Releases based on LHCb v28r1 (and Gaudi v21r5, LCG_57)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v28r1. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v28r1

Released on 21st October 2009. Based on LHCb v28r0, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
LHCbSys cocov_20091007 Added dependency to new package Det/VeloPixDet for upgrade simulation
rlambert_20090914 v28r1 Added dependency on Kernel/XMLSummaryKernel
rlambert_20090915 Added dependency on Kernel/XMLSummaryBase
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20091012 v4r14 implement BeginEvent update in CaloReadoutTool + fix incomplete clear() method + new methods + fix initialization + speed-up & protections
  pkoppenb_20091014 bug fix: initialise m_packed in constructor
  odescham_20091014 fix for online bank format
Calo/CaloInterfaces odescham_20090921 v7r15 new (preliminary) interfaces
Calo/CaloKernel vanya_20091010 v6r1 issue warning messages for existing Data-On-Demand locations
Calo/CaloUtils vanya_20091001 v8r7 SharedCells.h : add misisng include 'numeric' for std::accumulate
  vanya_20091002 "blind-fix" for Win32-compilation problem in nightlies
  odescham_20091012   new property types: CaloCellID, vector of CellIDs, map { cellid : double } , map { cellid : vector of doubles } + Calo2Dview improvement
DAQ/Tell1Kernel krinnert_20090908 v1r8 Added new tool interfaces and utlity headers
Det/DDDB tskwarni_20090920 v1r22 Default tags for Upgrade MC. Released also with Boole v19r6
  ishapova_20091007 v1r23 Default tag changed for DDDB
Det/MuonDet jonrob_20090914 v8r5p3 Remove creation of local MsgStream objects for speed
asatta_v3_20091002 v9r0 reduce the number of detector elements in muon system
asatta_05102009 fix untested sc
Det/OTDet wouter_20090925 v8r3 Added method to get mono layer cordinates of intersection
Det/STDet jvantilb_20090915 v4r14 Make DeSTSensor::localInActive method more intuitive.
Det/VeloPixDet v0r0 first import of VeloPixDet under Det.
cocov_20091007 v1r0 Modification in initialisation of DeVeloPix.
cocov_20091008   Fix to some compilation warning.
cocov_20091009   Remove useless calls in requirement.
Event/DAQEvent panmanj_20091014 v8r1 FileID functionality added
Event/EventAssoc jpalac_20090924 v4r8 Add RelationWeighted1D<Particle, MCParticle, double>
Event/EventPacker cattanem_20091014 v1r8 In Packer algorithms, use getOrCreate of input containers instead of get
Event/LumiEvent panmanj_20091014 v2r2 remove EOR from FSR path
Event/TrackEvent jvantilb_20090928 v5r1 New track type, history and location in Track.xml
  wouter_20091008   Added new class TrackFitResult which contains transient data of track fit
Ex/IOExample cattanem_20090921 v3r3 Update sim input file
cattanem_20091014 Update digi input file
GaudiConf cattanem_20090914 v12r9 Add valgrind error suppression file for python
  rlambert_20090916   Added configuration of XMLSummary to LHCbApp
  rlambert_20090918   Fixed LHCbApp configurable to remove circular dependencies
  cattanem_20091006 In DstConf, do not set up DoD decoding of Muon Tracks if DstType is RDST
  cattanem_20091008 Impoove handling of Spillover
  vanya_20091010   use new Condfigurables CaloDst(Un)PackConf
  vanya_20091012   change order of configurables
  cattanem_20091015 move to GaudiConf
Kernel/KernelSys rlambert_20090911 v12r1 Added dependency on XMLSummaryKernel
Kernel/LHCbAlgs rlambert_20090911 v2r29 Added EventCountAlg, the future replacement for EventCountHisto
  rlambert_20090914 Fixed compiler warnings in EventCountAlg
  vanya_20091008   MemoryTool: two new counters & two new histograms
cattanem_20091009 Protect Warning() in TESCheck
Kernel/LHCbKernel cocov_20090923 v11r8 Add VeloPixChannelID for velo pixel upgrade simulations
  vanya_20090930   poilsh CaloCellCode namespace & improve CaloCellID class
  vanya_20091001   add LHCb::CaloCellID::caloName & areaName methods, fix PinArea
  vanya_20091002   add LHCb::CaloCellID::hash method
  jonrob_20091011   Extend RichSmartID with methods to extract pixel row and column, and HPD column level identifiers
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20090905 v3r13 SVectorWithError: add accessors for correlation coefficients and the full correlation matrix
