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LHCb Site activities

Project Number Task Contact Documents Comments Status Priority
LHCb_SA10_001 Demolition 2889 Bernard Corajod LHCb_SA10_001 Dismantling achieved in March 2010 as expected. big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_002 Preparation of new area (2889) Bernard, daniel LHCb_SA10_02a LHCb_SA10_02b-sketch LHCb_SA10_02c-planning LHCb_SA10_02d LHCb_SA10_02e LHCb_SA10_02f LHCb_SA10_02g LHCb_SA11_02h Purchase of new modules. ALGECO modules (2) installed in May 2011. Installtion of kitchen ongoing (June 2011). big grin done Start 17 July; Goudronnage is done. Installatio new modules expected for April 2011. Modules installed in May 2011. Kitchen expected for June-July 2011.
LHCb_SA10_003 Preparation of new area in fromt of SG8 Bernard, daniel LHCb_SA10_003 LHCb_SA10_03a LHCb_SA10_03b LHCb_SA10_003c LHCb_SA10_003d Sketch agreed. Work achieved. big grin done Marks are missing only.Marking scheduled end Sept.2010. Work achieved 10 February 2011.
LHCb_SA10_004 Define sub-detector areas in 156 Gerard Decreuse LHCb_SA10_004a   big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_005 Rearrange area in 156 Gerard Decreuse LHCb_SA10_005a Ongoing. smile started Start 12/04
LHCb_SA10_006 Drawing and order of new workshop in SX8 Cédric Fournier LHCb_SA10_006a LHCb_SA10_006b   big grin done installation scheduled the 14th of March 2011
LHCb_SA10_007 Noise protection offices 1st floor Daniel Lacarrere LHCb_SA10_007a LHCb_SA10_007b ACHIEVED MARCH 2011 big grin done Delayed - Oct.2010. END March 2011.
LHCb_SA10_008 Improve safety control corner in XCR Laurent Roy, Gerard Decreuse LHCb_SA10_008a Staircases should arrive week 25 big grin done End of May. Instal during Tech stop
LHCb_SA10_009 Replace pneumatic lines UX85 A/B Gas to be done as well Laurent Roy, Cedric Fournier, Daniel Lacarrere LHCb_SA10_009a All done, still one valve to be changed big grin done Also gaz to be connected
LHCb_SA10_010 Improve LHCb exhibition, SX Daniel Lacarrere, Bernard Chadaj LHCb_SA11_010 Re-organisation started big grin done Improvements ongoing
LHCb_SA10_011 Rearrange area around DELPHI zone Bernard Corajod   Started. Material gone. Need cleaning smile started No date foreseen.
LHCb_SA10_012 Calo moving control units, cabling Daniel Lacarrere, Robert Kristic     roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation Trigger Robert again (Daniel)
LHCb_SA10_013 Prepare container for storage; light etc. Berni, Cédric, Laurent (electricity) LHCb_SA10_013 lights ok, storage ok, still material to be put in when removing old workshop big grin done Week 24-25
LHCb_SA10_014 Electricity buffer UXA Bernard Corajod   Signed big grin done Urgent.
LHCb_SA10_015 Flexible cooling pipes labo SX Bernard Corajod, Gerard Decreuse   Completed big grin done Filling from 18/05.
LHCb_SA10_016 Modification tour Rich2 Cédric Fournier LHCb_SA10_016   big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_017 Plaquettes pour points de mesures RP Cédric Fournier     big grin done Can be installed in any little shutdown
LHCb_SA10_018 Fabrication des gardes corps bunker du extensions Cédric Fournier LHCb_SA10_018 First safety bar done, will be weld this week(35) big grin done Should be ready for winter technical stop
LHCb_SA10_019 Improvements of the SY8 building Daniel Lacarrère 100% done Lighting, painting, electrical convectors. Almost completed (ceiling) big grin done High priority. Innauguration party 15/06
LHCb_SA10_020 Traffic sign - access P8 Cédric Fournier     big grin done End june
LHCb_SA10_021 Fire extinguisher fixation - top gantry Bernard Corajod   26-28 April 2010 big grin done Medium
LHCb_SA10_022 Venting of PZ ups alcove Gerard Decreuse - Laurent Roy   plaque macrolon pour porte faite, Gerard s'occupe de faire les supports des ventilateurs pour essais big grin done to be done before the end of April.Completed: 6 May
LHCb_SA10_023 Dismantling of displays at PZ access Gerard + Berni     big grin done en cours
LHCb_SA10_024 catalogue equipement Cédric LHCb_SA10_024 Voir avec Eric pour liens catalogue roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation  
LHCb_SA10_025 'Outside building' BDG 2869 - roofing daniel LHCb_SA10_025 LHCb_SA10_025a LHCb_SA10_025b Sketch done (Daniel). Waiting for GS big grin done Started: 1st Phase ; roof achieved 6 August; Phase 2 scheduled for Sept-Oct.
