Releases based on LHCb v29r0 (and Gaudi v21r7, LCG_58)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v29r0. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v29r0 (Released 25th January 2010)

Based on LHCb v28r5, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20100120 v4r17 fix Spd L0 bit value (0x2 instead of 0x1 in offline format)
Calo/CaloUtils vegorych_20100114 v8r11 Add dictionary for ICaloElectron interface
DAQ/DAQUtils SVN r2360 v1r0 New package for components and helpers previously in DAQEvent
Det/DDDB v1r27 New default tags for 2009 data. Already released with Brunel v35r11p1
Det/DetCond marcocle_20100112 v12r9 Completed task #13270: Block access to conditions in ONLINE partition if validity interval is not closed
  r5716   Fixes to the first implementation of task #13270
Det/DetDesc wouter_20100108 v18r19 Fix bug in DetDesc::getZYXTransformParameters severely affecting TT alignment
  wouter_20100111   added method to set pivot point of AlignmentCondition
Det/DetDescChecks marcocle_20100112 v5r1 Minor change related to task #13270
Det/RichDet papanest_20100112 v13r3 Added missing DeRichBase class in dictionary
  papanest_20100114 new anode->cathode option in DeRichHPD
Det/STDet wouter_20100111 v4r16 Fix bug in DeSTSector::cacheInfo that displaced pattern reco hits by 0.5 strip pitch. Already released with Brunel v35r11p2
cattanem_20100119 v4r16p1 Fix windows warnings
Event/DAQEvent frankb_20100107 v8r3 Fix to RawEvent.h to allow bankKiller to work on MDF file input
cattanem_20100111 Change bankKiller to always() print banks to remove at initialize()
cattanem_20100113 v9r0 Remove component library and helpers and tests
marcin_20100115   Added VeloPix bank type to RawBank
Event/DigiEvent cocov_20091215 v2r15 chane enum to attribute in VeloPixLiteCluster since 64bits enum are not supported by win32
cocov_20100106   hardcode the mask in VeloPixLiteCluster since having them as attribute increase the class size
Event/EventPacker jonrob_20091212 v2r2 Add support for RichPID and MuonPID MDF packing
cattanem_20091217 Fix uninitalised pointer in previous commit
Event/HltEvent tskwarni_20091221 v9r0 Add new access methods in HltSelReports to deal with PV info
Event/L0Event odescham_20100120 v18r0
Event/LumiEvent panmanj_20100103 v2r4 add TimeSpanFSR
  marcocle_20100115   Added a missing dictionary
Event/PackedEvent jonrob_20091212 v4r0 Convert vector of ints to plain ints in PackedRichPID
Event/PhysEvent vanya_20100103 v11r11 LHCb::Particle: add typedefs Selection for container of shared particles (without ownership) and Range for uniform access to containers in TES ( KeyedContainers & SharedContainers)
jpalac_20100112 Add Selection and Range typedefs to Vertex
Event/RecEvent jpalac_20100112 v2r25 Add Selection and Range typedefs to RecVertex
Event/TrackEvent wouter_20091217 v5r3 added typedef for Range in Track
Ex/IOExample cattanem_20100107 v3r4 follow fix in Gaudi v21r7
cattanem_20100113 follow Gaudi patch 3478
GaudiConf marcin_20091214 v13r3 Change the structure of according to the needs of upgrade
cattanem_20091217 Add DataType to xxxConf. Fixes bug 60636
cattanem_20100111 Make QMTest exclusion for changes path to CondDB files more robust
GaudiObjDesc v11r10 Add defauldestructor attribute, see bug 59678
Kernel/LHCbAlg wouter_20091228 v2r32 Protect TrajPoca against piecewisetraj returning a '0' distToErr
Kernel/LHCbKernel wouter_20091212 v11r11 Bug fix in OTChannelID affecting OT monitoring
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20100103 v3r15 Equal_To&equal_to_double: substitute Knuth/GSL comparison of floating-point numbers by Lomont comparison
Kernel/PartProp vanya_20100103 v1r5p1 fix compiler warning for Win32 platform, see bug #59882
  vanya_20100104 v1r6 Add function printAsTable for std::vector<LHCb::ParticleID>
  vanya_20100106   Trick to avoid Reflex messages to stderr, see bug#59009
L0/L0Base odescham_20100120 v1r3
L0/L0Interfaces odescham_20100120 v1r6
Muon/MuonDAQ cattanem_20100113 v4r7 Add dependency on DAQUtils
Phys/DaVinciInterfaces jpalac_20100112 v1r4 New IDVAlgorithm IInterface
  pkoppenb_20100113 v2r0 Remove 4 obsolete interfaces
  pkoppenb_20100114 Restore one of them
jpalac_20100114b New IDVAlgorithm IInterface
jpalac_20100114c Remove obsolete interfaces. Remove obsolete IPhysDesktop methods
jpalac_20100115b reintroduce obsolete IPhysDesktop methods
Phys/DaVinciKernel jpalac_20100114 v8r4 Bug-fix in DVAlgorithm::loadPVs()
  graven_20100113 lazy evalution of PV to avoid always accessing TES for PV. Needs corresponding tag for Phys/DaVinciTools
Phys/LoKiArrayFunctors vanya_20091218 v8r8 Add proper finalize/"reset functors" action for all tools
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20091217 v9r9 Add helper function uints and reset functors in finalization
  vanya_20100103 v9r10 Remove EqualToInt&EqualToUint functors (not needed anymore), make use of Lomont-type comparison of floating point numbers, new Kernel/LHCbMath is required
  vanya_20100113   fix return valeus for Assert/Exception methods, follow Gaudi fix #61116
Phys/LoKiHlt vanya_20100108 v2r5 New functor: L0_VALID, and new property "CheckValidity" (the default value is true) to check validity of LHCb::L0DUReport object before using of LoKi/Bender functors. The functor allows explicit check, and the property allows implicit check for the validity. The combination of both can be used e.g. to select "bad"-events for subsequent debugging. See task #13263
Phys/LoKiPhys vanya_20100103 v8r12p1 Fix compiler warnings, see bug #59905
vanya_20100108 v8r13 Add new symbol INMUON to allow check for is-in-muon-acceptance condition. Thanks to Gaia Lanfranchi for kind help.
vanya_20100114   Add new symbols DECNODE ( type) for particle selction based on details of LHCb::ParticleID class, using the powerful concept of Decays::iNode. Typical usage: DECNODE( Lepton & Positive ); few predefined instances are added: PELL (any charged lepton), PLEPTON (any lepton), PHADRON (any hadron), PMESON (any meson), PBARYON (any baryon), PBEAUTY (any beauty particle), PCHARM (any charm particle). For more infomration about Decays.Nodes, see PartProp.Nodes python module and LHCb/LoKi FAQ page
vanya_20100117   Add new symbols Y and Y0 for evaluation of rapidity: Y evaluates , while Y0 evaluates , ( symbol ETA is used for pseudorapidity)
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20100114 v7r29 Updates for python compatibility plus some extensions to the histogramming methods
Tf/TfKernel smenzeme_20100119 v2r14 add ignore flag to HitBase class
Tools/CondDBUI marcocle_20100112 v3r1 Minor bug fix in CondDBBrowser

