accept (BCID 0 to 15) at each orbit.

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