2009 MC samples for alignment (spring 2009)

description Gauss option file event type CondDBtag generator # ev
minbias-450GeV-MagnetOff Beam450GeV-VeloClosed-MagOff.py 30000000 sim-20090402-vc-moff default 1M
beamgas-H-450GeV-MagnetOff Beam450GeV-VeloClosed-MagOff.py 60001001 sim-20090402-vc-moff Hijing 500k
beamgas-O-450GeV-MagnetOff Beam450GeV-VeloClosed-MagOff.py 60001008 sim-20090402-vc-moff Hijing 500k
min bias-5TeV-MagnetOff Beam5TeV-VeloClosed-MagOff.py 30000000 sim-20090402-vc-moff default 1M
beamgas-H-5TeV-MagnetOff Beam5TeV-VeloClosed-MagOff.py 60001001 sim-20090402-vc-moff Hijing 500k
beamgas-O-5TeV-MagnetOff Beam5TeV-VeloClosed-MagOff.py 60001008 sim-20090402-vc-moff Hijing 500k
minbias-5TeV-MagnetOn Beam5TeV-VeloClosed-MagUp.py 30000000 sim-20090402-vc-mu100 default 1M
beamgas-H-5TeV-MagnetOn Beam5TeV-VeloClosed-MagUp.py 60001001 sim-20090402-vc-mu100 Hijing 500k
beamgas-O-5TeV-MagnetOn Beam5TeV-VeloClosed-MagUp.py 60001008 sim-20090402-vc-mu100 Hijing 500k
LSS events Gauss-MC09.py 60040000 sim-20090402-vc-mu100 default 10M
beamgas-H-5TeV-MagnetOn-beam2 Gauss-MC09.py 60002001 sim-20090402-vc-mu100 Hijing 250k
beamgas-O-5TeV-MagnetOn-beam2 Gauss-MC09.py 60002008 sim-20090402-vc-mu100 Hijing 250k

Special instructions for production

  • keep the sim files
  • extra Gauss options: $GAUSSOPTS/RichExtendedInfo.opts, $GAUSSOPTS/BeamScintillators.opts
  • extra Brunel options to create and save muon tracks
from Configurables import GaudiSequencer, TrackToDST
muonTrackToDST = TrackToDST('MuonTrackToDST',
                            TracksInContainer = 'Rec/Muon/MuonsTrackForAlignment',
                            StoreAllStates = True)

2008 Monte Carlo samples for alignment (November 2008)

This is the request made in Summer 2008, revised December 2008:

description Gauss option file event type field energy generator # ev
minbias-450GeV-MagnetOff lhcb-2008-450GeV-BOff.py 30000000 Off 450GeV default 1M
beamgas-H-450GeV-MagnetOff lhcb-2008-450GeV-BOff.py 60001001 Off 450GeV Hijing 500k
beamgas-O-450GeV-MagnetOff lhcb-2008-450GeV-BOff.py 60001008 Off 450GeV Hijing 500k
min bias-5TeV-MagnetOff lhcb-2008-5TeV-BOff.py 30000000 Off 5TeV default 1M
beamgas-H-5TeV-MagnetOff lhcb-2008-5TeV-BOff.py 60001001 Off 5TeV Hijing 500k
beamgas-O-5TeV-MagnetOff lhcb-2008-5TeV-BOff.py 60001008 Off 5TeV Hijing 500k
minbias-5TeV-MagnetOn lhcb-2008-5TeV.py 30000000 On 5TeV default 1M
beamgas-H-5TeV-MagnetOn lhcb-2008-5TeV.py 60001001 On 5TeV Hijing 500k
beamgas-O-5TeV-MagnetOn lhcb-2008-5TeV.py 60001008 On 5TeV Hijing 500k
LSS events lhcb-2008.py 60040000 On 7TeV default 10M
beamgas-H-5TeV-MagnetOn-beam2 lhcb-2008-5TeV.py 60002001 On 5TeV Hijing 250k
beamgas-O-5TeV-MagnetOn-beam2 lhcb-2008-5TeV.py 60002008 On 5TeV Hijing 250k

Special instructions for production

  • keep the sim files
  • extra Gauss options: $GAUSSOPTS/RichExtendedInfo.opts, $GAUSSOPTS/BeamScintillators.opts
  • extra Brunel options:
    #include "$MUONTRACKALIGNROOT/options/MuonTrackAlign.opts"
    OutputDSTSeq.Members += { "TrackToDST/MuonTrackToDST"};
    MuonTrackToDST.TracksInContainer      =   "Rec/Muon/MuonsTrackForAlignment";
    MuonTrackToDST.StoreAllStates = true;

The current status (November 17th 2008)

Files are availlable at the following location


where 'prodid' is the type of events:

prodid description event type production log
3066 Beam450GeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero, beamgas H 60001001 log
3067 Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldNeg, beamgas H 60001001  
3068 Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero, beamgas H 60001001  
3069 Beam450GeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero, beamgas O 60001008  
3070 Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldNeg, beamgas O 60001008  
3071 Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero, beamgas O 60001008  
3072 Beam450GeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero 30000000
3073 Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldNeg 30000000
3074 Beam5TeV-VeloOpen-BfieldZero 30000000
3076 Beam7TeV-BfieldNeg, beam gas LSS-arc 60040000  
3077 Beam7TeV-BfieldNeg , beam gas LSS-arc 60040000  


  • Replace 'DST' with 'SIM' or 'DIGI' to get the sim or digi files.
  • You can find these in the old bookkeeping under configuration 'MC - 2008'
  • Note: Due to an unfortunate miscommunicatiom, there are currently ONLY VELO-OPEN samples. A new request (all samples with belo closed) has been made.

-- WouterHulsbergen - 17 Nov 2008

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