LHCb_SA10_026 Rad Lab PZ85 - windows - floor daniel LHCb_SA10_026 Windows done, Painting of groundm completed big grin done Finishing works achieved. Available from June 2010 - rest = installation of racks & tables (see Gloria)
LHCb_SA10_026 Tooling for Shielding wall dismantling daniel - Patrick -Yann LHCb_SA10_026a Money allocated. Design finished. Tendering: septembre big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_027 Entrance door to SZ to be fixed daniel, Berni   Ongoing big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_028 DSS: Connection HV Muon Interlock, Test prochain technical Stop Laurent     big grin done a faire avant 28 mai
LHCb_SA10_029 Mise en place maintenance 3 UPS 'Online' Laurent   Problem with Force10 power supplies in D2 solved. Document for maintenance done. big grin done Forece10 UPS needs monitoring (Iwanski contacted) https://edms.cern.ch/document/1083288/1
LHCb_SA10_030 Gestion Tell1 Spare / Modif Base de donnees Laurent   tableau Excel Guido mis a jour. Procedure for Exchange on EDMS. Logbook for 'common spare' in place. big grin done https://edms.cern.ch/document/1083357
LHCb_SA10_031 Finaliser Doc. 'Panneau Urgence', materiel spare, modif bouton acquit Laurent   Doc. a voir avec Nicolas. Button in place smile started Bouton fait.
LHCb_SA10_032 PC Niko inside PUS rack UXB Gerard   31May-2 June big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_033 RP classification plates: improve fixation Cédric   Finally done by Berni big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_034 SX8 - Fencing switcboard area (behind labs) Daniel LHCb_SA10_034 Achieved as scheduled big grin done High priority
LHCb_SA10_035 Pneumatic back-up by N2. One way valve + flow meter Berni   ready big grin done 1/2 day during tech stop
LHCb_SA10_036 TNT par satellite Cédric   not on the right stallite, but TNT ok... big grin done really urgent
LHCb_SA10_037 SX8 - Replacement of ladder Daniel LHCb_SA10_037 Achieved 14-17 June 2010 big grin done work in background
LHCb_SA10_038 POINT 8 - Entrance - Repair of rail Daniel LHCb_SA10_038 Achieved 14 June 2010 big grin done work in background
LHCb_SA10_039 SG8 - Painting doors & Updating Safety stickers Daniel LHCb_SA10_039 Scheduled for Sept. 2010 big grin done work in background
LHCb_SA10_040 SZ8 - Improvements (door & painting) Daniel LHCb_SA10_040 Scheduled for Sept. 2010 roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation work in background
LHCb_SA10_041 SX8 - Modif. to a ventil. duct Daniel LHCb_SA10_041 LHCb_SA10_041a Scheduled for Sept. 2010 big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_042 SZ8 - Lighting of LHCb Logo daniel LHCb_SA10_042 Scheduled for March 2010 big grin done Achieved as scheduled.
LHCb_SA10_043 SX8 - Panel LHCb Control Room Daniel LHCb_SA10_043 Scheduled fro March 2010 big grin done Achieved as expected.
LHCb_SA10_044 UX85B - Removing of the 100t LASTRA platform Sylvain, Patrick, Cédric, daniel LHCb_SA10_044 Scheduled for next technical stop (30-08 until 02/09) big grin done Achieved 01/09/2010. Inspection by EN/HM - "boogy" to be replaced ) or declassfication ???
LHCb_SA10_045 SX8 - Dismantling of 5 storage racks Cédric, Patrick, daniel   3 out of 5 dismounted big grin done Work to be achieved for new access to the WC.
LHCb_SA10_046 Workshop dismantling: sorting of first floor Berni, Gerard, Cédric   Progressing well big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_048 Pneumatic Chilled Water D3 Berni     big grin done Tech STop July 19
LHCb_SA10_049 Stairs Velo Cédric, Gérard   installed big grin done Tech STop December
LHCb_SA10_050 Outside tent: sorting Cedric, Patrick, Berni     big grin done Start to sort the wood
LHCb_SA10_051 DSS Sub detector Documentation/Matrix Laurent LHCb_SA10_043 Velo, Muon, Infrastructure to be update smile started 60% done
LHCb_SA10_052 Wiener AC/DC converter Monitoring project Laurent   definition in progress with Ken roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation  
LHCb_SA10_053 Screen for XCR and Bat 2 Cedric,Gérard     big grin done Bat.2 should be completed for week 38
LHCb_SA10_054 platines ancrage levage LASTRA Cédric LHCb_SA10_054 Done by 18th of August big grin done technical stop end of August
LHCb_SA10_055 Plan escalier acces velo Gérard LHCb_SA10_055 dessin terminé big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_056 VELO - Cooling pipelines - Ice Rafael, Cedric,Gerard, Daniel LHCb_SA10_56a   big grin done Pipelines have been wrapped locally using a very absorbent tissue (3M).
