Available Machines for the L0Muon Trigger

The machines and directory available at the pit are the following.


The common user to work is piyvduval


All the L0MUON machines mount the same disk space.
The common home directory /home/piyvduval is shared by all our machines but is private to the L0MUON group.

The directory /group/trg is shared by all our machines and by the L0 trigger groups.
It contains the directories:

    used to keep the million events used by the server HIGHSTAT test.

    in which all the CCPC register their slots and hardware identifications.

Control room monitoring machines

The control room monitoring machine is a WINDOWS machine named LB015W.

To use X graphical interface from the other machines the X Exceed server should be started.
The remote machine the display has to declared:

export DISPLAY=LB015W:0.0 (the alias disp is available under the piyvduval logging)

Any machine can be used in the Control room.
The redirection command has to be modify accordingly: export DISPLAY=LB001W:0.0 for example.

Main ECS server

The name of the machine is tmudaq01

It is the work place from where all tests, supervision and control activities are done.

It contains the following local directories that can't be accessed from the others machines:

  • PVSS projects are in /localdisk/pvss
  • CCPC mounted disks is in /diskless/ccpc

CCPC Names and MAC addresses

The names of the CCPC's are tmutbQXX
where Q=[0 to 3] for Q1 to Q4 and XX=[0 to 11 for PB and 15 for CB]

Q1 MAC addresses (boot on tmudaq01)
tmutb000 00:30:59:01:C8:E9 PROCBOARD_V3_41
tmutb001 00:30:59:01:C8:EA PROCBOARD_V3_42
tmutb002 00:30:59:01:C8:EB PROCBOARD_V3_43
tmutb003 00:30:59:01:C8:EC PROCBOARD_V3_44
tmutb004 00:30:59:01:C7:A3 PROCBOARD_V3_45
tmutb005 00:30:59:01:C7:A4 PROCBOARD_V3_46
tmutb006 00:30:59:01:C7:A5 PROCBOARD_V3_47
tmutb007 00:30:59:01:C7:A6 PROCBOARD_V3_48
tmutb008 00:30:59:01:C7:A7 PROCBOARD_V3_49
tmutb009 00:30:59:01:C7:A8 PROCBOARD_V3_50
tmutb010 00:30:59:01:C7:A9 PROCBOARD_V3_51
tmutb011 00:30:59:01:C7:AA PROCBOARD_V3_52
tmutb015 00:30:59:01:C8:06 CONTRBOARD_V3_5

Q2 MAC addresses (boot on tmudaq01)
tmutb100 00:30:59:01:C8:FE PROCBOARD_V3_36
tmutb101 00:30:59:01:C9:2F PROCBOARD_V3_28
tmutb102 00:30:59:01:C9:30 PROCBOARD_V3_29
tmutb103 00:30:59:01:C9:31 PROCBOARD_V3_30
tmutb104 00:30:59:01:C8:E3 PROCBOARD_V3_31
tmutb105 00:30:59:01:C8:E4 PROCBOARD_V3_32
tmutb106 00:30:59:01:C8:E5 PROCBOARD_V3_33
tmutb107 00:30:59:01:C8:E8 PROCBOARD_V3_39
tmutb108 00:30:59:01:C8:E7 PROCBOARD_V3_35
tmutb109 00:30:59:01:C8:62 PROCBOARD_V3_37
tmutb110 00:30:59:01:C8:63 PROCBOARD_V3_38
tmutb111 00:30:59:01:C8:67 PROCBOARD_V3_40
tmutb115 00:30:59:01:C8:6C CONTRBOARD_V3_7

