LHCb Computing Upgrade

This is the entry point for all activities related to Computing for the LHCb Upgrade.

Upgrade Software Planning Group (USPG)

The USPG was formed in December 2017 in order to oversee and coordinate activities on the upgrade software. The USPG is composed by:

  • Upgrade Software Coordinators (USC) chairs Vava Gligorov and Concezio Bozzi
  • Upgrade Computing Coordinator -- Stefan Roiser
  • Upgrade Offline Data Processing Coordinator -- Marco Cattaneo
  • Upgrade Online Software Coordinator -- Niko Neufeld
  • Upgrade PID Coordinator -- Jean-Francois Marchand
  • Upgrade Simulation Coordinator -- Gloria Corti
  • Upgrade Tracking & Alignment Coordinator -- Agnieszka Dziurda
  • Upgrade Trigger Coordinator -- Conor Fitzpatrick
  • Spokesperson (ex-officio)
  • Deputy Spokesperson (ex-officio)
  • Physics Coordinator (or Deputy) (ex-officio)

Each of the subsystems represented within the USPG maintains its own management structures.

To aid coordination and help newcomers find out effort is most needed, the USPG maintains a dedicated page enumerating the ongoing upgrade software developments across all subsystems.

LHCC Milestones

We have three milestones:

The roadmap document

The activities related to the computing upgrade started in summer 2015, in preparation of the 6th computing workshop, held in Paris in November 16th-20th 2015.

Five working groups were established

In addition, input is provided by relevant people in the area of simulation, non-event data, external software.

A summary of the Paris workshop is available here. The roadmap has been released as LHCb-INT-2016-016, PDF available here. A summary of the document was given in this talk at the 79th LHCb week in March 2016.

The milestones towards the TDR are the following

From the roadmap to the TDR

After the release of the roadmap, a Task Force on Core Software (TFCS) was established to work on time-critical items such as the restructuring of Gaudi towards a task-based framework, the update of the event model, the evaluation and implementation of alternatives for the conditions database and the detector description.

The first hackathon of the TFCS was held on May 26-27th, just before the 7th Computing Workshop. The second hackathon was held on July 7-8th. The third hackathon was held on September 19-20th. The fourth hackathon has taken place in November during the 8th Computing Workshop. The fifth hackathon was held in January 25-27, preceded by a C++ course and a tutorial session on the new framework. The sixth hackathon was held on March 27-31. The next hackathon is scheduled in the week of June 19th.

Activities related to the TFCS are documented here.

Activities in the other working groups are documented in the following pages:

More information on simulation and DIRAC are available at the simulation and distributed computing (DIRAC) pages

Upgrade Software and Computing Technical Design Report

The TDR is completed, has been internally reviewed (P. Charpentier, S. Stahl, U. Marconi), and is available for collaboration-wide review at this link.

Meetings, mailing list

Meetings can be found under the Computing Upgrade indico category. General meetings are held on Tuesdays at 09:30 on a monthly basis. Meetings of the TFCS are held every two weeks in the same time slot. Information from the parallelization working group can be found here, meetings happen irregularly, see indico category here, the mailing list is lhcb-parallelization. The meetings of the Collaborative Tools Working Groups are grouped here.

The mailing list LHCb-UpgradeComputing-Discussion.AT.cern.ch has been setup and is open to subscriptions.

-- ConcezioBozzi - 2016-01-18

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