Releases based on LHCb v25r0 (and Gaudi v20r2, LCG_55a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v25r0. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v25r0 (Released on 30th July 2008)

Based on LHCb v24r1 but using Gaudi v20r2, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20080725 v4r7 protect against large negative noise
DAQ/MDF cattanem_20080729 v3r12 Adapt to latest Hlt RawBank definitions
Det/DDDB cattanem_20080729 v1r10 Use new "useOracleCondDB" option, adapt to new MagneticFieldSvc options
marcocle_20080729 v1r10 Adapted for ONLINE partition
Det/DetCond marcocle_20080724 v12r2 Configuration for ONLINE monthly snapshots
cattanem_20080728 v12r2 Fix compilation on Windows
Det/DetDesc cattanem_20080721 v18r8 Add DetDesc/IDetElemFinder.h, previously in LHCbKernel
Det/DetDescChecks cattanem_20080725 v4r8 Replace LoadDDDB.opts by .py
Det/DetDescSvc cattanem_20080721 v2r1 Adapt to new locations of IEventTimeDecoder.h, IGenericTool.h, IDetElemFinder.h and remove LHCbKernel dependency
Det/Magnet smenzeme_20080717 v4r1 added methods to access flag for real B field map and scale factor to MagnetFieldSvc
cattanem_20080725 v4r1 Adapt MagneticFieldSvc to ILHCbMagnetSvc interface
cattanem_20080729 v5r0 Reorganise MagneticFieldSvc to properly use CondDB
Det/RichDet jonrob_20080725 v11r0 Various improvements (see release notes). Note the suggested new major release number, due to a backwards incompatible change to a public interface (not widely used, only GaussRICH)
Det/STDet mneedham_20080718 v4r4 Add some info in printout of DeSTSector, add NotBonded to DeSTSector enum
Det/VeloDet marcocle_20080723 v13r3 minor change in VeloAlignCond test
Event/DAQEvent cattanem_20080721 v7r13 Adapt to new location of IEventTimeDecoder.h, remove LHCbKernel dependency, do not build .exe for test
marcocle_20080724 v7r13 Produce "RunChange" incident and use it to manipulate the source location of specific conditions
tswarniki_20080728 v7r13 Add new Hlt banks
Event/GenEvent cattanem_20080723 v5r3 Add GenEvent/HepMCUtils.h, previously in Gen/Generators
Event/L0Event jucogan_20080724_2 v17r1 Add new methods to L0MuonError
Event/HltEvent panmanj_20080728 v8r11 Add code for HltLumiSummary class
tswarniki_20080728 v8r11 Add Hlt classes
Event/VeloEvent truf_20080724 v16r5 enable creation of dictionaries
cattanem_20080728 v16r5 fix include path for dictionary generation
Ex/DetCondExample marcocle_20080722 v11r4 removed LoadDDDB
Ex/IOExample cattanem_20080723 v2r5 Deal with old HepMC, add QMTests
GaudiConf cattanem_20080725 v10r12 Add LHCbApp().UseOracleCondDB option, remove RichOfflineSummaryTracks from DST
marcocle_20080729 v10r12 Add, containing patches to released Gaudi version
GaudiObjDesc hubert_20080724 v11r3 Fixed fragments for parallel build withw "make -j"
Gen/HepMCBack gcorti_20080720 v1r0 Streamer to read HepMC 1.26 event
cattanem_20080728 v1r0 Fix for Windows linkage
Kernel/LHCBAlgs cattanem_20080721 v2r20 Adapt to new location of IEventTimeDecoder.h
Kernel/LHCbKernel cattanem_20080721 v9r0 Add python dicts for ITNames.h, TTNames.h, add ILHCbMagnetSvc.h, remove IEventTimeDecoder.h, IGenericTool.h, IDetElemFinder.h, optimize ParticleID.cpp (adds LHCbMath dependency)
L0/L0MuonKernel jucogan_20080725 v8r1 Add functions useful for the monitoring
OT/OTDAQ janos_20080722 v7r1 Added an extra bank version to be used for simulation.
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20080726 v7r6 add the implementation of Levy-Civita symbols
Phys/LoKiGenMC cattanem_20080722 v7r1p1 use Gaudi::Units, not CLHEP::
Phys/LoKiPhysMC vanya_20080722 v7r4 remove CLHEP (not needed anymore)
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20080725 v7r14 Add logical and hardware Level1 ID classes + HPDCopyNumber class
Sim/SimComponents cattanem_20080724 v2r11 Fix for HepMC 2, add DumpHepMC algorithms previously in Gen/Generators
ST/STTELL1Event jluisier_20080721 v1r4 Add PCN checks and corrupted bank error status, add magic pattern checks
cattanem_20080724 v1r4 Remove xml/gdd.dtd, remove Event/STProcessInfo.h, fix duplicate class description, fix Class IDs, add Reflex dictionary
ST/STKernel mneedham_20080725 v1r7 Change printouts, add sameID function to STTell1Board, follow changes of jeroen in STDAQ in STell1Board
Tf/TfKernel albrecht_20080717 v2r6 Add validity range to IStationSelector
guerrer_20080721 v2r6 Add some dictionaries
Tools/CondDBUI marcocle_20080723 v2r12 improvements related to ONLINE snapshots
Tr/TrackInterfaces smenzeme_20080717 v3r16 Unify interfaces for PtKick and FastMomentumEstimate tool
Det/DetSys cattanem_20080727 v15r0 Update versions for release
Event/EventSys cattanem_20080727 v24r7 Update versions for release
DAQ/DAQSys cattanem_20080727 v5r1 Update versions for release
Kernel/KernelSys cattanem_20080727 v9r0 Update versions for release
LHCbSys cattanem_20080727 v25r0 Update versions for release

