Releases based on LHCb v27r0 (and Gaudi v21r0, LCG_56)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v27r0. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v27r0

Released on 11th May 2009 Based on LHCb v26r3, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20090410 v4r11 reduce verbosity + adapt to change in CaloDet
Calo/CaloInterfaces odescham_20090417 v7r10 ICalo(Hypo)2Calo virtual methods set to const reference + new interfaces
Calo/CaloUtils odescham_20090505 v8r4 add new 2D representation in Calo2Dview + bug fix + profile 1D
DAQ/MDF cattanem_20090417 v3r17p1 Replace endreq by endmsg
Det/BcmDet cattanem_20090417 v1r3 Replace endreq by endmsg
  ocallot_20090504   Call the base class constructor
Det/CaloDet odescham_20090410 v10r2 add protections + bug fix
cattanem_20090417 Replace endreq by endmsg
odescham_20090506 Access new CondDB calibration constants
Det/DetCond cattanem_20090417 v12r5p3 Replace endreq by endmsg
Det/DetDesc wouter20090317 v18r13 Added extra v-func hook to AlignmentCondition for use in VeloAlignCondition
cattanem_20090417 Replace endreq by endmsg
Det/DetDescCnv cattanem_20090417 v4r9 Replace endreq by endmsg
  ocallot_20090504   Single instantiation of MsgStream. Support for parameter in xml file name for volumes
Det/DetDescSvc cattanem_20090417 v2r3p1 Replace endreq by endmsg
Det/MuonDet asatta_20090409 v8r5 clean up print messages
asatta_20090429 rename interface
asatta_20090430 update dict
Det/RichDet jonrob_20090330 v11r5 Include T and P values in message that is printed when a gas refractive index update is triggered
  jonrob_20090430   Sort inactive HPD lists
  papanest_20090501   Introduce refractivity scaling for gas radiators
Det/STDet mneedham_20090314 v4r9 Move contains function to DeSTBaseElement
mneedham_20090317 Add halfmoduletype function to DeTTSector
mneedham_20090330 Add access to status Condition to DeSTSector
jluisier_20090403 Add noise, gain and production ID condition access
mneedham_20090406 Update printout in DeSTSector
Det/VeloDet wouter20090317 v13r6 Made sure condition is correctly updated when modifying transform
krinnert_20090324 Added free functions to convert chip channel to TELL1 channel and vice versa.
Event/DAQEvent odescham_20090406 v7r20 OdinTypesFilter : minor change in printout
cattanem_20090414 Put back printout of number of filtered events in OdinTypesFilter. Replace endreq by endmsg
Event/EventAssoc jpalac_20090423 v4r6 Add dictionaries for LHCb::Relation1D<LHCb::Particle, LHCb::MCParticle>
Event/GenEvent gcorti_20090429 v5r6 Make method numOfCollisions const
Event/L0Event odescham_20090418 v17r5 minor fix
Event/LumiEvent cattanem_20090415 v2r0 Change LumiFSR location to /FileRecords instead of /RunRecords
Event/MCEvent mschille_20090423 v2r14 fix typo in MCTrackInfo object
gcorti_20090429 Make method numOfPrimaryVertices const
Event/RecEvent hernando_20090403 v2r20 Added bit for IsMuonLoose in MuonPID class
Event/TrackEvent dhcroft_20090401 v4r20 Added enums for PR Velo expected hits
Event/VeloEvent szumlat_03052009 v16r7 New TES location for decoded ADC samples
Ex/IOExample cattanem_20090415 v2r9 Update references for Gaudi v21
GaudiPatches cattanem-20090320 v1r1 Disable code for Gaudi > v20
Kernel/LHCbAlgs odescham_20090406 v2r26 ODINDecodeTool made private in OdinTimeDecoder
pkoppenb_20090415 AlgorithmCorrelations check for duplicates
graven_20090501 speed up DeterministicPrescaler
Kernel/LHCbKernel mneedham_20090317 v11r3 Extend ISiAmplfierResponse interface
odescham_20090406 CaloCellID/CaloCellCode : add new methods related to calo areas
