Releases based on LHCb v28r2 (and Gaudi v21r6, LCG_57a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v28r2. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v28r2

Released on 16th November 2009. Based on LHCb v28r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
LHCbSys vanya_20091022   add new package Kernel/HistoStrings
  jucogan_20091027   add new package L0/L0Base
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20091027 v4r15 Add protections
  vanya_20091027   add new configurable CaloDigitConf to access Calo Digits
  vanya_20091029   remove excessive debug printout
Calo/CaloInterfaces vanya_20091025 v7r16 add new interface ICaloDigits4Track
Calo/CaloUtils vanya_20091025 v8r8 use new typedef and new interface
  odescham_20091108 speed-up Calo2Dview
DAQ/MDF v3r21 Fix bug in MEP decoding
DAQ/Tell1Kernel szumlat_20091024 v1r9 Add definitions needed by the new Tell1 digi phase in Boole
Det/DetDesc vanya_20091023 v18r16 add the first version of "histogram-conditions", converters follow...
  wouter_20091113   add function to compute the jacobian of a transform used in alignment and monitoring
  marcocle_20091024   Fixed a typo in HistogramCondition.cpp
Det/DetDescCnv cattanem_20091102 v4r10 Speed up initialisation, fix memory leak
Det/RichDet papanest_20091111 v13r0 HLT refractive index for gas radiators
Det/STDet jluisier_20091028 v4r15 Bug fix in DeSTSector
  mneedham_20091106   add sensor capacitance functions
  mneedham_20091020   Add common condition to DeSTSector
  mneedham_20091111   Accidental tag
Det/VeloPixDet cocov_20091019 v1r1 modif. in DeVeloPixSquareType: function to deal with channelID, neighbours, etc.
cocov_20091021_v2 Warning on win32 compil float cast to double + modif of PixelSize function
cocov_20091028 Debugging of pointToChannel and similar functions in DeVeloPixSquareType
cocov_20091029 added channelToChannels and debug pointTo3x3Channel + channel2Point
cocov_20091106 debug channelToChannels
Event/DAQEvent odescham_20091016 v8r2 new component ODINTimeFilter
  marcocle_20091106   changed the ODIN trigger types
Event/DigiEvent vanya_20091025 v2r13 add typedefs LHCb::CaloDigit::Vector and LHCb::CaloDigit::Set
Event/EventAssoc cocov_20091104 v5r0 Add relation weighted 1D between LHCb::Particle and LHCb::Particle
  jpalac_20091105   Split into two dictionaries
  jpalac_20091113   Add 1D relations for Particle->int, Particle->double
Event/EventPacker jonrob_20091111 v2r0 Add new packers, unpackers and checkers for MC data, RichPIDs and MuonPIDs
Event/HltEvent graven_20091107 v8r19 remove obsolete HltSummary.xml
Event/LumiEvent panmanj_20091106   Adapt to Odin v6 triggerTypes
  rlambert_20091109 v2r3 Add new class to store event counts
  rlambert_20091111   Add status enum to EventCountFSR
Event/MCEvent cocov_20091026 v2r15p2 add VeloPix MCHits location
Event/PackedEvent jonrob_20091111 v3r7 Add new packed data classes for MC data
Event/PhysEvent v11r10 Change to Tagger.xml
Event/RecEvent pkoppenb_20091109 v2r23 Rename enums for HLT PVs
Event/TrackEvent wouter_20091110 v5r2 Fix declaration of node-range
GaudiConf jonrob_20091103 v13r0 Add new SimConf Configurable + Update DigiConf and DstConf
cattanem_20091104 Fix data on demand unpacking
cattanem_20091105 Fix spillover, remove ODIN from DST
