Releases based on LHCb v25r1 (and Gaudi v20r2, LCG_55a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v25r1. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v25r1 (Released on 8th September 2008)

Based on LHCb v25r0, with the following new tags
Package User tag Official tag Comment
LHCbSys cattanem_20080908 v25r1 Packages for v25r1 release
Calo/CaloUtils odescham_20080828 v8r2 remove verbose line
Det/DetSys cattanem_20080904 v15r1 update versions for LHCb v25r1 release
Det/DDDB marcocle_20080903 v1r11 Changed the default global tag for DC06 (fix bug #40313)
cattanem_20080908 v1r11 Changed global tag
Det/Magnet cattanem_20080801 v5r1 fix uninitialised variable, clean up requirements
  cattanem_20080902 v5r1 add option to use Set current
Det/MuonDet asatta_20080901 v8r3 fix for fpe
Det/OTDet janos_20080813 v8r0 fix staggering of straws
  janos_20080829 v8r0 retrieve staggering offsets from DDDB. Note doesn't work with current DDDB
Det/RichDet jonrob_20080818 v11r1 Add method to access absorption length for each RICH radiator + improve updating upon conditions changes
Det/STDet mneedham_20080804 v4r5 add python dicts
Event/EventSys cattanem_20080903 v24r8 Update versions for LHCb v25r1 release
Event/DAQEvent odescham_20080821 v7r14 extend filtering in OdinTypeFilter
  panmanj_20080825 v7r14 add inverted mode to bankKiller + fix to ODINTypesFilter for TAE window
Event/DigiEvent mneedham_20080823 v2r8 Add accessor to liteCluster
  mneedham_20080801 v2r8 add shorts cut to STCluster classes
  cattanem_20080903 v2r8 add some python dictionaries
Event/HltEvent panmanj_20080829 v8r12 LumiSummary container: single object
Event/L0Event jucogan_20080731 v17r1p1 bug fix
Event/MCEvent cattanem_20080903 v2r9p1 Add a dictionary
Event/RecEvent jpalac_20080811 v2r15 Add copy constructors to RichPID and MuonPID
  mneedham_20080815 v2r15 Add functionality to STSummary
  jonrob_20080818 v2r15 Extend RichPID type flags
Event/VeloEvent szumlat_20080826 v16r6 Add new functionality to the VeloErrorBank class
GaudiObjDesc hubert_20080728 v11r4 fixed a fragment for creation of target directory
Kernel/KernelSys cattanem_20080904 v9r1 Update versions for LHCb v25r1 release
Kernel/LHCbAlgs graven_20080817 v2r21 Protect missing ODIN
Kernel/LHCbKernel vanya_20080803 v9r1 fix for Win32 platforms for src/Inspectors.cpp file
  jonrob_20080815 v9r1 Add base class Configurable
  mneedham_20080817 v9r1 Add functionality to IT and TTNames
  jonrob_20080819 v9r1 Fix some doxygen warnings from the python Configurable
  cattanem_20080903 v9r1 Add some missing dictionaries
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20080802 v3r2 Bit.h & Digit.h: add utilities for manipualtion with ranges of bits or decimal numbers
  hubert_20080806 v3r2 fixed dependencies of the Test binaries onto the LHCbMathLib library
L0/L0MuonKernel jucogan_20080904 v8r2 Implement the decoding of compressed bank + transparent (V2)
L0/ProcessorKernel jucogan_20080901 v5r2 Allow a 3rd instance of RegisterFactory
Muon/MuonDAQ asatta_20080828 v4r4 fix for empty muon banks
OT/OTDAQ wouter_20080826 v7r2 Added method to retrieve total number of hits without 'decoding' the full bank
DAQ/DAQSys cattanem_20080904 v5r2 Update versions for LHCb v25r1 release
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20080002 v7r7 fix LaTeX expressions inside Doxygen comments
  vanya_20080804 v7r7 LoKiSvc: add more 'protected' words/symbols for CC-utility
Phys/LoKiGen hubert_20080731 v7r6 fixed documentation
  vanya_20080804 v7r6 LoKi::Decays::Trees::Gen* - more uniform interfaces
Phys/LoKiMC vanya_20080804 v7r6 MCDecays: imporve Doxygen comments
Phys/LoKiPhys vanya_20080807 v7r7 LoKiPhys/ : add missing LV0* symbols
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20080815 v7r15 Add Rich Python Configurable
  ukerzel_20080828 v7r15 Add interfaces from RICH monitoring
  cattanem_20080903 v7r15 Add dicts for new interfaces
Rich/RichRecBase hubert_20080729 v3r16 Use of god_headers instead of obj2doth for parallel compilation
  jonrob_20080818 v3r16 Remove redundant method from IRichSellmeirFunc interface. Improve default property values in various base classes
  jonrob_20080829 v3r16 Add FastRingFitter class
Sim/SimComponents musy_20080903 v2r12 fix of ForcedBDecay tool
ST/STKernel mneedham_20080823 v1r8 add python dicts + functionality in STTell1Board , add rep classes, add functionality related to service boxes, bug fix in STBoardMapping.h
  mneedham_20080901 v1r8 bug fixes in Representation classes
mneedham_20080905 v1r8 add detector type to STTell1Board
ST/STTELL1Event mneedham_20080815 v1r5 Bug fixes, add functionality to error bank classes
  mneedham_20080901 v1r5 add method to test if link is enabled to STTell1Error
Tf/TfKernel smenzeme_20080820 v2r7 add algorithm and methods to reset used flag