  vanya_20090912   further polishing for Gaudi::Math::'*'WithError classes + new module LHCbMath.Types
  vanya_20090913   add parsing function for ValueWithError and corresponding std::vector, thus allowing usage of these types as propeties for Gaudi components
  graven_20091007   faster (but equivalent) check for parallel lines in GeomFun.icpp
Kernel/PartProp vanya_20090917 v1r5 python/PartProp/ : fix invalid class name
Kernel/Relations vanya_20090914 v5r9 improve CPU performance of merge & imerge methods
Kernel/XMLSummaryBase rlambert_20090911 v1r0 Added the package, contains the python for the XMLSummary xml
  rlambert_20090912   Updated the package, release-worthy version
  rlambert_20090914   Added a qmtest to check the python code
  rlambert_20090915   Fixed a parsing bug
  rlambert_20090922   Improved timing, 1000 counters now takes 20s
  rlambert_20090923   Improved timing, 2000 counters now takes 0.5s
  rlambert_20090924   Polishing of code, schema and xml
  rlambert_20091007   Added protection of objects, for use in C++
Kernel/XMLSummaryKernel rlambert_20090911 v1r0 Added the package, contains the svc for the XMLSummary xml
  rlambert_20090913   Updated the package, release-worthy version
  rlambert_20090914   Added a qmtest to check the service code
  rlambert_20090915   Added qmtests for exit/exception, and backward-compatible changes for file incidents
  rlambert_20090917   Added minimal options file to run the summary
  rlambert_20090918   Changed requirements file to remove circular dependencies
  cattanem_20090919   Cleaned up configurable
  rlambert_20090923   Couple more info messages
  rlambert_20090924   ready for next Gaudi patch
  rlambert_20091007   Added protection of python objects which are lost through exceptions
L0/L0MuonKernel jucogan_20091013 v8r8 Change for bank v3
Phys/DaVinciKernel jpalac_20090914 v8r2 Add options for disabling using and writing of P->PV relations
Phys/DaVinciInterfaces jpalac_20090914 v1r2 Add some methods to control writing of P->PV relations
Phys/DaVinciMCKernel jpalac_20091001 v4r0p2 Remove duplicated dicitonaries which clash with Event/EventAssoc. Add missing STL include.
jpalac_20091015 v4r1 Use new GAUDI_API for IParticle2MC*
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20090926 v9r5 Fix for lhcb6 nightlies slot: new naminig convention from PyROOT: ne/eq => cpp_ne/eq
  vanya_20090927   fix the same problem for lhcb3 nightlies....
  vanya_20091008   add more detailed printout in HybridBase for easier debugging of python
Phys/LoKiHlt cattanem_20091012 v2r4 Remove duplicate dictionaries defined in Root 5.24
Phys/LoKiNumbers cattanem_20091012 v8r3 Remove duplicate dictionaries defined in Root 5.24
Phys/LoKiPhys vanya_20090926 v8r10 add ISMUONLOOSE & ISLOOSEMUON symbols for Alessio Sarti
  vanya_20091002   add new symbols TRGHP, TRGHOSTPROB, TRLH & TRLIKELIHOOD for Chris
Phys/LoKiPhysMC vanya_20090903 v8r5 fix event & reference counters for context MCMatch functors
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20090903 v7r26p1 Small bug fix in python Configurables
  jonrob_20090924   Fix data member initialisation bug in Rich::Converter
  jonrob_20090929   Suppress warning message about NULL properties vector to debug, since occurs often ...
  v7r27 v7r27 Fixes for Panoramix on WIN32 (Already tagged for temporary inclusion in next Panoramix release)
  jonrob_20091010 v7r28 Various new tool interfaces for HPD occupancies and generic HPD data analysis
  jonrob_20091012   Add new methods to L1 ingress header class to return a list of the missing HPD data blocks + the number. Also improve the implementation of the method that returns the number of active HPDs to be more CPU efficient.
Tf/TfKernel smenzeme_20090925 v2r12 bug fix for isX() method of LineHit.h
Tr/TrackKernel wouter_20091008 v1r1 adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
Tr/TrackInterFaces wouter_20090925 v4r8 Added missing const in ITrackExtrapolator
Tools/CondDBUI ishapova_20090909 v2r23 Fixed the bug in the ReleaseNotes class method for release_notes.xml content analysis
  ishapova_20090914   Global tagging script unification to standard CondDBUI form and functionality. Added to ConDBUI