jonrob_20091106 Change name of Muon Tracks unpacking algorithm (for clarity)
cattanem_20091109 Add AlwaysCreate slot
jonrob_20091110 Add data packing checks
cattanem_20091111 Fix propagation of Spillover paths
Kernel/HistoStrings vanya_20091022 v1r0 new package for histo-to/from-string conversion (histograms as properties, histograms as conditions, etc...)
Kernel/HltInterfaces pkoppenb_20091106 v2r1 Add function to decode routing bits (pulls a dependency on DAQEvent)
graven_20091107 v3r0 Remove obsolete IHltSummaryTool
pkoppenb_20091110 Do not break on missing RawBank
Kernel/LHCbAlgs v2r29p1 v2r29p1 accept ODIN bank version 6 (already released at Point 8)
  jonrob_20091106 v2r30 Add new algorithm that performs DataObject version sequence filtering
  jonrob_20091109   Change data member to unsigned char in DataObjectVersionFilter + Pickup some changes from Marco CL. ?
  marcocle_20091109   modified the ODIN decode tool to accept a list of locations for the RawEvent (by default RawEvent::Copied and RawEvent::Default)
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20091022 v3r14 add more decorations for lines, planes & their operations
  vanya_20091023   reimplement LHCb::Math::round using boost::numeric::converter, gain around factor of 10 in CPU, also add a test of Knuth vs. Lomont compare for floating point numbers. Lomont compare is ~ factor 4 more CPU efficient
Kernel/LHCbKernel vanya_20091025 v11r9 add typedef LHCb::CaloCellID::Set
  jonrob_20091107   Add more const'ness to StandardPacker
  jonrob_20091110   Add methods to pack dLL values
  wouter_20091111   Added methods to retrieve sequential IDs to OTChannelID
  mneedham_20091111   Bug fix in TTNames
Kernel/MCInterfaces cocov_20091106 v1r10 add interface IHepMCParticleSelector
L0/L0Base jucogan_20091029 v1r2 Modify default property for L0FromRawBase.cpp
OT/OTDAQ wouter_20091023 v7r6 made MultiBXRawBankDecoder::initialize more verbose
Phys/DaVinciInterfaces jpalac_20091030 v1r3 Remove IPhysDesktop::relatedPVFinder method
  pkoppenb_20091105 Fix doxygen
  cocov_20091110   Add IJets2Jets interface
  jpalac_20091110   Add IPhysDesktop::setOutputLocation method
  jpalac_20091111   remove IPhysDesktop::imposeOutputLocation
Phys/DaVinciKernel jpalac_20091027 v8r3 Add method to retrieve InputLocations. Make BTaggigngTool private.
  jpalac_20091030   DVAlgo takes more control of OnOffline, locations and PV relator tool
  jpalac_20091105   Add Kernel/DaVinciP2VVAngles.h for P->VV angle calculations
  jpalac_20091105b   Bug fix: decision whether to copy P->PV table was based on previous event
  jpalac_20091110a   DVAlgorithm takes control of standard PVs, sets outputLocation of PhysDesktop
  jpalac_20091111   DVAlgorithm uses IPhysDesktop::setOutputLocation
Phys/DaVinciTypes v1r1
Phys/LoKiCore cattanem_20091111 v9r5p1 Fix untested StatusCode
Sim/SimComponents pkoppenb_20091021 v2r20 Warning on non found decays in MCDecayFinder
ST/STKernel jvantilb_20091026 v1r18 Use interstripFraction from raw buffer in STTell1Board::ADCToOffline
  mtobin_20091030 Add interface for noise calculation tool
  mtobin_20091110 Modified noise calculation tool interface
Tf/TfKernel wouter_20091110 v2r13 Add method to OTHitCreator to create hit from lhcbid
Tr/TrackInterfaces jblouw_20091105 v4r9 added interface to PitchRes tool