Lbcom v6r22 (Released on 8th September 2008)

Based on Lbcom v6r21 but using LHCb v25r1, and the following new tags
Package User tag Official tag Comment
LbcomSys cattanem_20080908 v6r22 package versions for v6r22 release
Calo/CaloTools odescham_20080822 v5r4 more monitoring for cosmics
L0/L0Calo robbep_20080805 v9r17 Performance improvements in decoding algorithm
  robbep_20080815 v9r17 Initialize raw bank status
L0/L0DU odescham_20080901 v8r9 new TCK defined in L0DUConfig_0x000X.opts + bug fix + rename options
L0/L0Muon jucogan_20080904 v8r2 Decode transparent mode v2
L0/L0MuonMonitor jucogan_20080731 v1r1p1 bug fixes + upgrade
Rich/RichDAQ jonrob_20080815 v3r20 Updates for Configurables - Improve default options
  jonrob_20080826 v3r20 Always print summary info
  jonrob_20080829 v3r20 Suppress event IDs from Event ID mis-match warnings
Rich/RichTools jonrob_20080815 v2r22 Updates for Configurables - Improve default options
ST/STCheckers mneedham_20080815 v2r7 Add performance monitoring alg + add some histos to it
ST/STDAQ mneedham_20080815 v3r11 fix problem in decoding if all banks lost, + implement recovery mode, +service box functionality
  mneedham_20080905 v3r11 bug fix in service box mapping
  mneedham_20080905_2 v3r11 fix warning
Velo/VeloDAQ krinnert_20080831 v4r3 Real data analysis upgrades, new algo for VeloError bank handling, more robust handling of missing input containers

Rec v5r11 (Released on 8th September 2008)