Lbcom v6r21 (Released on 30th July 2008)

Based on Lbcom v6r20 but using LHCb v25r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloTools cattanem_20080721 v5r3 Adapt to new location of IEventTimeDecoder.h
L0/L0Calo robbep_20080717 v9r16 Use RawBankReadoutStatus for L0Calo decoding
  robbep_20080722 v9r16 Add detection of hot channels
  robbep_20080724 v9r16 Correct global pi0 address for equal cells
  robbep_20080725 v9r16 Do not try to fill histograms not booked
  cattanem_20080730 v9r16 Fix compilation on Windows
L0/L0DU cattanem_20080721 v8r8 Adapt to new location of IEventTimeDecoder.h
L0/L0Muon jucogan_20080724 v8r1 Add protection against not valid tiles at the input of the emulator
L0/L0MuonMonitor jucogan_20080725 v1r1 Package to monitor the L0Muon
Rich/RichDAQ cattanem_20080721 v3r19 Adapt to new location of IEventTimeDecoder.h
  jonrob_20080725 v3r19 Adapt to new L1 ID classes
ST/STDAQ jvantilb_20080725 v3r10 tidy up counters, add more protection against tricky cases in decoding, bug fix in Error creation, bug fix in TTReadoutTool
Velo/VeloSimulation cattanem_20080724 v3r5 Add an FPE protection
LbcomSys cattanem_20080729 v6r21 Tags for release

Rec v5r10 (Released on 30th July 2008)

Based on Rec v5r9 but using LHCb v25r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Muon/MuonID cattanem_20080725 v5r2p1 Remove pragma print on from options
Muon/MuonTrackAlign smenzeme_20080717 v1r6 adapt to interface changes to PtKick tool
Rec/RecAlgs cattanem_20080721 v1r7 Adapt to new location of IEventTimeDecoder.h
Rich/RichRecAlgorithms jonrob_20080728 v2r12 Add two new algs
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20080722 v2r21 Disable the summary monitor
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20080722 v3r12 Disable the summary algorithm
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_20080717 v3r9 add use of real B field+scaling factor+interfaces changes in PtKick and FastMomentumEstimate tool
cattanem_20080718 v3r9 Adapt to ILHCbMagnetSvc interface
mschille-20080725 v3r9 PatSeeding: fix bug when running with isolation cuts
cattanem_20080729 v3r9 use TrackSys instead of BrunelSys configurable
Tf/PatVeloTT cattanem_20080729 v3r3 use TrackSys instead of BrunelSys configurable
Tf/TrackMatching cattanem_20080729 v2r19 use TrackSys instead of BrunelSys configurable
Tf/TrackSeeding smenzeme_20080717 v1r4 adapt to interface changes in PtKick
cattanem_20080719 v1r4 Fix compilation warnings
Tf/TrackSys cattanem_20080729 v4r16 Add a configurable
Tf/TsaAlgorithms smenzeme_20080717 v3r5 adapt to interface changes in PtKick and FastMomentumEstimate tool
cattanem_20080729 v3r5 use TrackSys instead of BrunelSys configurable
Tr/TrackExtrapolators wdh_20080710, v2r19 protect divide by zero
Tr/TrackFitEvent wdh20080724 v3r17 changes in FitNode: added smoother gain matrix (for use in alignment)
Tr/TrackFitter wdh20080724 v2r27 adapt to change in Fitnode. revive standard kalman smoother
Tr/TrackMonitors wdh20080725 v1r3 adapt to change in Fitnode. add histograms
Tr/TrackTools smenzeme_20080717 v3r10 adapt to interface changes to PtKick tool
cattanem_20080719 v3r10 Adapt to ILHCbMagnetSvc interface, fix compilation warnings
wdh20080724 v3r10 Adapt to change in FitNode. Use new matrix inversion
jonrob_20080729 v3r10 Add options to TrackSelector to allow clones to be rejected
RecSys cattanem_20080729 v5r10 Tags for release