LHCb_SA10_057 Collab. Week diner Gerard, Cedric, Patrick     big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_058 Rad workshops - Equipment Daniel, Gloria, Cédric LHCb_SA10_58a old tools to take from the workshop big grin done Access control done
LHCb_SA10_060 Identification Locaux fermes UX85 Daniel LHCb_SA10_060a Second appointment (GS had no access) big grin done Work achieved in October 2010.
LHCb_SA10_061 SG8: fill the holes in the wall Cédric     big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_062 Extincteurs a deplacer Cédric, Daniel 2 done Week 41 big grin done  
LHCb_SA10_063 Fixation Ecran DSU1+tablette clavier (SX8) Gerard     big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_064 Banc de mesures magnétiques Cédric, Pierre-Ange LHCb_SA11_064 all material removed big grin done waiting 01/01/2011 for dismantling of beam pipe protections
LHCb_SA11_065 Installation of multi-tubes for pneumatic applications Laurent, Eric, daniel + Momo & Youssouf LHCb_SA11_065 LHCb_SA11_065a LHCb_SA11_065b pipes in place and still connections (gas) to be done big grin done Rest connections to gas racks scheduled for 14-18 Feb. 2011.
LHCb_SA11_066 re-installation of H-Cal beam plug after 'incident' Cédric, Gérard, Robert   Done by January 25th big grin done one week
LHCb_SA11_067 Modification Rich2 tower A side Cédric, Gérard, Berni, Altead     big grin done As soon as the HPDs checked
LHCb_SA11_068 fixation of Survey support under TT alu platform Cédric   Should be ready for the survey of the magnetic slotted measuring section big grin done one day(27/01/2011)
LHCb_SA11_070 Barraques ALGECO - Zone LHCb détente Bernard, daniel, Eliseo LHCb_SA11_070 LHCb_SA11_070a LHCb_SA11_070b LHCb_SA11_070b LHCb_SA11_070c Demande d'offres big grin done Objectif = installation April 2011. Innauguration 01/09
LHCb_SA11_071 Installation 15 Cables BLS+connectors Laurent   Cables in place big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_072 Installation cables RAMSES Laurent   3 cables en place. big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_073 Reparation 2 sensors ARMS Muon1, Installation ARMS RICH1 Laurent   L'ensemble des capteurs (~30)du systeme ARMS fonctionnent correctement. big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_074 Installation of 3 BLS braquets Cédric   I must do that instead of starting welding on bunker big grin done to be done on February 11th
LHCb_SA11_075 installation of the bunker exstension safety bars Cédric   I'll try to prepare the work for monday morning big grin done to be finished before closing the cavern
LHCb_SA11_076 holes for survey target on magnet Cédric   I must do that instead of starting welding on bunker big grin done 1-2hours friday afternoon(11/02/11)
LHCb_SA11_077 grounding of calorimeter tower Cédric   thursday 17th of February big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_078 rich compressor vibrations insulation Cédric, Gérard     big grin done March technical stop
LHCb_SA11_079 Construction of the New Mechanical Worshop SX8 Cédric LHCb_SA11_079   big grin done started 14 March 2011 pm.