Lbcom v7r8

Released on 16th November 2009. Based on Lbcom v7r7, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloAssociators odescham_20091027 v6r10 complete on-Demand settings
  vanya_20091027   add new Configurable
Calo/CaloTools dgolubko_20091105 v5r13 bugfix in L0Calo2CaloTool, remove the DuplicateClustersOnTES switch
Hlt/HltDAQ graven_20091107 v1r1p1 publish counters to monitor service
L0/L0Calo robbep_20092910 v10r0 Move to new structure of L0 Algorithms (uses L0/L0Base)
L0/L0DU robbep_20091029 v9r0 Move to new structure of L0 Algorithms (uses L0/L0Base)
ST/STAlgorithms mneedham_20091020 v3r10 Add noise writing algorithm
  jluisier_20091028   Add strip checking algorithm, bug fix in noise writing algorithm
ST/STDAQ jvantilb_20091026 v3r20 RawBankToSTClusterAlg: Adopt changes in STKernel and use stored interstrip.
  mtobin_20091030   Added method to ReadoutTool
  mneedham_20091106   Suppress warnings about lost banks
  mneedham_20091111   Check StatusCodes
ST/STMonitors jvantilb_20091026 v1r7 Add new algorithm: STPulseMonitor.
  mtobin_20091030 v2r0 Modified NZS monitoring to use ISTNoiseCalculationTool.
  mtobin_20091110 Changed some binning/histograms for online consistency.
  mtobin_20091112 Added plots of pedestals in noise monitoring.
ST/STTools mtobin_20091030 v3r13 Add implementation of STNoiseCalculationTool
  mneedham_20091106   Add STSelectLadders17
  mtobin_20091110   Add some protections to noise calculation tools
Velo/VeloAlgorithms szumlat_20091024 v5r0 Updates to new Tell1 digitisation algorithms
Velo/VeloDAQ serena_20091030 v4r10 bug fix in PileUp (binary banks) decoder
szumlat_20091112 Change message from error to Warnig when a duplicate cluster is found

Rec v7r8

Released on 17th November 2009. Based on Rec v7r7, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloPIDs vanya_20091025 v5r2 add ICaloDigits4Track interface to (CALO)EnergyFroTrack tool
  vanya_20091030   suppress few run-time warnings
Calo/CaloReco odescham_20091027 v5r3 fix settings
vanya_20091027 use new configurable CaloDigitConf to access CaloDigits
dgolubko_20091030 bugfix in CaloClusterizationTool for level=1
dgolubko_20091105 CaloClusterizationTool: correction for level=0, use of CaloFunctors::neighbours()
cattanem_20091109 propagate OutputLevel to CaloDigitsConf
Muon/MuonID jonrob_20091108 v7r3 Allow MuonPID to be rerun when PID objects already exist on the TES.
  wouter_20091110   Use ConfiguredMasterFitter to configure track fitters
Rec/GlobalReco jonrob_20091106 v6r28 Changes for new DST content. No longer add Rich, Muon or Combined DLL information to ProtoParticles (now stored directly on DSTs).
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_20091106 v3r24 fix unitialized member variable
  wouter_20091110   Replace OTRawBankDecoder with OTHitCreator in PadSeedFit
Tf/PatVeloTT wouter_20091030 v3r9 made MagnetTool aware of field updates
Tf/TfTools wouter_20091110 v1r8 Remove a bad assert
Tf/TrackSys smenzeme_20091031 v4r27 remove extra Info algorithms from cosmic sequence
  smenzeme_20091103   change configurabels to automatically run proper settings for cosmics
Tr/PatPV pkoppenb_20091111 v3r9 new 3D fit algo for 3D vertices, remove _dll file
Tr /TrackFitEvent wouter_20091111 v4r2 added KalmanFitResult
Tr/TrackFitter wouter_20091110 v2r39 add config for cosmics. fix range in trackmasterfitter
  wouter_20091111   move projection to trackmasterfitter. store seedCov in new class KalmanFitResult
Tr/TrackMonitors wouter_20091029 v1r15 fixed memory leak, fixed histo limits
  jblouw_20091105   added PitchRes tool, added pitch residuals to OTTrackMonitors
  mneedham   Make alignment histos by default
  wouter_20091113   add TrackAlignMonitor
Tr/TrackProjectors wouter_20091113 v2r26 add to TrackProjector to tool factory. simplify computattion of alignderivatives
Tr/TrackTools albrecht_20091021 v3r22p1 fix of small memory leak in TrackNNGhostId
  albrecht_20091023 v3r23 add GhostId for all track types
  albrecht_20091027   add previously forgotten src/TMVA weight files
  smenzeme_20091031   check for existence of cluster collections in TrackNNGhostId
cattanem_20091030 Fix compilation warnings
Tr/TrackUtils albrecht_20091023 v1r31 change ghostId tool to private
cattanem_20091111 Fix untested StatusCodes
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20091106 v2r3 Adapt to Odin v6 triggerTypes
  panmanj_20091111   protection: no FSR on MDF, and more Odin v6 trigger types
  rlambert_20091111   Added new alg EventAccounting to maintain the EventCountFSR, qmtests, minor fix in configurable
  panmanj_20091112   add LumiIntegratorConf: integrates the lumiFSR for analysis jobs
  rlambert_20091112   fixed Configurable and logic error in EventAccounting
  rlambert_20091113   added use statement for GaudiConf
Tf/PatAlgorithms kholubye_20091112   if running over hits not used by PatForward, added an option to reuse hits from "bad" PatForward tracks
Tf/TsaAlgorithms kholubye_20091112   option to run over hits not used by PatForward
Tf/TrackMatching kholubye_20091112   option to discard velo seeds used by PatForward
Tf/TrackSys kholubye_20091112   fast reconstruction sequence
Tr/TrackFitter kholubye_20091112   in ConfiguredFitter (universal), ConfiguredFitSeed (small ErrorQoP to fit Seeds for TrackMatching)
Tr/TrackTools kholubye_20091112   minor modification in TrackCloneFinder, bug fix in TrackStateInitTool
Tr/TrackCheckers kholubye_20091112   TrackOccupChecker class added for occupancy studies

