Complete instructions to release Dirac and LHCbDirac project

LHCbDirac depends on DIRAC version. So if a new version of Dirac has to be released, then you should edit and commit in SVN the project.cmt associated to LHCbDirac. You should also tag Dirac before starting the following procedure.

  1. to find out the dependencies between LHCbDirac and Dirac you can check the content of this file:
    svn cat svn+ssh://
  2. to find out the tag for LHCbDirac, you can check the content of this file:
    svn cat svn+ssh://
  3. if you need to edit project.cmt
          svn co svn+ssh://
          vi cmt/project.cmt
          svn ci cmt
  4. to perform some operations, you need a proxy.
    SetupProject LHCbDirac
    lhcb-proxy-init -g lhcb_admin
  5. Tag the version of Dirac with the following command if you need a new version of Dirac, but also check that the version of DIRAC is actually in DIRAC/trunk/versions.cfg: -D vXrYpZ
  6. Tag the version of LHCbDirac with the following command (where vArBpC is the number in releases.cfg): -L vArBpC -t
  7. Install the new version on the VOBOXes
    dirac-admin-sysadmin-cli -H my_machine.domain
  8. Change the version of the pilot if necessary in the CS. The name of the section is /Operations/DIRAC_SETUP/Pilot/Versions
  • To install the client in DEV
    1. cd $LHCBDEV
    2. getpack -Pr Dirac vXrYpZ
    3. cd DIRAC/DIRAC_vXrYpZ
    4. ln -s ../etc
    5. make
    6. cd $LHCBDEV
    7. getpack -Pr LHCbDirac vArBpC
    10. make

  • to install in the release area
    2. if you need a new version of Dirac :
      mkproject -p Dirac -v vXrYpZ -a ng
    3. copy the dirac.cfg from a previous version :
      cp -r DIRAC/DIRAC_vXrY-1/etc DIRAC/DIRAC_vXrYpZ
    4. if you need a new version of Dirac, compile it :
      mkproject -p Dirac -v vXrYpZ -a ct
    5. mkproject -p LHCbDirac -v vArBpC -a ngct
    6. Compile for each other CMTCONFIG (x86_64-slc5-gcc43-opt, x86_64-slc5-gcc46-opt, i686-slc5-gcc43-opt)
       mkproject -p Dirac -v vXrYpZ -a ct 
       mkproject -p LHCbDirac -v vArBpC -a ct 
    7. Check installation before releasing it
    8. Remove the Subversion directories that do not need to be released
       find LHCBDIRAC/LHCBDIRAC_vArBpC -name .svn | xargs rm -r 
    9. Finish the installation
       mkproject -p Dirac -v vXrYpZ -a xsrK 
       mkproject -p LHCbDirac -v vXrYpZ -a xsrK 

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