LHCb_SA11_080 LHCb Upgrade - New CPU farm at Pit8 daniel, Niko et al. LHCb_SA11_80a LHCb_SA11_80b LHCb_SA11_80c LHCb_SA11_80d LHCb_SA11_80e   smile started 1st discussion 23 March 2011
LHCb_SA11_081 Workshop Electrical installation Cédric-Alexandre Habert LHCb_SA11_081 power alimentation thursday, May 5. big grin done installation will end on wednesday(04/20)
LHCb_SA11_082 workshop pneumatiques lignes installation Cédric-Gilles Morard   3/4 days of work big grin done Will be completed at the end of week18
LHCb_SA11_083 Hole or groove for the evacuation of the workshop sink Cédric, Daniel-Scrasa   waiting for the drawing by Eliseo big grin done as soon as possible
LHCb_SA11_084 painting of the workshop floor Cédric-Presiozo LHCb_SA11_084 Re-painting of the Floor big grin done Untill Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th of June
LHCb_SA11_085 Labo to empty- Building 13-1-034 Cédric, Gérard   Stuff for pit 8 allready removed big grin done Still the room to clean up, probably friday
LHCb_SA11_086 RIA to move Cédric-Gilles Morard LHCb_SA11_086 Work in two times, first step done(RIA removed). big grin done Completed end of week24
LHCb_SA11_087 poster a remettre Cédric, Gérard     big grin done Put back on August,Tuesday 6th
LHCb_SA11_088 modifs atelier(cloisons) Cédric-Bejean LHCb_SA11_088 Installation of sandwiches panels start on wednesday 20 of July big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_089 boite defibrilateur Cédric-Bernard   pieces de fixation en preparation big grin done Installé le 11/03/2011
LHCb_SA11_090 STORAGE TURBINES IN UX85A Laurent - danielLHCb_SA11_090 LHCb_SA11_090 @ racks installed week 16 may 2011. big grin done Purchase of 2 racks. (FRANKEL)
LHCb_SA11_091 rails to weld on pillar for the new workshop's switch board Cédric-Berni   prepared on friday big grin done should be weld on monday(04/16)
LHCb_SA11_092 evolynx systeme for the workshop Cédric-GS     smile started week 36
LHCb_SA11_093 floor of the first level(aluminium plates) Cédric-Gérard LHCb_SA11_093   big grin done Should start week 21
LHCb_SA11_094 fire extinguisher to fix on the GANTRY Gérard-Cédric   one out of two done smile started during the May technical stop
LHCb_SA11_095 Filter(of Muons cooling) on C side to turn down Cédric-Gilles Morard   visit on site to prepare work for winter technical stop done with Vincent PITTIN CV) roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation Work must be done during the end year technical stop(december 2011)
LHCb_SA11_096 measuring deformation of prestressed beams on top of shielding wall Daniel-Cédric-JC   JC Gayde already aware roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation No dead line
LHCb_SA11_097 leaking roof SX8 Cédric-Joel Cappiot(GTM)   Visite pour intervention jeudi 5 au matin avec nacelle louée par CV(Gilles Morard) big grin done as soon as possible
LHCb_SA11_098 Tasks during Technical Stop MAY Laurent LHCb_SA11_098 . Photo_Input_Temp Photo_Output_Temp   big grin done finished Thursday 12th May
LHCb_SA11_099 Installation of machinery Cédric, Gérard-Altead LHCb_SA11_099 EDH done big grin done Won't start before week 25
LHCb_SA11_100 Connection machines Cédric-James Dilwyn Devine   started on monday 22nd big grin done at least 2 days
LHCb_SA11_101 support flower pots to weld Cédric   Weld to be done at building 108 big grin done will be finished at the end of this week(week 20)
LHCb_SA11_102 Aluminium piece for Daniel Gerard-Cédric-Tengyz   still three final stainless pieces to do, Tengiz will do that on week 24(already informed) big grin done Week 24
LHCb_SA11_103 door button of the hall(2885)to replace Cédric     big grin done  
LHCb_SA11_104 AUG to replace on the workshop wall Daniel-Cédric   will be finnaly put on the right pillar of the door roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation During a technical stop
LHCb_SA11_105 Door of the workshop to adjust and grooms to fix Cédric-Bejean   Done on monday 6th of June big grin done week 23(6-7/06)