Boole v19r8

To be released on 19th November 2009. Based on Boole v19r7 but using Lbcom v7r8, LHCb v28r2, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Digi/Boole szumlat_20091024 v19r8 Add option to activate the new Tell1 digi line
  jonrob_20091103   Updates to adapt to changes in GaudiConf
  marcocle_20091109   Fixed the configurable to match the new ODIN trigger types
  szumlat_20091112   Change option to activate the Tell1 processing line for the VELO
Digi/DigiAlg marcocle_20091107 v4r18 Modified BooleInit to use the new ODIN trigger types
Velo/VeloDAQ v4r11

Brunel v35r8

To be released on 18th November 2009. Based on Brunel v35r7 but using Rec v7r8, Lbcom v7r8, LHCb v27r8, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
  smenzeme_20091103 v35r8 all cosmic settings are now automatically done in TrackSys
  rlambert_20091112   added test for FSR writing based on LumiAlgs configurable and ioreaddst, currently says pass, although it fails...
  rlambert_20091113   changed how the configurable works with the FSRs, hope this is how it's meant to be.

Geant4 v92r2 (released 20 Nov 2009)

Build of Geant4 9.2.p02 and the following new tags respect to v91r3p1
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Geant4Sys jonrob_20090120 v92r1 First attempt at fixes for OSX
Geant4/G4config jonrob_20090120 v92r1 First attempt at fixes for OSX
  hmdegaud_20090610 v92r1 Make cmt actions for copy of G4 files
  gcorti_20090610 v92r1 change version of g4 to 9.2.p01
  gcorti_20091102 v92r2 change version of g4 to 9.2.p02
Geant4/G4digits_hits hmdegaud_20090610 v7r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4event hmdegaud_20090610 v6r0 adapt copy source to new cmt actions, increase major because of v5r2 in DC06 branch
Geant4/G4materials hmdegaud_20090610 v5r0 adapt copy source to new cmt actions, increase major because of v5r2 in DC06 branch
Geant4/G4OpenGL gcorti_20091014 v4r2 remove obsolete library Xaw from building package
Geant4/G4intercoms hmdegaud_20090610 v4r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4particles hmdegaud_20090610 v6r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4track hmdegaud_20090610 v5r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4geometry hmdegaud_20090610 v6r2 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4processes hmdegaud_20090610 v7r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4physics_lists gcorti_20090615 (include also hmdegaud_20090610) v1r2 Use G4run instead of G4process to fix compilation with G4 9.2.p01 and adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4tracking gcorti_20090512 v6r1 requirements - how to activate verbose flag as example (commented)
Geant4/G4tracking hmdegaud_20090610 v6r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4global hmdegaud_20090610 v5r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4readout hmdegaud_20090610 v4r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4run hmdegaud_20090610 v5r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4parmodels hmdegaud_20090610 v6r2 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4Tree hmdegaud_20090610 v4r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4vis_management hmdegaud_20090610 v4r2 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4RayTracer hmdegaud_20090610 v5r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4FR hmdegaud_20090610 v4r3 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4VRML hmdegaud_20090610 v4r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4UIcommon hmdegaud_20090610 v5r2 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4UIbasic hmdegaud_20090610 v4r2 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4/G4UIGAG hmdegaud_20090610 v4r1 adapt copy source to new cmt actions
Geant4Sys silviam_20091103 v92r2 changed packages versions

