Releases based on LHCb v28r5 (and Gaudi v21r6, LCG_57a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v28r5. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v28r5 (released 14th December 2009)

Based on LHCb v28r4, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment Release?
Calo/CaloUtils vanya_20091128 v8r10 Add few python decorative classes for easy analysis of real Calorimeter data in python ?
cattanem_20091130 Remove obsolete files CaloUtils/dirHbookName.h, CaloUtils/histoHbookName.h
odescham_20091130 protect against 'feature' of HistoID::literalID for non-string HistoID
cattanem_20091207 fix untested StatusCode
vanya_20091208 python/CaloUtils/ module: fix a typo in decorator for std::set<LHCb::CaloCellID/const LHCb::CaloDigit*>-iterator ?
DAQ/MDF v3r22 Bug fix for reading large files
Det/DDDB ishapova_20091211 v1r26 New default tag for LHCBCOND partition ?
Det/DetCond dgolubko_20091205 v12r8 add python interface DetCond.HistoCond to access the histogram parameters of the Condition object ?
Det/DetDesc dgolubko_20091205 v18r18 introduce namespace DetDesc::Params and add interface functions to extract histogram parameters from the Condition ?
dgolubko_20091206 fix linking error on windows by introducing interface functions DetDesc::Params::toStr(), toXMLStr() ?
cattanem_20091210 Fix bug no. 60276
Det/DetDescCnv dgolubko_20091205 v4r11 add converter for Histo1D and Histo2D in XmlBaseConditionCnv and fix a minor missprint in XmlGenericCnv ?
Det/Magnet cattanem_20091210 v5r6 Add ILHCbMagnetSvc::polarity
Det/RichDet papanest_20091210 v13r2 new gas radiator condition
Det/VeloPixDet cocov_20091203 v1r3 bug fix in DeVeloPixSquareType to correct (bug introduced on nov 26 modifications)  
Event/DigiEvent marcin_20091127 v2r14 add new objects used by pixel Velo algorithms  
  cocov_20091130   create by hand the VeloPixLiteCluster bitfield to solve underlying enum type problem (should solve 32bits compilation)  
  cocov_20091202   add method to VeloPixLiteCluster to get the sum of digits time over threshold  
  jvantilb_20091202   Small bug fix in STCluster::contain. AFAIK, not used anywhere.  
  cocov_20091204   Fix of some of the windows warning in VeloPixLiteCluster  
GaudiConf cattanem_20091211 v13r2 fix bug 60648
GaudiObjDesc v11r9 Add support for private default constructor
Kernel/LHCbAlgs cattanem_20091207 v2r31p1 Fix untested StatusCodes
Kernel/LHCbKernel marcin_20091204 v11r9p1 add VeloPixDataFunctor used by pixel Velo algorithms  
  graven_20091204 v11r10 add IReferenceRate interface yes, please
cattanem_20091210 Add ILHCbMagnetSvc::polarity
Phys/DaVinciInterfaces pkoppenb_20091201 v1r3p1 Add doxygen comment in IDistanceCalculator No urgency, only doxygen changed
Phys/LoKiArrayFunctors vanya_20091130 v8r7 Add the helper functions aval_max/min on request by Alvaro Neto to create the functor that evaluates the value of the certain functor for daughter particles, that in turn minimizes/maximizes the value of another functor. E.g. (the primitive example) P of the daughter paritcle with maximal PT : aval_max( P, PT) or P for the charged basic particle with maximal PT: aval_max(P,PT,HASTRACK) ?
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20091129 v9r8 Fix a bug for inRange/in_range functions ?
  vanya_20001203   bug fix in the "pre-cooking" of decay descriptor before the actual parsing. Thanks to Rob Lambert for spotting the problem & Dima Golubkov for solution. Fix the sequencing of nodes, from now one can use it: [ B0 , B~0] ?
  vanya_20091206   Add generic "scalers", needed for HLT/ExpressStream ( see task #12978 ) in a form of scale( PREDICATE , SCALER), e.g. scale( HLT_DECISION , RATE( 50 * Hz ) ), more scalers are available: random prescaler, fixed (periodic) skipper, etc.. Any generic void->bool functor can be used as scaler . Also comparison with vectors (doubles or ints) is possible now: ODIN_RUN == ints ( 1 , 2, 3, 25, 84 ) or equal_to ( ODIN_RUN , [1,2,3,4,10] ) ?
Phys/LoKiNumbers vanya_20091129 v8r3p2 Fix an example for inRange/in_range functions ?
  vanya_20001206   Add the example/test case for new generic scaler ?
Phys/LoKiPhys vanya_20091128 v8r12 add few functions (from Kali) useful for analysis of the real calorimeter data Yes, please. It contains important stuff for real data analysis with neutrals
Phys/LoKiPhysMC vanya_20091127 v8r6 MCMatcher: minor fix for the default arguments in constructor, needed for proper & easy usage for MC-truth matching within DecayTreeTuple framework. Thanks to Rob Lambert for reporting the problem ?
  vanya_20091203   MCMatcher: fix the problem/feature with TES paths. Thanks to Rob Lambert for intensive tests and spotting the problem ?
Tools/CondDBUI marcocle_20091208 v3r0 New implementation of the CondDBBrowser (Qt4) ?