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20090408 v3r7 Fix compilation warning for Win32 platform
Kernel/PartProp vanya_20090309 v1r1 add "selfcc/threeCharge", improve decorators and examples
cattanem_20090417 Replace endreq by endmsg
vanya_20090506 add more protected symbols + new Nodes: SSPin, LSpin & Nucleus
Kernel/Relations vanya_20090409 v5r7 remove local instances of tables (causes some problems with SUSE)
cattanem_20090415 Fix dependencies of RelationsTest
vanya_20090424   add ::Entry/i_add/add and "weighted"-enum on request by Juan
L0/L0Interfaces odescham_20090418 v1r4 new virtual method in IL0DUFromRawTool
Muon/MuonDAQ asatta_20090428 v4r6 add algo for TAE events
Phys/DaVinciKernel jpalac_20090427 v7r5 Bug fix in P->PV relations, DVAlgorithm (P. Spradlin).
  vanya_20090430   Add few more default nicknames for various tools
  vanya_20090505   Hopefully the final fix for #bug 45964
Phys/DaVinciMCKernel jpalac_20090415 v3r2 Add typedef for weighted P->MCP relations table
jpalac_20090507 Add an operator
Phys/LoKiArrayFunctors spradlin_topo_20090310 v8r2 add topo trigger functors
vanya_20090424 v8r3 remove the duplicated lines from *DOCA*-related "A"-functors
  vanya_20090504   remove some unnesessary dictionaries & add many "fake" TEMPORARY dictionaries
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20090320 v9r0 add more options for histo booking (needed for Hlt monitoring)
vanya_20090322 improve monitoring abilities
vanya_20090323 add missing file
vanya_20090324 VoidFilter: fix the typo in the name of default CoreFactory
cattanem_20090417 Replace endreq by endmsg
vanya_20090427   add more functionality to the service
vanya_20090506   few improvements for new decay finder
Phys/LoKiGen vanya_20090506 v8r2 few improvements for new decay finder
Phys/LoKiMC jpalac_20090313 v8r2 Add extre LoKi::MCTrees::buildTrees method
vanya_20090506   few improvements for new decay finder
Phys/LoKiPhys spradlin_topo_20090310 v8r3 add topo trigger functors
  vanya_20090324 v8r4 add new DOCA functors for Rob Lambert
  vanya_20090427   fix a typo in functor name
  vanya_20090428   fix a bug in DOCA::docamax & DOCA::docachi2max
  vanya_20090429   new symbols for Lisa Dwyer: LTIMEERR & BPVLTERR
  vanya_20090430   new symbols for Olivier Leroy: REFIT, MFIT, MFITTER, MASSFIT
  vanya_20090430   new symbol for Jaap Panman: BPVDVDOCA
  vanya_20090506_0   fix reflex error for DaVinci v22r3 environment (backward) , thanks to Patrick Spradlin & Jaap Panman
  vanya_20090506   few improvements for new decay finder
Phys/LoKiPhysMC vanya_20090312 v8r2 drastical speed-up of MC truth match (thanks to Jibo He)
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20090328 v7r21 Improvements to RichGeomPhoton printout + new python configuration option
  jonrob_20090424   Add nickname to tool registry for pixel cluster finder
Rich/RichRecBase jonrob_20090330 v3r21 Improvements to pixel creator base class
  jonrob_20090417   Add support for PatSeeding tracks
ST/STKernel mneedham_20090503 v1r13 add dict for std::pair<STTell1ID, unsigned int>
  mtobin_20090505 add method to ST base class to return board mappings
Tf/PatKernel ocallot_20090401 v2r3 New interface IPatDebugTrackTool
Tf/TfKernel ocallot_20090313 v2r11 remove size from hit error
Tools/CondDBUI marcocle_20090330 v2r17 improvements in the administration scripts
Tools/XmlTools ocallot_20090505 v6r3 Improve caching for Conditions. Cleanup MsgStream
Tr/TrackInterfaces vanya_20090331 v4r3 add unique interface IDs for I*FunctionTool
mneedham_20090406 add ISTClusterCollector interface
mneedham_20090407 really add ISTClusterCollector interface

