LHCb Stripping page

Stripping Stream Definitions

The stream definitions for different strippings can be found here:

Stripping Statistics

See StrippingStatistics page.

Common Particles Change

The proposed changes to Common Particles, to be discussed are presented on the CommonParticles page.

Default vertex fitter

Proposed to replace OfflineVertexFitter by LoKi::VertexFitter, to be discussed on the StrippingVertexFitter page.

Stripping Productions

A list of past, present and future stripping production can be found at the StrippingProductions page.

Stripping TCK shell

Stripping TCK can be used to access configuration of stripping lines in various stripping productions. See StrippingTCK page.

How to add a line

So far we have always included the head of the stripping selections in DaVinci. We cannot continue like that. Since the beginning of the year I have asked everyone to present their stripping selection at T&S meeting. One such talk is scheduled today. Now that we'll soon start stripping real data we also need to discuss any change to what we've been using. By default, what goes in the head of cvs will not be used in the stripping. Only what's blessed by the PPG and OPG will be used.

Practically, if you want to add a line, or change a line, you must

  1. Get the change approved by your WG.
  2. Present it at T&S if it does not comply with the rate and cpu guidelines, of if asked to by the stripping coordinators.
  3. If agreed by the T&S meeting, the proposed change (practically, a bunch of changes) will make it to a production release. The green light has to be given by OPG and PPG to use this release in production.

Removed Stripping Selections

See StrippingSelectionsRemoved page for a list of the lines that were removed in July 2010.

Stripping Selections

See StrippingSelections page.

Stripping Settings and the Stripping Archive

See the StrippingSettings page.

Stripping Workflow

See StrippingWorkFlow page.

Stripping Framework

See StrippingLines page.

Stripping DST

The stripping DST contains the full DST, plus a MicroDST partition containing the full decay tree of the stripping line selected candidates. It also contains the necessary particle to primary vertex (PV) relations in order to guarantee that the same PV is used to apply further cuts and estimate PV-dependent quantities. If PV re-fitting has been used in the selection, the re-fitted PVs are also saved. The relations point to these.

See the DaVinciTutorial for examples of how to run on a stripped DST.

What version of which application was run on

You need the production ID. This is part of the LFN (a directory). In that case 5614. Now go to the Production monitor web page and search for production 5614. Click on a file and select "Show Details". This will give you the details of the whole production workflow. I read:
Merge Production 5614 for event type 30000000 has following parameters:

Production priority: 9
BK Config Name Version: MC MC09
BK Processing Pass Name: MC09-Stripping02
CondDB Tag: sim-20090402-vc-md100
DDDB Tag: MC09-20090602

====> DaVinci v24r4 Step0
  DaVinci Option Files:
  ExtraPackages: AppConfig.v3r20
====> Brunel v34r7 Step1
  Brunel Option Files:
  ExtraPackages: AppConfig.v2r9p1
====> DaVinci v24r4 Step2
  DaVinci Option Files:
  ExtraPackages: AppConfig.v3r20
====> LHCb v28r0 Step3
  LHCb Option Files:
BK Input Data Query:
    EventType = 30000000
    FileType = JPSI.DST
    ProductionID = 5600

BK Browsing Paths:

-- JuanPalacios - 09-Oct-2009 -- PatrickSKoppenburg - 20-Nov-2009 -- JuanPalacios - 25-Jun-2010 -- JuanPalacios - 13-Oct-2010 -- UlrikEgede - 12-Jan-2011

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