Lbcom v7r7

Released on 21st October 2009. Based on Lbcom v7r6, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloTools odescham_20090921 v5r12 adapt to change in CaloDAQ + add new (preliminary version) tool
  dgolubko_20091011   decrease error level in L0Calo2CaloTool + make use of CaloAlgUtils in CaloGetterTool
  odescham_20091012   adapt to change in CaloDAQ
Hlt/HltDAQ graven_20090911 v1r0p2 add counter for each routing bit
  graven_20091009 v1r1 add HltRoutingBitsFilter
cattanem_20091009 HltRoutingBitsFilter does not fail execute
cattanem_20091014 Make HltRoutingBitsFilter error handling quieter
L0/L0Calo robbep_20091001 v9r22 Improve monitoring histograms
  robbep_20091014   Clean code
L0/L0DU jucogan_20090909 v8r19 Fix bug in L0Conf
  odescham_20090917   adapt to change in CaloDAQ + allow for empty config TCK
L0/L0Muon v8r5p2 Remove a call to ChronoStatSvc
Rich/RichDAQ jonrob_20090922 v3r26 Add software suppression of pixels to raw decoder tool
Rich/RichTools jonrob_20091011_2 v2r28 Add two new HPD tools to calculate the average occupancy and to find hot pixels
  jonrob_20091012   Protect SnellsLawRefraction against zero intersections in initialize()
Rich/RichAlgorithms jonrob_20091011_2 v1r2 Add new HPD analysis algorithm
Velo/VeloAlgorithms vanya_20091004 v4r10 fix for the recent changes in GaudiHistoAlg base class
Velo/VeloDAQ krinnert_20090925 v4r9 fixed error bank decoder
Velo/VeloTools krinnert_20090908 v3r4 added tool implementations, some moved from VeloTELL1Tools
  krinnert_20090909   protected Windows build from Unix-only include

Rec v7r7

Released on 22nd October 2009. Based on Rec v7r6, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
RecSys albrecht_20091007 v7r7 remove NNTools from requirements
cattanem_20091008 remove RecCheckers
cattanem_20091015 add definition of Moni phase to Configuable, moved from Brunel
Calo/CaloMoniDst vanya_20091001 v4r1 fix for the recent modifications in CaloCellCode functions
cattanem_20091006 Add LHCb note to doxygen documentation
odescham_20091016 fix problem with histo access + improve Pi0Monitor + update EFlow stuff
Calo/CaloPIDs odescham_20090930 v5r1p1 protect against missing inputs + reduce verbosity
Calo/CaloReco odescham_20090916 v5r2 remove GetterInit from RecoSequence l
  vanya_20090928   further polishing of Configurables to make Kali happy
  vanya_20091010   add functions to handle Calo (un)-packing on DST
  cattanem_20091015 move to GaudiConf
Muon/MuonID cattanem_20091001 v7r2p1 Fix warning from TrackKalmanFilter
  cidx_20091002 v7r2p2 Adapt python modules to Ganga. Fix bugs
Muon/MuonTrackAlign wouter_20091009 v1r8 Adapted to change in LHCb::Track
Rec/GlobalReco jonrob_20090909 v6r27 Properly set output levels in python Configuration
  vanya_20090917   NeutralProtoP: improve CPU performance for "light mode"
  jonrob_20090929   Fix untested StatusCodes
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20091009 v2r3 FileID functionality added
panmanj_20091014 remove EOR from FSR path
Rich/RichGlobalPID jonrob_20091002 v3r10p4 Suppress some warnings
Rich/RichRecAlgorithms jonrob_20090904 v2r17 Extensions to the event selection algorithm
Rich/RichRecMCTools jonrob_20090929 v2r25p1 Fix untested StatusCodes
Rich/RichRecMonitors jonrob_20091001 v2r24 Fix untested StatusCodes
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20090904 v2r34 Add new ring search monitor + extend configuration to allow for an optional event selection to be applied to all monitored events
  papanest_20090907   Book histograms at initialise for alignment and changed alignment options to produce mirror histograms
  jonrob_20091010   Remove dedicated HPD hot pixel finder algorithm (now a generic tool) and update python options accordingly
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20090922 v3r22 Improvements to configurables
Rich/RichRecTemplateRings seaso_20090917 v1r1p1 Minor improvements in cpu time usage. Option to run on only Saturated track Segments
seaso_20091007 New option to select all tracks including TT tracks for Cosmics
Rich/RichRecTrackTools jonrob_20090914 v1r15 Select tracks in TrackSelector that have default likelihood or ghost probability values
  wouter_20091008   adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_20090925 v3r23 adapt to changes in TfKernel
  sstahl_20091008   Improvements in PatDownstream
  sstahl_20091013   Added option to PatDownstream
Tf/PatVelo gersabec_20090924 v3r18 fixed memory leak
  gersabec_20090925   fixed another memory leak and changed track matching requirements to also check y/ty
  dhcroft_20091013   Removed cut on hot sectors when using VELO lite clusters in PatVelo
Tf/PatVeloTT v3r8p1 Fix memory leak in PatVeloTTFit
Tf/TrackMatching wouter_20091008 v2r24 adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
Tf/TrackSys cattanem_20091006 v4r25p1 Remove obsolete options files
  albrecht_20091007 v4r26 use new ghost tool in RecoTracking, remove NNTools from requirements
Tf/TsaAlgorithms jvantilb_20091019 v3r13 Added doxygen comment.
Tr/TrackAssociators v3r7 Remove obsolete code
Tr/TrackCheckers wouter_20091008 v4r9 adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
  mschille_20091019   adapt TrackCheckerNT to MC09-style linker tables for hit-level OT MC truth
Tr/TrackExtrapolators wouter_20090925 v2r24 added missing const in TrackExtrapolator
  smenzeme_20090926   put Runga Kutta as default for extrapolators
Tr/TrackFitEvent wouter_20090925 v4r1 Added data member 'doca' to FitNode
Tr/TrackFitter jvantilb_20090928 v2r38 Removed checks for ndof in TrackMasterFitter
  wouter_20091008   adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
  wouter_20091013   added velo-only extrapolator. cleaned-up configuration
Tr/TrackIdealPR wouter_20091008 v2r19 adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
Tr/TrackMonitors jluisier_20091015 v1r14 Changed options in STEfficiency
wouter_20091008 adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
cattanem_20090930 use Warning instead of warning
cattanem_20091015 fix untested StatusCode
Tr/TrackProjectors wouter_20090925 v2r25 Fill doca in FitNode
Tr/TrackTools cattanem_20091006 v3r21p1 Remove obsolete options file
  wouter_20091008 v3r22 Adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
  wouter_20091016   Make meas providers private tools of the master provider
  albrecht_20091007   add tool TrackNNGhostId
Tr/TrackUtils albrecht_20091007 v1r30 add algorithm TrackAddNNGhostId to call ghost Id tool
  pkoppenb_20091015 v1r30 moved two algorithms from HltSelections
Velo/VeloRecMonitors krinnert_20090908 v2r2 Adapted to new tool interface locations. Removed Vetra specific CMT hack.
  wouter_20091008   adapted to changes in LHCb::Track
  krinnert_20090909   Masked out XML writing feature in VeloOccupancyMonitor on Windows.
  krinnert_20090915   Fixed property names in online options for TAE occupancy monitors. Added PVSS TELL1 names to histogram titles in occupancy monitor.
krinnert_20090929   disabled NZS based plots in sampling monitor for online monitoring.
krinnert_20091001 changed online monitoring options to +/- TAE instances of the occupancy monitor
krinnert_20091008 book all histograms in VeloTrackMonitor in initialize()
krinnert_20091012 hit maps off by default in track monitor, fixed histogram names in sampling monitor
krinnert_20091013 fixed filling of C side phi plot in track monitor