Boole v16r1 (Released on 30th July 2008)

Based on Boole v16r0 but using Lbcom v6r21, LHCb v25r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDigit cattanem_20080724 v2r8 Add an FPE protection
Digi/Boole cattanem_20080729 v16r1 Add QMTests, update configurable
Digi/DigiAlg cattanem_20080722 v4r10 Adapt to new locations of IEventTimeDecoder.h, IGenericTool.h
Muon/MuonBackground cattanem_20080722 v2r7p1 Add a missing Gaudi::Units
Rich/RichDigiQC jonrob_20080726 v3r10 Adapt to changes in RichKernel
ST/STDigiAlgorithms mneedham_20080718-2 v1r3 Use dead strips by default
BooleSys cattanem_20080730 v16r1 tags for release

Brunel v33r1 (Released on 31st July 2008)

Based on Brunel v33r0 but using Rec v5r10, Lbcom v6r21, LHCb v25r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel cattanem_20080730 v33r1 Update configurable

Geant4 v91r2p2 (Released on 13th August 2008)

Based on Gaudi v20r2 and Geant 9.1.p02
Identical to v91r2 and v91r2p1 but compiled with Gaudi v20r2
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
G4config gcorti_20080802 v91r2p2 Only change in version
Geant4Sys gcorti_20080802 v91r2p2 exclude globals.hh from doxygen

Gauss v35r0 (Released on 10th September 2008)

Based on Gauss v34r1 using LHCb v25r0 and Gaudi v20r1, Geant4 v91r2p2 and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Gen/Generators robbep_20080720 v8r4 Remove LHAPDF output
  robbep_20080721 v8r4 Generate polarized charmonium
  cattanem_20080723 v8r4 move Generators/HepMCUtils.h to GenEvent and DumpMC stuff to SimComponents
  robbep_20080725 v9r0 Move to HepMC2
Gen/LbPythia robbep_20080725 v8r0 Move to HepMC2
  robbep_20080726 v8r0 Set new tune for Pythia6.4 as default
Gen/LbPythia8 robbep_20080725 v2r0 Move to HepMC2
Gen/LbBcVegPy robbep_20080725 v2r0 Move to HepMC2
Gen/ParticleGuns robbep_20080725 v6r0 Move to HepMC2
Sim/GaussTools robbep_20080726 v15r0 Move to HepMC2
Sim/GaussKine robbep_20080726 v2r2 Move to HepMC2
Sim/GaussMonitor robbep_20080726 v5r3 Move to HepMC2
Gen/LbMIB robbep_20080727 v3r0 Move to HepMC2
Gen/LbHerwig robbep_20080727 v6r0 Move to HepMC2
Sim/GaussAlgs gcorti_20080804 v3r3 Fix compilation errors due to changes in LHCb v25r0
Gen/LbHijing robbep_20080806 v4r0 Move to HepMC2
  gcorti_20080909 v4r0 Set momentum with corrected units
Gen/GenTests robbep_20080814 v1r3 New test for B0 decay
Vis/VisSvc none v5r3 ???
Sim/GaussRICH sajan_20080808 v9r1 compatible with the latest RichDet, RichG4Cerenkov a poststep process
Gen/Decfiles gcorti_20080909 v15r1 extend particle guns
Sim/Gauss gcorti_20080909 v35r0 better options with python, also for 5 TeV, Velo open/close, field on/off via SIMCOND

-- MarcoCattaneo - 31 Jul 2008 -- GloriaCorti - 11 Sep 2008

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