Lbcom v7r0

Released on 11th May 2009 Based on Lbcom v6r27, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloTools odescham_20090417 v5r8 speed-up Calo2Calo processing + new tool CaloGetterTool
L0/L0Calo odescham_20090406 v9r20 adapt to change in CaloDet
L0/L0DU jucogan_20090327 v8r16 Add the TCK property to L0Conf
jucogan_20090419 L0Conf : Implement missing action for DecodeL0DU property
odescham_20090505 Add missing monitoring histo + speed-up decoding/emulator + change DC06 default TCK in L0Conf
OT/OTAssociators janos_20090427 v4r3 Correctly apply linker window.
OT/OTMonitor janos_20090427 v2r11 Added algorithm to monitor MCOTTimes
Rich/RichAlgorithms jonrob_20090417 v1r1 Add new algorithm that simulates varying gas pressure and temperature
Rich/RichTools jonrob_20090417 v2r26 Downgrade some messages to debug()
Si/SiTools mneedham_20090317 v1r7 Follow extension in ISiAmplifierResponse interface
mneedham_20090323 clean up max finding in SiZuriFunction
ST/STAlgorithms mneedham_20090314 v3r6 Follow changes in STTools + add new digit merging and related tools
mneedham_20090314 update options files
mneedham_20090406 add WriteAlignmentStatusConditions algorithm
ST/STCheckers mneedham_20090317 v2r12 Bug fix in TTOccupancy algorithm
ST/STDAQ mneedham_20090314 v3r17 Clean up of STClustersToRawBank
Add TELL1 ID to error messages + remove hard-coded hex numbers
ST/STMonitors nchiapol_20090317 v1r1 new algorithm for STSummary + changed names from older algorithms to be consistent
mtobin_20090505   Modified STErrorMonitor and STNZSMonitor to use new method from ST base class
ST/STTools mneedham_20090314 v3r9 Add selector tools based on channelID, clean up cluster selectors
mneedham_20090323 Adding STSelectChannelIDByTruth
mneedham_20090415 Adding STSelectSpilloverCluster tool
jvantilb_20090416 New charge sharing functions in STOfflinePosition
jvantilb_20090424 Improved tune of error estimates in STOfflinePosition
Velo/VeloDAQ szumlat_20090312 v4r6 Enhancements in full bank decoders