Based on Rec v5r10 but using LHCb v25r1, and the following new tags
Package User tag Official tag Comment
RecSys jonrob_20080818 v5r11 Add new python Configurable + Remove dependency on Rich/RichHLTSys
  cattanem_20080908 v5r11 Update package versions for v5r11 release
Calo/CaloReco odescham_20080818 v4r15 CaloDigits created on-Demand in the HLT processing to avoid conflict with offline
Muon/MuonPIDChecker miriamg_20080828 v2r3 Save histos in monitor or checker mode (EP,MG)
Rich/RichGlobalPID jonrob_20080815 v3r10 Update default values of some properties
  jonrob_20080819 v3r10 Adapt to changes in RichPID from RecEvent
Rich/RichHLTLocalPID jonrob_20080818 v1r3 Adapt to changes in RichPID from RecEvent + Add context specific default RichPID TES locations
Rich/RichLocalPID jonrob_20080818 v3r6 Adapt to changes in RichPID from RecEvent
Rich/RichMarkovRingFinder jonrob_20080828 v2r1 Some minor improvements + Updates to the monitor
Rich/RichPIDMerge jonrob_20080815 v2r6 Adapt to change in RichPID copy constructor
Rich/RichRecAlgorithms jonrob_20080826 v2r13 Fix compilation warning in EventSelectionAlg + Update selection criteria
Rich/RichRecPhotonTools jonrob_20080815 v1r5 Update default property values
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20080828 v2r22 Add python Configurable + Update RichRecoQC monitor
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20080819 v3r13 Add python Configurables
  jonrob_20080826 v3r13 Update python configurables for Panoptes
Rich/RichRecTools jonrob_20080826 v4r5 Update default property values. Improve use of aerogel properties in RichSellmeirFunc and RichTabulatedRayleighScatter.
Rich/RichRecTrackTools jonrob_20080815 v1r6 Update default property values
  jonrob_20080826 v1r6 Do not abort processing when input tracks are missing
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_20080820 v3r10 make public tools private, to allow seperate configurations in same job
  mschille_20080826 v3r10 PatSeeding fixes for L0 confirmation, IT cosmics
  mschille_20080830 v3r10 PatSeeding bug introduced in last commit fixed
Tf/PatVelo dhcroft_20080826 v3r8 Added PatVeloResetClusterUsed algorithm to allow rerunning PR in a job
  dhcroft_20080904 v3r8 Fixed sort order for RZ to 3D track conversion
Tf/TfTools smenzeme_20080820 v1r6 add algorithm and methods to reset used flag of hits
Tf/TrackSys jonrob_20080815 v4r17 Update to python Configurable to adapt to new RecSys Configurable + Use new Configurable base class from LHCbKernel
  smenzeme_20080820 v4r17 fix bug in python scripts (for BfieldOff and noDrifttimes)
  smenzeme_20080827 v4r17 add option file to run track checking in brunel job
  smenzeme_20080903 v4r17 fix to
Tr/NNTools smenzeme_20080820 v1r3 fix FPE in ghost probability tool
Tr/PatPV witekma_20080828 v3r6 Improvements for VELO open PV reconstruction
Tr/TrackCheckers smenzeme_20080827 v4r2 add output to finalize of TrackEffChecker and TrackResChecker
Tr/TrackExtrapolators wouter_20080827 v2r20 Fixed bug in HerabExtrapolator
Tr/TrackTools truf_20080811 v3r11 dEdx correction was broken, missing tX[4] = 1.0/newP; in StateSimpleBetheBlochEnergyCorrectionTool
  smenzeme_20080820 v3r11 make momentum tools save for 0 B field
Velo/VeloRecMonitors mjohn_20080902 v1r0 First version of a new VELO [cluster & track] monitoring package

Boole v16r2 (Released on 9th September 2008)

Based on Boole v16r1 but using Lbcom v6r22, LHCb v25r1, and the following new tags
Package User tag Official tag Comment
BooleSys cattanem_20080905 v16r2 Update Boole version
Digi/Boole cattanem_20080905 v16r2 Update Qmtest reference
  cattanem_20080908 v16r2 Ignore CondDB tag in Qmtest reference

Brunel v33r2 (Released on 9th September 2008)

Based on Brunel v33r1 but using Rec v5r11, Lbcom v6r22, LHCb v25r1, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
BooleSys cattanem_20080909 v33r2 Update Brunel version
Rec/Brunel pkoppenb_20080818 v33r2 Updates to python configuration (Chris). Changes in monitoring (PK)
  jonrob_20080827 v33r2 Update Configurable to use RichRecQCConf()
  jonrob_20080829 v33r2 Update RICH monitor options to conditionally use Moni or Check sequence depending on the 'withMC' setting
  cattanem_20080909 v33r2 Change default to 2008 real data and update options

-- MarcoCattaneo - 09 Sep 2008

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