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Trigger operations plots (2018)

Plot Description
2018-rampup-nblumi2018-rampup-nblumi Approved in Tuesday meeting 22/05/2018. Also in (recommended) .pdf format. Effective luminosity accumulated with unbiased hardware trigger.
2018-rampup-rates.png Approved in Tuesday meeting 22/05/2018. Also in (recommended) .pdf format. Rate of unbiased and L0 triggers. We cannot fully fill the 1 MHz with unbiased triggers due to too large dead-time with a not fully filled machine.

Trigger operations plots (2017)

Plot Description
DiskUsageForecast2017.jpg Approved in PPTS 08/05/2017. Also in (recommended) .pdf and .png formats. The disk usage profiles for 100 toys. Actually ran 2500, but this is the most that fits on the plot. Darkest grey: special runs. Dark grey: stop. Light grey: MD.
DiskBuffer2017.png Approved in Tuesday meeting 28/11/2017. Also in (recommended) .pdf and .png formats. The disk usage from the start of the year until the end of data taking. Darkest grey: special runs. Dark grey: stop. Light grey: MD.

Trigger operations plots (2016)

Plot Description
DiskBuffer2016.jpg The disk buffer usage during the 2016 pp run. Approved in PPTS 28/11/2016. Also in (recommended) .pdf and .png formats. The HLT1 rate was adjusted 3 times based on our projections under the assumption of a sustained machine efficiency of 70%. At week 24, we had an HLT1 output rate of 130 kHz. At this point the HLT1 rate was reduced to 115 kHz. In week 26 it was further reduced to 85 kHz. In week 32 it was relaxed again to 105 kHz.

Trigger schemes

  • Note that for all Run I and Run II diagrams, the input rate is 40 MHz. This is because for the current detector you can only read it out at 1 MHz so what matters is the overall bunch crossing rate which has to be reduced by the hardware trigger. For the upgrade detector, you can read everything out so what matters is the non-empty bunch crossing rate because this is what has to be reduced by the HLT. Therefore the upgrade diagram has the input rate at 30 MHz.
  • The keynote source for these diagrams.

Plot Description
LHCb_Trigger_2011_May2015.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The 2011 trigger layout without the details of the algorithms used in the HLT.
LHCb_Trigger_RunI_May2015.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The 2012 trigger layout without the details of the algorithms used in the HLT or the deferral.
LHCb_Trigger_RunIAlgDetail_May2015.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The 2012 trigger layout including some information about the different HLT algorithms.
LHCb_Trigger_RunIDefer_May2015.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The 2012 trigger layout including the way the deferral fit into the trigger dataflow.
LHCb_Trigger_RunII_May2015.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The Run II trigger scheme illustrating the central place of the detector alignment and calibration.
LHCb_Trigger_RunIII_May2015.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The upgrade diagram illustrating the continuing use of real time alignment and calibration, as well as giving some details on how events will be split into full/turbo streams.
LHCb_Trigger_Tracking_Upgrade-crop.jpg Also in .pdf and .png formats. The upgrade reconstruction sequence.

Performance plots

Plot Description
hlt2incdsteffs.png Also in .pdf and .png formats. The TISTOS efficiency of the inclusive D* trigger. Author: Emanuele Michielin. More information can be found here The plot has been shown at ICHEP in the LHCb Run II poster

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