Lbcom v7r11 (released 15th December 2009)

Based on Lbcom v7r10, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment Release?
OT/OTAssociators   v4r4 Change property AcceptTime in OTMCDepositLinker to 9 ns (3 sigma) In v4r4 tag, already released with Boole v20r0
L0/PuVeto serena_20091209 v7r4 PuVetoFillRawBuffer and PuVetoAlgo (emulator) re-written to deal with the current L0PU bank format
ST/STMonitors mtobin_20090612b v2r3 Fix some bugs/features that were found during the first collisions!  
  mtobin_20090312   Fix some histogram binnings  

Rec v7r12 (released 15th December 2009)

Based on Rec v7r11, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment Release?
Calo/CaloMoniDST odescham_20091201 v4r2 add saturation bins to monitoring histograms + protections tagged
Rich/RichRecSys v3r23 v3r23 allow track selection cuts to be over-ridden In v3r23 tag, already released with Brunel v35r10p1
Rich/RichRecTrackTools jonrob_20091208 v1r16 Switch to Runge Kutta extrapolator tagged
Tf/PatAlgorithms sstahl_20091204 v3r26 Added check to prevent PatDownstream from dividing by zero with magnet off data In v3r26 tag, already released with Brunel v35r10p1
mschille_20091207 fix bug in PatSeedFit which could cause crash in PatSeedTrack constructor In v3r26 tag, already released with Brunel v35r10p1
sstahl_20091209   Added option file Added another check for FPE  
  smenzeme_??   use specialData option "earlyData" for latest tuning tagged v3r27
Tr/TrackExtrapolators cattanem_20091207 v2r24p1 fix untested StatusCode  
cattanem_20091208 Fix excessive warnings tagged
Tr/TrackFitEvent wouter_20091207 v4r3 added methods to KalmanFitResult for monitoring tagged
Tr/TrackFitter wouter_20091206 v2r42 Make sure tracks with poca failure fail properly In v2r42 tag, already released with Brunel v35r10p1
  wouter_20091207 v2r43 fix small bug in outlier removal for refits. fill more info in KalmanFitResult tagged v2r43
Tr/TrackMonitors v1r17p1 v1r17p1 Suppress excessive warnings in PitchResTool.cpp In v1r17p1 tag, already released with Brunel v35r10p1
  wouter_20091206 v1r18 added more histograms to TrackMonitor tagged v1r18
Velo/VeloRecMonitors erodrigu_20091204 v2r5 removal of obsolete options file  
  malexand_20091208   added ntupling to VeloIPResolutionMonitor & removed some obsolete features tagged
Tf/TsaAlgorithms mneedham_20091208 v3r14p3 Prevent tracks with no stereo hits being created  
  mneedham_20091209   Add headTuning  
  smenzeme_??   move headTuning to specialData earlyData tagged
Tf/TrackSys sstahl_20091209 v4r29 Added option "headTuning" to TrackSys. Loads parameters in PatDownstream. Changed selection criteria for Downstream tracks in to ChargedDownstream  
  smenzeme_??   move "headTunig" to RecSys SpecialData "earlyData" tagged
Tr/PatPV witekma_20091208 v3r10 Added options to run PV reconstruction with relaxed cuts for Collision09 data  
  smenzeme_??   remove verbosity flag in tagged
Rec/GlobalReco jonrob_20091208 v6r30 Downgrade some info messages to debug tagged
Tf/TrackMatching mneedham_20091209 v2r25p1 add head tuning  
  smenzeme_??   replace head tuning swithc by earlyData switch tagged
Tr/TrackUtils wouter_20091210 v1r32 added more properties to TrackV0Finder. used better method to test for overlap tagged
RecSys smenzeme_20091210 v7r12 add specialData switch "earlyData" tagged