Q3 MAC addresses (boot on tmudaq02)
tmutb200 00:30:59:01:C8:F2 PROCBOARD_V3_6
tmutb201 00:30:59:01:C8:00 PROCBOARD_V3_12
tmutb202 00:30:59:01:C8:F4 PROCBOARD_V3_5
tmutb203 00:30:59:01:C7:FD PROCBOARD_V3_30
tmutb204 00:30:59:01:C8:F5 PROCBOARD_V3_4
tmutb205 00:30:59:01:C8:03 PROCBOARD_V3_8
tmutb206 00:30:59:01:C8:01 PROCBOARD_V3_14
tmutb207 00:30:59:01:C7:FE PROCBOARD_V3_9
tmutb208 00:30:59:01:C8:02 PROCBOARD_V3_11
tmutb209 00:30:59:01:C8:04 PROCBOARD_V3_13
tmutb210 00:30:59:01:C8:F6 PROCBOARD_V3_3
tmutb211 00:30:59:01:C7:FF PROCBOARD_V3_10
tmutb215 00:30:59:01:C8:F0 CONTRBOARD_V3_2

Q4 MAC addresses (boot on tmudaq02)
tmutb300 00:30:59:01:C8:6F PROCBOARD_V3_15
tmutb301 00:30:59:01:C9:2E PROCBOARD_V3_27
tmutb302 00:30:59:01:C8:72 PROCBOARD_V3_17
tmutb303 00:30:59:01:C8:73 PROCBOARD_V3_18
tmutb304 00:30:59:01:C8:74 PROCBOARD_V3_19
tmutb305 00:30:59:01:C8:71 PROCBOARD_V3_20
tmutb306 00:30:59:01:C9:28 PROCBOARD_V3_21
tmutb307 00:30:59:01:C9:29 PROCBOARD_V3_22
tmutb308 00:30:59:01:C9:2A PROCBOARD_V3_23
tmutb309 00:30:59:01:C9:2B PROCBOARD_V3_24
tmutb310 00:30:59:01:C9:2C PROCBOARD_V3_25
tmutb311 00:30:59:01:C9:2D PROCBOARD_V3_26
tmutb315 00:30:59:01:C8:6D CONTRBOARD_V3_3

TELL1 MAC addresses
tmutellq01 00:30:59:01:C3:DC
tmutellq02 00:30:59:01:C8:88
tmutellq12 00:30:59:01:C3:E1
tmutellq03 00:30:59:01:C7:FA
tmutellq04 00:30:59:01:C7:FB
tmutellq34 00:30:59:01:C7:FC

To obtain processing or controller boards names use remote command Read_BoardIdentification with the toolbox


For the TELL1 configuration the following information are necessary.
  • FORCE 10 switch target MAC address 00:01:e8:22:4b:bb
  • TELL1 emitter IP addresses (for data) can be allocated in the range see https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LHCb/TELL1IPRanges
  • TELL1 MAC addresses (for data) can be allocated in the range 00:CC:BB:04:00/24:00 the last byte is set by the FPGA according to the sending port [0 to 3]

A-Side TELL1
Q1 tmutellq01 Q1 processing boards 00:CC:BB:04:04:00
Q2 tmutellq02 Q2 processing boards 00:CC:BB:04:05:00
Q1Q2 tmutellq12 Q1 and Q2 controler boards 00:CC:BB:04:06:00

C-Side TELL1
Q3 tmutellq03 Q3 processing boards 00:CC:BB:04:01:00
Q4 tmutellq04 Q4 processing boards 00:CC:BB:04:02:00
Q3Q4 tmutellq34 Q3 and Q4 controler boards 00:CC:BB:04:03:00

Dedicated nodes to read back events in the pit

The name of the machine is plus01

Dedicated nodes to run the "presenter" in the pit

The name of the machine is hlt01

Gateway to external word

The name of the machine ares gw01 or gw02 from inside LHCb or lbgw.cern.ch from outside LHCb

It is possible to log in console mode to all machines by:

  1. logging in the gateway
  2. ssh on any other insider machines.

It is possible to do directly a secure copy scp from CPPM to/from the gateway to import or export file to/from the shared disk space.

Miscellaneous machines

  • lbpcxp02 is a PC used to program/debug boards with jtag (Administrator LHCb1234)

  • tmujtag00 is the jtag switch server to switch jtag flows to the proper board.
    You can access with a browser at the location http://tmujtag00
    You can enter with root and dbps

-- PierreYvesDuval - 10 Oct 2007

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