Structure of LHCb Nightlies

File structure

  • nightlies related files
    • Nightlies: scripts necessary for running the nightlies, e.g.
      • bin: helper programs around the Nightlies, e.g.
    • Webpage: scripts for displaying the results, e.g.,...
      • webpage helpers/cgi-scripts:,... (reside in /afs/
      • javascript=/=css helpers --> reside in /afs/ /afs/
      • rss db (resides in /afs/ not in .../www/... !!!)
  • acrontab: configuration of the acrontab


  • working/output directories
    • local
      • build directories
        • /build/nightlies/SLOTS/WEEKDAYS
    • afs ($LHCBNIGHTLIES --> /afs/
      • build directories
        • /afs/
      • output/web
        • /afs/
          • summaries index-LHCb-cache.html and index-LHCb-cache.xml (generated regularly by acron:=LHCbNightlies=)
            • refer to job-outputs
              • merged from LHCbNightlies from local dirs to /afs/
              • SLOT.DAY_PROJECT_PLATFORM{.log,-log.html,-log.summary,-qmtest.log,-qmtest (DIR) }
          • tests index-LHCb-cache.html and index-LHCb-cache.xml (generated by hand)
          • acron outputs: /afs/


  • stable
    • started by acrontab daily
  • testing
    • no relations to acron-starts: are run by hand

-- ThomasHartmann - 21-Feb-2012

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