LHCb_SA11_106 Aluminium plates for the cooling plant(UXAC2) Cédric-Gérard LHCb_SA11_106 50% done big grin done week 23
LHCb_SA11_107 PVC pieces for led Gérard- Cédric-Yuri   asked for doing it at the principle workshop and response wited for monday 30th big grin done As soon as possible
LHCb_SA11_108 Transfo. Spare in UX85A daniel, Eric, Yann, Patrick LHCb_SA11_108a LHCb_SA11_108b   smile started Study ongoing
LHCB_SA11_109 Power SZ8: outreach 07/06/2011 Laurent   Support pendant tournage film big grin done  
LHCB_SA11_110 End course spacers for E-Cal & H-Cal when beam pipe protection in place Cédric-Tengiz LHCb_SA11_110a LHCb_SA11_110bLHCb_SA11_110c LHCb_SA11_110d drawings quite completed, material ordered roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation for end year technical stop
LHCB_SA11_111 painting of the beam pipe protections Cédric-Tengiz-Gérard   Finnaly red/white adhesive tape(already ordered) will be used roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation before winter technical stop
LHCB_SA11_112 re-installation of the cupboard Cédric-Altead     big grin done June
LHCB_SA11_113 drawing for manufacturing of inox led braket Cédric-Daniel LHCb_SA11_113   big grin done  
LHCB_SA11_114 3 stainless steal brakets for gift Daniel-Cédric Tengiz LHCb_SA11_114   big grin done week24
LHCB_SA11_115 SX8 Electrical distribution Consolidation Laurent LHCb_SA11_115_Aout LHCb_SA11_115_Sep LHCb_SA11_115_Oct   roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation Travaux debut TS Nov
LHCB_SA11_116 beam on top of the workshop opened area Cédric-Gérard-Altead LHCb_SA11_116 Done week 31 big grin done Should be done before crane load test
LHCB_SA11_117 Ventilation of the workshop Cédric-Gilles Morard     big grin done ~September
LHCB_SA11_118 Water(hot/cold) and sink in the workshop Cédric-Gilles Morard   Offer around 2900 CHf big grin done ~September
LHCB_SA11_119 LHCb LASTRA PLATFORM (100t) daniel, Yann, Patrick LHCb_SA11_119   smile started  
LHCB_SA11_120 Etude amelioration disponibilite EOD SX8 Laurent LHCb_SA11_120   roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation Echange UPS 2013
LHCB_SA11_121 CANALISATIONS - CANIVEAU TECH. SX8-SG8 Gilles, daniel, Iniziative LHCb_SA11_121   big grin done Démarrage en Nov. 2011
LHCB_SA11_122 SUX8 - INSTALLATION ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Laurent, daniel, Fred, Patrick, Yann LHCb_SA11_122a LHCb_SA11_122b LHCb_SA11_122c LHCb_SA11_122d LHCb_SA11_122e LHCb_SA11_122f LHCb_SA11_122g   big grin done Started 01 Oct.2011
LHCB_SA11_123 SUX8 - ELAGAGE ARBRES - TRANSFOS daniel - Genève Espaces Verts LHCb_SA11_123a   big grin done Done 12 October 2011 am
LHCB_SA11_124 UX85B - Additional Shield behind M5 Burkhardt, daniel, Sylvain LHCb_SA11_124a installation mid-Feb.12 big grin done Installation scheduled for the next Winter shunt-down.
LHCB_SA11_125 POINT 8 - Small - WORKS Tengiz, daniel, Eric, et al. LHCb_SA11_125a LHCb_SA11_125b LHCb_SA11_125c LHCb_SA11_125d LHCb_SA11_125e LHCb_SA12_125f LHCb_SA12_125g LHCb_SA12_125h   big grin done  
LHCB_SA12_126 Pit8 - NEW VISITOR GALLERY IN UX85B Daniel, Eric, Olivier LHCb_SA12_126a LHCb_SA12_126b Construction fall 2012 smile started Installation scheduled for March 2013
LHCB_SA12_127 SX8 - ROOF OF NEW WORKSHOP Cedric, daniel LHCb_SA12_127a   smile started  
LHCB_SA12_128 3893 - REFECTORY - END Bernard, daniel LHCb_SA12_128a   big grin done  
LHCB_SA12_129 Projet Scifi DECREUSE Gerard LHCb_SA12_129      
LHCB_SA12_130 installation systeme d'extraction atelier Cédric-Matec Soudure LHCb_SA12_130   big grin done 20 Mars 2012
LHCB_SA12_131 connection electrique extraction atelier Cédric-EN-EL(Thierry Charvet) LHCb_SA12_131   big grin done Mai
LHCB_SA12_132 Tables BBQ+BBQ Cédric-Tengiz LHCb_SA12_132A,LHCb_SA12_132B, LHCb_SA12_132C, LHCb_SA12_132D, LHCb_SA12_132E, LHCb_SA12_132F, LHCb_SA12_132G dernieres tables en cours de montage(bois sur structure alu), cendriers/poubelles a installer en zone BBQ et sur site smile started Fin Octobre
