Releases based on LHCb v27r2 (and Gaudi v21r1, LCG_56a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v27r2. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v27r2

Released 22nd June 2009 Based on LHCb v27r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Det/DDDB v1r18 Update default to latest DB tag
Det/DetCond marcocle_20090603 v12r7 bugfix in CondDB ConfigurableUser
Det/DetDesc vanya_20090615 v18r14 Add some missing dictionaries
Det/Magnet v5r3 New MutipleMagneticSvc
cattanem_20090612 replace endreq by endmsg
Det/RichDet jonrob_20090612 v11r5p1 Fix WIN32 warning
Det/VeloDet krinnert_20090611 13r7 Made Velo sensors aware of top or bottom cabling
Event/HltEvent jpalac_20090603 v8r18 Add missing dictionaries
  tskwarni_20090604   more dictionaries
  jpalac_20090611   Add dictionaries and remove some useless operators
Event/LumiEvent panmanj_20090612 v2r1 add LumiIntegral class and add overloaded operators to LumiFSR
Event/MCEvent smenzeme_20090604 v2r15 add two new ghost categories
cattanem_20090609 make MCVertex::position4vector const
Event/PhysEvent musy_20090604 v11r9 pointer change in a container of Tagger class
GaudiConf cattanem_20090616 v12r5 Add LHCbApp().Quiet and LHCbApp().TimeStamp options
Kernel/LHCbAlgs graven_20090614 v2r27 speed up DeterministicPrescaler
Kernel/LHCbKernel wouter_20090604 v11r5 Fixed bug in hit pattern for muon hits
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20090612 v3r9 add Gaudi::Math::(Value,Point3D,Vector3D,LorentzVector)WithError
  vanya_20090613   fix for linux
  vanya_20090613_2   add Gaudi::Math::SVectorWithError
Kernel/MCInterfaces jonrob_20090608 v1r9 Add a new method to Rich::Rec::MC::IMCTruthTool
Kernel/PartProp vanya_20090602 v1r3 further polishing of nodes
  vanya_20090603   fix a typo
L0/L0MuonKernel jucogan_20090528 v8r6 Add offsetCoord, a utility function used in monitoring
Phys/DaVinciKernel jonrob_20090611 v7r7 Fix WIN32 warnings
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20090527 v9r2 new module + new tool DecayNode
  vanya_20090528   fix for gcc4.3 + new default properties
  vanya_20090602   further polishing of trees
  vanya_20090611   fix for Win32 platform (needed for Phys/LoKiTrigger compilation)
  graven_20090613   allow less verbose printout
Phys/LoKiGen vanya_20090527 v8r4 LoKi::GenDecays : new HepMC-Decay Finder tool
  vanya_20090602   further polishing of decay finder
Phys/LoKiMC vanya_20090527 v8r4 LoKi::MCDecay : new MC-Decay Finder tool
  vanya_20090602   further polishing of decay finder
Phys/LoKiPhys vanya_20090527 v8r6 LoKi::Decay : new Decay Finder tool
  vanya_20090602   further polishing of decay finder
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20090603 v7r22 Add an undefined setting to BankVersion enum
  jonrob_20090610   Add histogram binning properties to all 'histo' and 'tuple' base classes
  jonrob_20090611   Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichRecBase jonrob_20090608 v3r23 Use typedef in RichRecRing
  jonrob_20090612   Update default GhostProb value
Sim/SimComponents rlambert_20090611 v2r18 MCEventTypeFinder, added Tau decays

Lbcom v7r2

Released 22nd June 2009 Based on Lbcom v7r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
L0/L0Calo robbep_20090603 v9r21 Clean monitoring code
  robbep_20090604 v9r21 Fix GCC43 compilation errors
L0/L0MuonMonitor jucogan_20090528 v1r5 Upgrade maps and comparison with muon
Rich/RichDAQ jonrob_20090603 v3r24 Various improvements and bug fixes to the DAQ tools
  jonrob_20090611   Fix WIN32 compilation warnings
Rich/RichMCMonitors jonrob_20090611 v1r7 Fix WIN32 compilation warnings
ST/STMonitors mtobin_20090528 v1r3 Changed binning of histograms
Velo/VeloDAQ krinnert_20090606 v4r7 Improved decoding robustness

