LHCb Nightly builds

This page is obsolete. Please link to LHCbNightlies instead

Status of nightlies

The current status of the LHCb nightly builds is available at http://cern.ch/lhcb-nightlies/cgi-bin/nightlies.py. See also the status of the LCG nightlies (unmaintained version) .

RSS feeds reporting about error/warning details for slots, projects or specific platforms are available on the summary webpage:

  • predefined RSS feeds - "Display Criteria" -> "display RSS feeds"
  • user defined RSS feeds - use "Custom RSS feed configuration" in the top of the summary webpage

If you prefer to get e-mail messages contaning these information, the rss2email open-source tool is recommended (can be used on lxplus).

Running from the nightlies

The following instructions are for DaVinci, but they apply to any other project; instructions for Gauss are here. The first thing is to decide which slot. Usually one slot builds DaVinci on the latest LHCb, or the LHCb release candidate, and the other uses the head of Gaudi. Which one to pick is up to what you want to do. See http://lhcb-nightlies.web.cern.ch/lhcb-nightlies/cgi-bin/nightlies.py for the definitions. Then decide on the day. Make sure that the version you picked actually compiles. Now you have a slot, say lhcb-head and a day, say last night.

First do

SetupProject DaVinci HEAD --build-env --nightly lhcb-head [ day ]
where day is optional. The default is today, or pick up a day like Mon, Tue... This builds you a directory ~/cmtuser/DaVinci_HEAD/. In there getpack what you need
getpack Phys/DaVinci head
and the needed packages. Then do
SetupProject DaVinci HEAD --nightly lhcb-head [ day ]
i.e. the same as above without the --build-env. Now $DAVINCIROOT should point to your getpacked DaVinci and you can run.

You can also run from ganga (not on the grid, only at CERN) using the setupProjectOptions field to pass the right options to SetupProject.

See also the SetupProject wiki.

Configuring and troubleshooting the nightlies

for the configuration see LHCbNightliesOldConfiguration

day to day tasks and problems can be found in LHCbNightliesTips

Updateing local references from the nightlies

If you want to copy the nightly reference files to simply upload them as replacements without needing to re-run the tests yourself, take a look at getNightlyRefs a script recently added to Lbscripts which uses rsynch to add the .new files to some local checkout. It has its own help, but it doesn't work outside of the CERN firewall.


  • A New Nightly Build System for LHCb (Marco Clemencic and Ben Couturier) LHCb-INT-2013-006
  • Nightly build and test system supports LHC experiments (Stefan Roiser, Ana Gaspar, Yves Perrin, Victor Diez and Karol Kruzelecki) CERN Computer Newsletter April-June 2009
  • The nightly build and test system for LCG AA and LHCb software (Karol Kruzelecki, Stefan Roiser and Hubert Degaudenzi) Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP 2009) Prague, Czech Republic, March 21-27, 2009 LHCb-CONF-2009-007, presented as a poster.

-- MarcoCattaneo - 23 Jun 2009

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