LHCB_SA12_133 Extincteurs atelier+plan de securité+pharmacies Cédric-HSE Russo LHCb_SA12_133A,LHCb_SA12_133B, LHCb_SA12_133C Berlinghi doit venir faire l'installation. Code budgetaire donné big grin done  
LHCB_SA12_134 rangement atelier etage Cédric-Gerard-Tengiz LHCb_SA12_134 tri et rangement visserie commencé par Tengiz,etiquetage armoires fait(provisoire), dernieres anciennes armoires vidées, reste plus qu'a reorganiser les nouvelles armoires smile started fin 2012
LHCB_SA12_135 stokage matières Cédric-Tengiz LHCb_SA12_135 Un peu de rangement effectué, peinture en cours et rangement a continuer... smile started Novembre
LHCB_SA12_136 Produits chimiques atelier Cédric-HSE Gulley LHCb_SA12_136A, LHCb_SA12_136B, LHCb_SA12_136C Armoire changée et rangée,Pipettes et signaletique+fiches produiits a fournir. big grin done  
LHCB_SA12_137 SMALL WORKS (cont'd)- 2012 Tengiz, daniel et al. LHCb_SA12_137      
LHCB_SA12_138 WORKS AT SURFACE (PIT8)-2012 Antonio, daniel et al. LHCb_SA12_138      
LHCB_SA12_139 REARRAGEMENT LHCB STORAGE AREA Franck, daniel et al. LHCb_SA12_139   smile started  
LHCB_SA12_140 LHCb DISPLAY-SX8-CINEMA BOX daniel et al. LHCb_SA12_140      
LHCB_SA12_141 Rearrangement and cleaning around PX Cédric-Gérard-Franck-Daniel LHCb_SA12_141 Racks moved behind the PX, wood and goods removed. big grin done  
LHCB_SA12_142 Heating of the workshop Cédric-Gilles Morard   connections to hall heating/ventilation   september
LHCB_SA12_143 Online office Daniel-Tengiz-Cedric LHCb_SA12_143 2 modules welded, still 2 to weld, must be sent week 23 for painting big grin done end of Jun
LHCB_SA12_144 Magnet consolidation Cédric-Olivier-Pierro   Tests de friction operationnel, nouvelles matieres en commande roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation  
LHCB_SA12_145 Platelage lisse Rich1 Cédric-olivier-Gerard LHCb_SA12_145 installation complete terminée big grin done TS septembre
LHCB_SA12_146 Zonage au 940(stockage echaffaudages) Cédric LHCb_SA12_146A, LHCb_SA12_146B   big grin done Mi-Aout
LHCB_SA12_147 extension toit coffret cuisine Daniel-Tengiz LHCb_SA12_147A;LHCb_SA12_147B   big grin done Debut septembre
LHCB_SA12_148 renovation Rancho Daniel-Cédric-Altead LHCb_SA12_148A;LHCb_SA12_148B;LHCb_SA12_148C;LHCb_SA12_148D Electricité+sol+mur+cuisine rénové smile started Fin Janvier
LHCB_SA12_149 coin impression/café Cédric LHCb_SA12_149A;LHCb_SA12_149B;LHCb_SA12_149C top et table commandé smile started fin Octobre
LHCB_SA12_150 Pergolas coin BBQ Daniel-Cédric-Tengiz LHCb_SA12_150A;LHCb_SA12_150B prototype fabriqué big grin done Projet annulé
LHCB_SA12_151 DEPLACEMENT FIREBRIGADE HUT 6880 Eliseo, daniel LHCb_SA12_151a ACHIEVED big grin done Achieved as scheduled in Sept. 2012
LHCB_SA12_152 Tests de friction aimant Cédric, Pierro, Olivier LHCb_SA12_152 Systeme de test pret. Trois firmes doivent etre contactée smile started Chantier d'installation prévu pour Septembre 2013
LHCb_SA13_153 INSTALLATION UPS (2x200kVA) SUX8 Laurent, daniel, Thierry, Tengiz LHCb_SA13_153a ACHIEVED big grin done Achieved in November 2012
LHCb_SA13_154 INSTALLATION UPS (2x100kVA) UX85A Laurent, daniel, Thierry, Tengiz LHCb_SA13_154a ACHIEVED big grin done Achievde in Jan.-Feb. 2013
LHCb_SA13_155 INSTALLATION RACKS (DELL) SX8 (2885 R-007) Laurent, daniel, Tengiz, Loîc LHCb_SA13_155a In preparation smile started Installation scheduled for 4-6 March 2013.
LHCb_SA13_156 NEW VISITOR PLATFORM IN UX85B Olivier, Cédric, daniel LHCb_SA13_156a Fabrication launched smile started Scheduled for end of March 2013.
LHCb_SA13_157 NEW LHCb BUILDING Eliseo, Rolf, Eric, Niko, daniel LHCb_SA13_157a Preparation Call for Tenders smile started Goal = start construction Jan. 2014.
LHCb_SA13_158 PREPARATION OPEN DAY SEPT.2013 Bolek, Gloria, Eric, Rolf, daniel LHCb_SA13_158a PROPOSAL roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation Proposal done in Jan. 2013
LHCb_SA13_159 PREPARATION ROUTES FOR OPTICAL FIBERS Niko, Laurent, Ken, daniel LHCb_SA13_159a Investigations roll eyes (sarcastic) in preparation Investigations of 2 possible options.