Gauss v38r0 (released 25 November 2009)

Based on Gauss v37r6, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloMoniSim jonrob_20091022 v4r0 Changes for spill-over handling
Gen/BcVegPy hmdegaud_20091023 (and hmdegaud_20091022) v2r1 fixed the call to the time function which doesn't exist in gfortran
Sim/GaussRICH jonrob_20090717 v9r5 Update the various algorithms that create the output RICH MC data to no longer rely on the internal ordering of the RichG4Hits to associate between them and MCRichHits. Add property "RichDetectors" to allow a given RICH to be deactivated.
  seaso_20090915 v10r0 Adapt to the changes in the names of recent GEANT4.9.2 methods which are backward incompatible.
  silviam_20091019 v10r0 Fix for error in compilation on slc5: extra qualification 'RichG4ReconFlatMirr::'
  jonrob_20091023 v10r0 Some minor fixes to better support spillover locations
Sim/GaussUMC cocov_20090904 v1r0 NEW package to deal with upgrade specific algorithm (only VeloPix monitoring for the moment).
Gen/GENSER gcorti_20091014 v6r0 Take version of generators with slc5 build, and fixes for gfortran
  robbep_20091022 v6r0 Add flag for Fortran compilation on slc5
  hmdegaud_20091022 v6r0 changed the switch tag from target-slc5 to target-gcc4 for gfortran
Sim/GiGa gcorti_20091014 v19r5 Fixes to compile on slc5
  silviam_20091020 v19r5 Fix for warnings in compilation on slc5
Sim/GaussMonitor silviam_20091019 v6r4 Fix for warning in compilation on slc5
Sim/GaussTools silviam_20091020 v15r4 Fix for error in compilation on slc5 (operator<<) and fix for warnings
  silviam_20091021 v15r4 Fix for warnings in compilation on slc5
Sim/GiGaCnv silviam_20091015 v18r7 Fix for warnings in compilation on slc5
Gen/LbHijing silviam_20091023 v5r1 Fix for error in compilation on slc5 - integer argument for 'ran' function required
Sim/Gauss cocov_20091026 Possibility to choose via dictionaries the sub-detector with Geometry, Simulation, Monitoring
  jonrob_20091103 (include also jobrob_20091023)   Adapt to changes in GaudiConf (new SimConf Configurable) and added packing of MC data in output SIM file
  gcorti_20091103 (include also silviam_20091013) v38r0 Change version number of Geant4Files to pick the latest as from 9.2 and qmtest updates
  gcorti_20091105 v38r0 Change version of database packages and introduced new packages GaussUMC and BlsMoniSim
  silviam_20091105 v38r0 Changes in the configurables (DeltaRays, Phases) and update of options
  silviam_20091107 v38r0 Changed version name and added package to the list in the requirements , added option
  silviam_20091109 v38r0 Updated QMTests ref files for slc4 (32 and 64)
  silviam_20091111 v38r0 Updated QMTests ref files for slc5 , add line to skip in gauss-gen-mc09.qmt
  silviam_20091112 v38r0 Added QMTests gauss-dev.qmt gauss-up.qmt (and ref files for slc4 32 and 64)
  silviam_20091116 v38r0 Update ref files for QMTests on slc4 64_dbg, increase the time limit for gauss-up.qmt
  silviam_20091118 v38r0 Update ref files for QMTests on slc4 32_dbg
Sim/SimSvc silviam_20091015 v5r2 fix compilation warnings for slc5
Tools/ClhepTools silviam_20091016 v2r1p1 fix mis-match tag with version in requirements
GaussSys silviam_20091107 v38r0 Changed version names in the package list in the requirements
  silviam_20091111 v38r0 Updated ref files for QMTest gausssys

Panoptes v2r8 (released on 25th November 2009)

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rich/Panoptes nmangiaf_20091113 v2r8 Modified scripts/ to handle new CAMERA layout.
Rich/RichOnlineMonitors nmangiaf_20091113 v2r8 Fixed several bugs in the errors and histograms handling

-- MarcoCattaneo - 30-Nov-2009

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