Releases based on LHCb v26r3 (and Gaudi v20r4, LCG_55c)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v26r3. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v26r3 (released 7th April 2009)

Based on LHCb v26r2, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Det/DDDB cattanem_20090309 v1r16 Remove DDDBConf().UseOracle property
Det/DetCond cattanem_20090309 v12r5p2 Add options/
Det/DetDescChecks cattanem_20090309 v4r10p1 Fix example for Oracle usage
Det/STDet mneedham_20090227 v4r8 add findTopLevelElement function to DeSTDetector
Event/DAQEvent odescham_20090305 v7r19 Automatic bin label for ReadoutStatusMonitor histograms
Event/DigiEvent mneedham_20090301 v2r11 Changes in Velo and ST digit and cluster classes
Event/EventPacker v1r4 Fix the hack in ReadPackedDst.cpp
Event/GenEvent gcorti_20090403 v5r5 Add two new data members to GenHeader
Event/HltEvent v8r16 create custom dictionary for HltObjectSummary::Info
Event/L0Event odescham_20090305 v17r4 minor update of L0DUBase.h + fix in L0DUTrigger/Report.xml
Event/MCEvent gcorti_20090403 v2r13 Add short-cut method for number of primary vertices to MCHeader
Event/RecEvent mneedham_20090226 v2r19 Changes in STSummary class
Event/TrackEvent v4r19 Add enums for extra info for the muon tracks
GaudiConf cattanem_20090309 v12r2 Remove LHCbApp().UseOracle property
cattanem_20090403 Add DigiConf configurable
Kernel/MCInterfaces rlambert_20090306 v1r8 Add interface for IEventTypeFinder
Kernel/LHCbApp jvantilb_20090309 v2r25 Add FilterByBankType algorithm
Kernel/LHCbKernel rlambert_20090305 v11r2 Add method+typedef to IEvtTypSvc to return all known types
cattanem_20090305 add option to LbAppInit to print event time
odescham_20090305 small improvement in CaloCellID and CaloCellCode
Phys/DaVinciKernel jpalac_20090309 v7r4 Fix access to re-fitted PV
Phys/DaVinciMCKernel jpalac_20090309 v3r1 Particle _> MCParticle association interface and base impl. changes
Rich/RichRecBase jonrob_20090303 v3r20 Add support for new ring types in RichRecRing.xml.
Sim/SimComponents rlambert_20090305 v2r17 Fixed some bugs in MCDecayFinder
rlambert_20090306 Added implimentation of IMCEventTypeFinder
rlambert_20090308 Fixed a bug in MCEventTypeFinder
rlambert_20090309 Added headers in EvtTypeSvc
ST/STKernel v1r12 Bug fix in TTNumberToSourceIDMap
Tr/TrackInterfaces smenzeme_040309 v4r2 add. for init states for fitter algorithm and tool

Lbcom v6r27 (released 8th April 2009)

Based on Lbcom v6r26, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloTools odescham_20090309 v5r7 fix default setting in CaloHypo2Calo
L0/L0DU odescham_20090305 v8r15 improvement in monitoring + automatic L0DUTrigger definition
cattanem_20090306 add DataType property to Configurable, use it to set default TCK
Rich/RichDAQ cattanem_20090304 v3r23p1 Fix untested StatusCodes, replace endreq by endmsg
ST/STAlgorithms mneedham_20090302 v3r5 Update STClusterCreator to changes in STCluster class
ST/STCheckers mneedham_20090226 v2r11 Follow changes in STSummary class
ST/STDAQ mneedham_20090226 v3r16 Follow changes in STSummary class
mneedham_20090227 Remove info message in event loop
mtobin_20090303 Merge of STOnline classes into STDAQ
ST/STMonitors v1r0 v1r0 First release of monitoring package

Rec v6r3 (released 8th April 2009)