LHCb_SA13_160 ADDITIONAL SHIELD BEHIND MUON 5 Robert, Rolf, Burkardt, Olivier, daniel        
LHCb_SA13_161 MOEDAL INTERVENTIONS - VELO AREA Richard, daniel        

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Unknown file formatpptx BARRACK6880.pptx r1 manage 2763.2 K 2012-10-15 - 13:03 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt BUFFERAREAS.ppt r1 manage 174.5 K 2011-02-14 - 12:55 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx BUNGALOW3893.pptx r1 manage 1368.0 K 2012-02-06 - 11:09 DanLACARRERE  
PDFpdf Connection_Neonsterre_Stocka...pdf r1 manage 13.4 K 2010-06-07 - 13:17 LaurentROY  
Unknown file formatxlsx CoverPIT8.xlsx r1 manage 12.6 K 2011-12-05 - 11:56 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx ECLAIRAGE_ZONE_LHCb.pptx r1 manage 53.8 K 2012-05-14 - 10:47 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt INSULATIONMarch2011.ppt r1 manage 2548.5 K 2011-03-14 - 13:09 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt INSULATION_UPS.ppt r1 manage 1891.5 K 2010-03-29 - 16:16 DanLACARRERE  
JPEGjpg Input_Temp.JPG r1 manage 65.3 K 2011-05-16 - 11:41 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt LASTRASummary.ppt r1 manage 4876.5 K 2011-08-16 - 15:21 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx LHCbALGECOStatus26Sept2011.pptx r2 r1 manage 2412.6 K 2011-09-26 - 17:33 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt LHCbDISPLAYJune2011.ppt r2 r1 manage 6170.0 K 2011-06-17 - 12:34 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx LHCbDisplayMay2012.pptx r1 manage 101.7 K 2012-05-14 - 10:47 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt LHCbKITCHEN.ppt r1 manage 1894.0 K 2011-05-30 - 12:49 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx LHCbSTORAGE_AREA01.pptx r1 manage 9003.8 K 2012-05-14 - 10:47 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx MANUTENTION_SUX8.pptx r1 manage 3649.6 K 2011-10-17 - 11:23 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx MANUTENTION_SUX8_COTE_CV.pptx r1 manage 2093.4 K 2011-10-21 - 13:13 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx MONORAILSUX8.pptx r1 manage 551.0 K 2011-10-17 - 11:49 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt MULTITUBESJan2011.ppt r1 manage 6663.0 K 2011-01-17 - 13:24 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt MULTITUBES_STATUS_07Feb2011.ppt r1 manage 4250.0 K 2011-02-04 - 09:28 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt MULTITUBES_STATUS_21Jan2011.ppt r1 manage 65.5 K 2011-01-24 - 12:11 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt MechaWorkshopMarch2011.ppt r1 manage 4059.0 K 2011-03-18 - 15:51 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx MoEDALTS3Removalplasticstacks.pptx r1 manage 1431.7 K 2012-10-15 - 13:03 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx MoEDALmagnetic_absorbers.pptx r1 manage 2509.4 K 2012-10-15 - 13:03 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx Muon1.pptx r1 manage 3283.9 K 2012-01-30 - 12:04 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx Muon2.pptx r1 manage 3304.8 K 2012-02-06 - 11:08 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx NEWBDG.pptx r1 manage 1153.9 K 2011-10-21 - 13:00 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt NEWBDGLHCbCR.ppt r1 manage 6858.5 K 2011-08-16 - 15:23 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx NEWBDGLHCbCROCt2011.pptx r1 manage 7657.2 K 2011-10-21 - 12:57 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx NEWBDGLHCbCRSept2011.pptx r1 manage 6807.9 K 2011-10-10 - 13:28 DanLACARRERE  
PDFpdf New_Optical_fibres_passage.pdf r1 manage 240.1 K 2013-02-22 - 10:04 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt Newservers_SX8.ppt r1 manage 88.5 K 2011-08-16 - 15:23 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx Newservers_SX8_2nd_iteration.pptx r1 manage 89.4 K 2011-10-21 - 12:57 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx ONLINEarea1.pptx r1 manage 149.9 K 2012-01-23 - 12:21 DanLACARRERE  
JPEGjpg Output_Temp.JPG r1 manage 68.4 K 2011-05-16 - 11:41 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt PIT8MARKING.ppt r1 manage 5475.0 K 2011-02-14 - 12:55 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx POINT8ELAGAGE.pptx r1 manage 1967.7 K 2011-10-17 - 11:24 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx POINT_8_-_New_LHCb_Building_with_cryo.pptx r1 manage 5576.8 K 2013-02-22 - 10:10 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx POINT_8__LHCb_Tour.pptx r1 manage 2090.6 K 2013-02-22 - 10:36 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt PZALCOVES.ppt r1 manage 391.5 K 2010-06-28 - 14:37 DanLACARRERE PZ ALCOVES