Rec v7r0

Released on 11th May 2009 Based on Rec v6r5, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
RecSys jonrob_20090423 v7r0 Add new package Rich/RichIFBAnalysis
Calo/CaloMoniDST cattanem_20090424 v3r6 Fix gcc 43 warning, replace endreq by endmsg
odescham_20090506 new algo CaloEFlowAlg from Aurelien Martens + PID monitor/checker from Dmitry
Calo/CaloPIDs odescham_20090416 v4r16 fix unchecked StatusCode
Calo/CaloReco odescham_20090416 v4r19 fix bug in HltClusterSelection.opts + adapt to change in CaloTools
odescham_20090417 new Alg CaloGetterInit
Muon/MuonTools asatta_20090429 v5r0 Resume the package
Muon/MuonTrackAlign asatta_20090430 v1r7p2 remove unused header file
Rec/GlobalReco jonrob_20090423 v6r21 Update how uninitialised sequences are checked for
Rec/LumiAlgs cattanem_20090415 v2r0 Change Lumi FSR location to /FileRecords instead of /RunRecords
Rec/RecCheckers cattanem_20090317 v1r2 Add missing dependency on DaVinciMCKernel
Rich/RichIFBAnalysis CVS head v1r0 New IFB monitor separate from RichOnlineMonitors
youngr_20090502 Number of events, date of measurement + cluster type added to histogram
Rich/RichMarkovRingFinder jonrob_20090423 v2r6 Update how uninitialised sequences are checked for
Rich/RichRecMCAlgorithms jonrob_20090430 v1r3 Update algorithm that dumps RICH events to simple text files
Rich/RichRecMCTools jonrob_20090327 v2r21 Add new MC based photon predictor tool
  jonrob_20090330   Update checks in MC pixel maker
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20090417 v2r28 Minor monitoring changes
  jonrob_20090423   Add new IFB monitors + change how uninitialised sequences are checked for in the python configuration
  kerzel_20090503   fix typo in configurable for IFB monitor
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20090420 v3r18 Add option to Track Creator Configurable to allow user to set a custom input track location. Fix configuration bug where photon predictor settings where not properly set when running under non-default settings.
  jonrob_20090423   Update how uninitialised sequences are checked for
Rich/RichRecTools jonrob_20090504 v4r8 Improvements to PID plotting tool
Rich/RichRecTrackTools cattanem_20090414 v1r10 Fix untested StatusCodes
  jonrob_20090415   Propagate StatusCode from GaudiException to Error(...) call
Tf/PatAlgorithms v3r19 v3r19 prevent from overwriting selected hits flags in PatForward
Tf/PatVelo ocallot_20090313 v3r13 several improvements for performance
dhcroft_20090319 Added nVeloExpected info to RZ track and Space/General tracks
ocallot_20090401 Added NewVeloSpaceTool for space tracking
dhcroft_20090401 Changed ENUM of additional info for number of expected Velo clusters
cattanem_20090414 Fix gcc43 compilation warning
gersabec_20090415 Implement tuned options for PatVeloAlignTrackFilter
dhcroft_20090424 Added an option to PatVeloTrackTool to not correct for the halfbox offset, for open PR
Tf/TrackMatching v2r22 Check for at least 2 x and 2 stereo hits
smenzeme_20090509 remove omitting outliers from seed fit
Tf/TsaAlgorithms lnicolas_20090507 v3r10 Add assumedMomentum property to ITGenericTracking
Tr/TrackFitEvent hernando_20090403 v3r21 x muonMeasurement meas x, error x-path/sqrt(12), y-trajectory
wouter_20090424   added more interface to TrackStateVertex
Tr/TrackFitter hernando_20090403 v2r33 add UseSeedStateErrors property in TrackMasterExtrapolator
Tr/TrackMCTools mneedham_20090323 v2r23 Add warning in case linker is not found in CleanPatTrackSelector
  ocallot_20090401 New tool PatDebugTrackTool and algorithm DebugTrackingLosses
Tr/TrackMonitor wouter_20090320 v1r9 Added hit patterns to TrackMonitor. Changed constrain method in FitMatchMonitor.
mneedham_20090330 Add histograms to ITTrackMonitor
wouter_20090424 Fixed histo label. Added position of vertex in velo local frame (S. Borghi)
Tr/TrackTools mneedham_20090406 v3r17 Add STClusterCollector
gkrocker_20090508 add fast clone id switch for HLT use
Tr/TrackUtils mschille_20090407 v1r26 optionally write to old-style track container in CreateFastTrackCollection
gkrocker_20090508 add fast clone id switch for HLT use
gkrocker_20090510   Small bugfix in TrackEventCloneKiller with allocation of track vector
Velo/VeloRecMonitors v1r6

Brunel v35r0

Released on 13th May 2009 Based on Brunel v34r3 but using Rec v7r0, Lbcom v7r0, LHCb v27r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel cattanem_20090414 v35r0 fix valgrind.job for new LbLogin environment
cattanem_20090415 Changes for Gaudi v21
jonrob_20090417 Allow user control over IODataManager().AgeLimit

Boole v19r0

To be released on 14th May - see also Boole planning. Based on Boole v18r0 but using Lbcom v7r0, LHCb v27r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDigit odescham_20090407 v2r13 adapt to change in CaloDet
odescham_20090506 v3r0 use new calibration data from CondDB
Digi/Boole cattanem_20090414 v18r1 fix valgrind.job for new LbLogin environment
cattanem_20090414_v19r0 v19r0 Update tests for latest package updates and Gaudi v21 changes
OT/OTSimulation janos_20090427 v4r2 Sort according to drift time and channel
ST/STDigiAlgorithms mneedham_20090415 v1r6 Add new algorithm + changed for TAE like running
mneedham_20090415 Fix a warnig

-- MarcoCattaneo - 06 May 2009

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