Based on Rec v6r2, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloMoniDst odescham_20090306 v3r5 cleaning for DQ + splitArea functionality + default DQ histograms
Calo/CaloReco odescham_20090309 v4r18 first preliminary CaloReco tuning for DC09 + 2nd iteration for electrons
Muon/MuonID miriamg_20090306 v6r2 2009 settings: new FOIfactor
Rec/GlobalReco v6r20 Changes to Root macros
Rec/RecAlgs cattanem_20090305 v1r8 RecInit passes Odin event time to LbAppInit for possible printing
Rich/RichHLTLocalPID v1r3p2 Fix uninitialized variables
Rich/RichRecMonitors v2r22 Improvements to MC monitors
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20090305 v2r27 Suppress empty histogram in MC-free running
Rich/RichRecSys v3r17 Minor changes in configurable
Rich/RichRecTrackTools jonrob_20090304 v1r9 Suppress warning about isolation tool not being implemented for Aerogel track segments
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_040309 v3r16 add interface to pat fitter for init state alg for fitter
Tf/PatVelo dhcroft_20090305 v3r12 Removed unused variables from PatVeloSpaceTrack and other code tidying
cattanem_20090308 Fix uninitialised data in PatVeloPhiList
Tf/PatVeloTT smenzeme_080309 v3r6 prepare to use DetailedDedxBetheBlochEnergyCorrectionTool
Tf/TrackSys smenzeme_040309 v4r22 add init state alg for fitter in tracking sequence
Tr/TrackExtrapolators smenzeme_080309 v2r21 prepare to use DetailedDedxBetheBlochEnergyCorrectionTool
Tr/TrackFitter smenzeme_080309 v2r32 prepare to use DetailedDedxBetheBlochEnergyCorrectionTool
Tr/TrackMCTools mneedham_20090222 v2r22 test untested StatusCodes
Tr/TrackMonitors gersabec_20090227 v1r8 added plots for Velo left/right vertices in TrackVertexMonitor
Add OTMonitor
Tr/TrackTools dhcroft_20090302 v3r15 Changed default tune of TrackVelodEdxCharge to expect 47.1 ADC per cluster
smenzeme_040309 add init state alg & tool
smenzeme_060309 minor fix to init state alg
Tr/TrackUtils mschille_20090225 v1r25 add algorithm to create fast track collection (using a SharedObjectsContainer)
cattanem_20090308 Fix untested StatusCode
Velo/VeloRecMonitors erodrigu_20090305 v1r5 Reduced binning for some histos

Boole v18r0 (Tp be released 14th April 2009)

Based on Boole v17r3 but using Lbcom v6r27, LHCb v26r3, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Digi/Boole cattanem_20090306 Follow changes in L0DU
cattanem_20090401 Remove addition of Spillover, now done in Gauss. remove DC06 support
Digi/DigiAlg cattanem_20090306 v4r16 Add to BooleInit capability to print event time
cattanem_20090406 Add algorithm to filter primary vertices
Muon/MuonAlgs cattanem_20090401 v6r8 Add SpilloverPathsSize option, replaces access to MergeEventAlg
Muon/MuonBackground cattanem_20090401 v2r9 Add SpilloverPathsSize option, replaces access to MergeEventAlg

Brunel v34r3 (To be released 14th April 2009)

Based on Brunel v34r2 but using Rec v6r3, Lbcom v6r27, LHCb v26r3, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel cattanem_20090304 v34r3 Fix FSR handling

DecFiles v17r0 (released on 6th April)

Based on v16r1 and the additional decays
Decay Event type Reference Tag Comment
Bd_K+Z4430-,psi2Spi,mm 11144020 lnicolas_20090213 add decay & fix bugs
Bd_K+Z4430-,psi2Spi,mm=DecProdCut 11144021 lnicolas_20090213 add decay
DECAY.DEC   robbep_20090226 Remove VSS_BMIX model for Upsilon(4S) decay
Bu_KX3872,Jpsipipi,mm 12145010 lnicolas_20090311 Add decay
Bu_KX38721++,Jpsirho,mm=helamp 12145001 lnicolas_20090311 Add decay
Bu_KX38722-+,Jpsirho,mm=helampls 12145002 lnicolas_20090311 Add decay
DECAY.DEC   robbep_20090315 For Mark Whitehead: Update to PDG2008

-- MarcoCattaneo - 09 Mar 2009

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