Boole v19r7

Released on 22nd October 2009. Based on Boole v19r6 but using Lbcom v7r7, LHCb v28r1, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDigit vanya_20091001 v3r1 minor fix for new CaloCellCode functions
Digi/Boole cattanem_20091008 v19r7 Improve handling of Spillover
Muon/MuonAlgs asatta_20091008 v6r9 updated to new MuonDet
Muon/MuonBackground asatta_v2_20091002 v2r10 updated to new MuonDet
  asatta_20091008   updated to new MuonDet
Rich/RichReadout jonrob_20091004 v2r12p1 workaround for algorithm deletion crash

Brunel v35r7

Released on 22nd October 2009. Based on Brunel v35r6 but using Rec v7r7, Lbcom v7r7, LHCb v27r7, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel cattanem_20090914 v35r7 Adapt valgrind.job to use
cattanem_20090918 Add tests for FEST09 (lumi events) and MC09 stripping
cattanem_20091014 Add handling of Lumi events
cattanem_20091015 Move moni phase configuration to RecSys

Panoptes v2r7

Based on Panoptes v2r6, depends on Online v4r30
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rich/RichOnlineMonitors rogers_20090914   Added more detail to CAMERA messages for TestPatternMonitor and HitMapsMonitor. TestPatternMonitor will only run for calibration A triggers.
  youngr_20090916   HotPixelFinder.cpp implemented; RichHitMapsMonitor.cpp updated to call pixel finder; Bug fix in HPDCountTool - HPDInfo class declared as a constructor reference rather than object and < hit difference changed to > hit difference
Rich/RichMonitoringSys youngr_20090916 v2r6 updated to include "OutputLevelHitmaps" options; updated to include HotPixelFinder options
Rich/Rich2MirrAlign asolomin_20091023 v5r6 Minor cleanup
Rich/Rich2MirrCombinFit asolomin_20091023 v3r7 Fitting procedure improved, flag for coefficients added
Rich/RichMirrorAlignmentGanga asolomin_20091023 v3r3 Update of default tags, renamed scripts

-- MarcoCattaneo - 22-Oct-2009

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