Hlt v8r1 (released 15th December 2009)

Based on Hlt v8r0, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment Release?
Hlt/Hlt1Lines gligorov_20091210   Add Hlt1HadronVeloOpenLines, for running on data taken with an open Velo  
Hlt/Hlt2Lines pkoppenb_20091211   Some more express lines (Johannes)  
Hlt/HltBeamGasAlley graven_20091209 v2r2p2 remove unneeded include of stringKey.h yes
Hlt/HltConf graven_20091209 v6r1 add Hlt1L0CALO and Hlt1L0MUON to yes
  gligorov_20091210   Added Hlt1HadronViaT and Hlt1HadronVeloOpen lines to and added appropriate selections to HltInit  
  graven_20091211   make sure autogenerated IDs do not overwrite
  gligorov_20091211   Update decisions and selections in HltInit to explicitly declare everything which was being autogenerated
Hlt/HltLine graven_20091204 v2r0p1 update default Hlt filter for Hlt2 lines to match 'bit 46 yes
  gligorov_20091210 v2r0p1 update to include 3D track and PV reconstruction in the case of an open Velo  
  gligorov_20091212 v2r0p1 Fix Savannah bug #60543  
Phys/TisTosTobbing tskwarni_20091205 v4r0 new TESTisTos tool for TisTosTobbing of stripping decisions

Phys v8r14 (released16th December 2009)

Based on Phys v8r13, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment Release?
Phys/LoKiFitters vanya_20091215 v2r2p1 Fix LaTeX typo in Doxygen documentation No real need for release

Analysis v3r14 (released 16th December 2009)

Based on Analysis v3r13, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment Release?
Phys/DecayTreeTuple pkoppenb_20091208 v2r9 Bug fix #60303 yes
  gligorov_20091209 v2r9 Add bunch crossing ID to TupleToolEventInfo yes
Phys/CommonParticles pkoppenb_20091209 v6r3 Added Di-Electron. Needed for next round of stripping yes
Phys/StrippingSelections pkoppenb_20091209 v1r12 Added Bu->eeK. Needed for next round of stripping yes
Phys/FlavourTagging musy_20091211 v10r0 Tuning for MC09 data yes
Phys/FlavourTaggingChecker musy_20091211 v4r0 Fix in the Bopposite definition yes
Phys/KaliCalo vanya_20091215 v3r1 Many fixes & features from Albert & Dasha yes, please

Brunel v35r11 (released 15th December 2009)

Based on Brunel v35r10 but using Rec v7r12, Lbcom v7r11, LHCb v27r11, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel smenzemer_20091210 v35r11 use earlyData in and in
AppConfig smenzeme_20091210 v3r29 add

Geant4 v92r2p1 (released 18th Dec 2009)

Patch to be able to deploy it on window

Build of Geant4 9.2.p02 and the following new tags respect to v92r2

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Geant4/G4config hmdegaud_20091208 v92r2p1 moved to the new GaudiPolicy for linker libraries
Geant4/G4processes hmdegaud_20091208 v7r1p1 moved to the new GaudiPolicy for linker libraries

Gauss v38r1 (released 18th Dec 2009)

Based on Gauss v38r0p1 and Geant4 v92r2p1, with the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Gen/EvtGen mwhitehe_20091217 v11r7 CPV fix moved to EvtCPUtil::OtherB from EvtIncoherentMixing::OtherB
Gen/EvtGen mwhitehe_20091127 v11r7 Fixed EvtIncoherentMixing.cpp for slc5
Gen/EvtGen mwhitehe_20091125 v11r7 Fixed EvtSSDCP.cpp decay Model
Sim/Gauss robbep_20091215 v38r1 Fix to include correctly generator monitoring sequence
  silviam_20091217 v38r1 modified to include Velo Pipes into list of elements to be simulated
Sim/GiGa marcocle_20091217 v19r6 Fix to bug #60331
Sim/GaussMonitor gcorti_20091217 v6r5 2d histogram for primary vertex
Gen/Generators robbep_20091203 v10r6 Fix ExternalGenerator to allow pre-decay of light excited states in case of Sigma generation

-- MarcoCattaneo - 17-Dec-2009

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