Unknown file formatpptx Photos_6399.pptx r1 manage 1384.5 K 2013-01-24 - 09:11 CedricFournier  
Unknown file formatpptx Pit_8__Small_Works_over_2011.pptx r1 manage 101.8 K 2011-11-28 - 13:19 DanLACARRERE  
PDFpdf Planning_Point_8_parking.pdf r1 manage 218.0 K 2010-05-17 - 14:00 EricThomas  
Unknown file formatpptx Point_8_Parking.pptx r1 manage 506.4 K 2010-05-17 - 14:00 EricThomas  
PDFpdf Presentation_Consolidation_Electrique_Aout2011.pdf r1 manage 1238.6 K 2011-09-05 - 13:56 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt Presentation_Consolidation_Electrique_Aout2011.ppt r1 manage 2851.0 K 2011-09-07 - 09:16 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt Presentation_possibilite_Amelioration_UPS_Sept2011.ppt r1 manage 1170.5 K 2011-09-07 - 10:35 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt Presentation_possibilite_Amelioration_UPS_Sept2011B.ppt r1 manage 1170.5 K 2011-09-07 - 10:37 LaurentROY  
Unknown file formatdocx Procedure_transformateur_UX85.docx r1 manage 1258.6 K 2011-06-07 - 13:15 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx Projet_Scifi.pptx r2 r1 manage 2498.3 K 2012-02-24 - 10:44 GerardDECREUSE  
Unknown file formatpptx RACKS_SX8.pptx r1 manage 256.0 K 2013-02-22 - 10:22 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt Rearangement_coin_SAFETY_Ctrl_room.ppt r1 manage 775.0 K 2010-03-25 - 10:44 LaurentROY  
Unknown file formatpptx Rearangement_coin_SAFETY_Ctrl_room.pptx r2 r1 manage 775.0 K 2010-03-25 - 10:42 LaurentROY  
Unknown file formatpptx SUX8Dimensions.pptx r1 manage 86.5 K 2011-10-17 - 11:22 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx SUX8ELECCABINETS.pptx r1 manage 1980.4 K 2011-10-17 - 11:24 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatdocx SUX8mtg07_10_2011.docx r1 manage 20.1 K 2011-10-17 - 11:22 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt SX8SCREENSControl_Room.ppt r1 manage 1336.5 K 2010-06-28 - 16:52 DanLACARRERE Monitors & Panel Control Room
PowerPointppt SZ8LIGHTINGLOGO.ppt r1 manage 5204.0 K 2010-06-28 - 16:17 DanLACARRERE Lighting Logo
Unknown file formatpptx Small_Works_2012.pptx r1 manage 100.7 K 2012-05-14 - 10:47 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt Status_Consolidation_Electrique_10October2011.ppt r1 manage 198.0 K 2011-10-10 - 13:11 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt Status_Consolidation_Electrique_19Sept2011.ppt r1 manage 2832.0 K 2011-09-19 - 13:43 LaurentROY  
PDFpdf Status_Doc_sur_EDMS.pdf r3 r2 r1 manage 9.1 K 2010-10-25 - 11:54 LaurentROY  
PowerPointppt Status_parkings.ppt r1 manage 1115.0 K 2010-08-16 - 13:54 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx Suface_Works_2012.pptx r1 manage 83.4 K 2012-05-14 - 10:47 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx TOITATELIER.pptx r1 manage 454.7 K 2012-02-06 - 11:09 DanLACARRERE  
PowerPointppt TRANSFOUX85A.ppt r1 manage 73.5 K 2011-06-07 - 13:15 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx Tests_de_friction_du_nouveau_materiel_entre_clamps.pptx r1 manage 2217.8 K 2013-01-14 - 14:43 CedricFournier  
PowerPointppt Turbinestorage.ppt r1 manage 73.5 K 2011-04-15 - 12:23 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx UPS100kVA_UX85A.pptx r1 manage 488.8 K 2013-02-22 - 10:32 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx UPS_SUX8_INFRA.pptx r1 manage 2797.6 K 2013-02-22 - 11:02 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx UX85BVISITORGALLERYUpdateJanvuary2012.pptx r1 manage 694.4 K 2012-01-23 - 12:21 DanLACARRERE  
JPEGjpg batiment2885.jpg r1 manage 536.3 K 2010-05-17 - 16:44 CedricFournier  
PDFpdf caniveau_bis.pdf r1 manage 46.2 K 2011-10-17 - 10:43 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx online1.pptx r1 manage 1345.2 K 2011-11-28 - 13:28 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx onlineR1final_version.pptx r1 manage 4157.8 K 2012-03-12 - 12:46 DanLACARRERE  
Unknown file formatpptx plateformeLHCb.pptx r1 manage 3942.9 K 2012-10-15 - 12:51 DanLACARRERE  
PDFpdf structure_metallique.pdf r1 manage 1701.1 K 2011-10-17 - 11:58 DanLACARRERE  
JPEGjpg vue_platform1.jpg r1 manage 2188.5 K 2013-02-22 - 10:41 DanLACARRERE  
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