Rec v7r2

Released 22nd June 2009 Based on Rec v7r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
RecSys jonrob_20090604 v7r2 Add Rich/RichRecTemplateRings
  jonrob_20090611   Remove RICH Local PID packages from the release
Calo/CaloMoniDst odescham_20090605 v3r8 change _snprintf() to std::string
Muon/MuonID wouter_20090615 v6r3 add parent track to ancestors
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20090612 v2r1 add LumiReadBackFSR, (I)LumiIntegrator, LumiIntegrateFSR to use FSR data
Rich/RichENNRingFinder jonrob_20090606 v1r1 Various improvements to the first released package
  jonrob_20090610   Add option to refit the rings
  jonrob_20090611   Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichGlobalPID jonrob_20090611 v3r10p2 Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichMarkovRingFinder jonrob_20090603 v2r8 Synchronise the configurable with the ENN Configurable
  jonrob_20090611   Various WIN32 warning fixes
Rich/RichPIDMerge jonrob_20090611 v2r7 Remove use of Local PIDs
Rich/RichRecAlgorithms jonrob_20090610 v2r16 Yet more improvements to the trackless ring filtering and isolation algorithms.
  jonrob_20090611   Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichRecMCAlgorithms jonrob_20090611 v1r3p1 Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichRecMCTools jonrob_20090608 v2r22 Implement new MC truth tool method to return MCParticle associated to given RichRecRing
  jonrob_20090611   Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichRecMonitors jonrob_20090610 v2r23 Adapt to changes in base classes
Rich/RichRecPhotonTools jonrob_20090611 v1r6 Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20090603 v2r30 Add new L1 data size monitor + improve histogram limits in trackless ring monitor
  jonrob_20090604   Update trackless ring monitoring options for 'Template' rings
  jonrob_20090605   Do not abort processing when input tracks to RichTrackSelEffMoni are missing
  jonrob_20090605_2   Avoid passing invalid HPD SmartIDs to DeRichSystem in the new L1 size monitor
  jonrob_20090608   Improve MC based trackless ring monitoring plots
  jonrob_20090610   Improvements to the track selection efficiency monitor + Adapt to changes in base classes
  jonrob_20090613   Fix suppression of Linker messages
Rich/RichRecStereoTools jonrob_20090611 v1r6 Fix some WIN32 warnings
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20090604 v3r20 Add (back) Sajan's template ring finder package
  jonrob_20090612   Remove obsolete RichLocalPID and RichHLTLocalPID packages
Rich/RichRecTemplateRings jonrob_20090611 v1r0 New ring finder package (Marco, as the current v1r0 tag was never used, I suggest retagging)
seaso_20090617 More updates for v1r0
Rich/RichRecTrackTools jonrob_20090612 v1r12 Improvements to the track selectors
Rich/RichRecTools jonrob_20090612 v4r9 Fix some WIN32 warnings
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_20090611 v3r22 bug fix for fit initialization
Tf/TrackSys smenzeme_20090531 v4r24 use of downstream tracking in case of fieldOff
smenzeme_20090604 use only long tracks in checking of best container
Tr/TrackCheckers smenzeme_20090603 v4r6 add efficiency checking relative to another track container (usefull for HLT)
Tr/TrackFitEvent wouter_20090615 v3r22 add routine to TrackStateVertex to add mass constraint for use in alignment
Tr/TrackFitter v2r34 bug fix in fast fit configurable
Tr/TrackIdealPR v2r16 fixed two inconsequential bugs in IdealTracksCreator
Tr/TrackMonitors wouter_20090616 v1r10 Add TrackDiMuonMonitor
Tr/TrackMCTools smenzeme_20090604 v2r24 introduce new ghost categories
Velo/VeloRecMonitors krinnert_20090611 v1r8 optional occupancy plots and improved hist titles in cluster monitor, top/bottom separation in sampling monitor

Brunel v35r2

Released 25th June 2009 Based on Brunel v35r1 but using Rec v7r2, Lbcom v7r2, LHCb v27r2, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel panmanj_20090612 v35r2 configurable: propagate InputType to LumiAlgsConf
cattanem_20090616 Move SuppressWarnings functionality into configurable
pkoppenb_20090616 Changes needed for stripping reco from ETC
cattanem_20090617 Cleanup for ETC input

Boole v19r2

Released 25th June 2009 Based on Boole v19r1 but using Lbcom v7r2, LHCb v27r2, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Digi/Boole cattanem_20090617 v19r2 Clean up SuppressWarnings

-- MarcoCattaneo - 18 Jun 2009

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