Lbcom v8r0 (released 26th January 2010)

Based on Lbcom v7r11, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
LbcomSys marcin_20100121   new package VeloPix/VeloPixDAQ to prepare VeloPix RawBank and decode it
DAQ/DAQMonitors SVN r2366 v1r0 new package for monitors previously in DAQEvent
Hlt/HltDAQ tskwarni_20091221 v1r3 add PV info to verbose printout in HltSelReportsDecoder
gligorov_20100107 Update decoders and monitors to use the dispatching ANN service
L0/L0Calo robbep_20100111 v10r3 Add printout of candidate name in monitoring algorithms
L0/L0DU odescham_20100121 v10r0
L0/L0Muon jucogan_20100121 v8r6 Use new structure defined in L0Base ; requires modifications in the options files of L0/L0DU
L0/PuVeto serena_20100111 v7r5 Fix in the creation of histograms by default, some histos removed
OT/OTMonitor akozlins_20100112 v3r2 Update OTTimeChecker and OTTimeClassification to use OTLiteTime's
ST/STDAQ cattanem_20100113 v3r21 Add dependency on DAQUtils
Velo/VeloAlgorithms szumlat_20091218 v5r1 Fix in the Tell1 processing line for Velo, protection added against missing data streams

Lbcom v8r1 (to be released 4th February 2010)

Based on Lbcom v8r0, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
DAQ/DAQMonitors odescham_20100128 v1r1 add TriggerTypesMonitor algorithm
L0/L0Calo robbep_20100122 v11r0 Use condition db for trigger computation
L0/L0DU jucogan_20100126 v10r1 Remove imports of opts files in L0Conf
  odescham_20100128 v10r1 link to L0TCK v2r* + L0DU trending algo + Gerhard changes in L0DUConfigMonitor
  odescham_20100128b v10r1 update L0Filter
  jucogan_20100128 v10r1 fix bug when running boole + compilation warning
  graven_20100129   allow to set type of IL0DUConfigProvider
  odescham_20100129   fix compilation warnings
  jucogan_20100129   fix for L0ETC
  graven_20100131   fix typo which prevented on-the-fly reconfiguration of L0DUConfigProvider
  odescham_20100202b   bug fix in L0DUFromRaw
L0/PuVeto serena_20100203 v7r6 bug fix
OT/OTMonitor cattanem_20100129 v3r2p1 Remove obsolete OTTimeCreator form Boole expert monitor sequence
ST/STTools mneedham_20100102 v3r15 Add STSelectBySN

Rec v8r0 (released 26th January 2010)

Based on Rec v7r12, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment release?
Calo/CaloMoniDst odescham_20091213 v4r3 fix verbose printout + new monitor algorithm + split calo-sides by options tagged
  cattanem_20100113   fix to follow Gaudi fix #61116 tagged
Calo/CaloPIDs cattanem_20100113 v5r3 fix to follow Gaudi fix #61116 tagged
Muon/MuonID asarti_20100114 v7r6 Implemented EarlyData for muonID: use Ttracks, lower mom threshold. tagged
Rec/GlobalReco jonrob_20100118 v6r31 Always set MuonPID SmartRef in charged ProtoParticles when available tagged
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20100104   activate usage of TimeSpanFSR
  panmanj_20100108   fix unit tests
  panmanj_20100112   fix unit tests (missing file and updated refs)
  panmanj_20100114 v3r2 add unit test 4 and 5 and update requirements file tagged
Rich/RichIFBAnalysis youngr_20100115 v1r1 Change design of code to produce only cluster-size histograms and hitmaps tagged
Rich/RichRecQC youngr_20100115 v2r35 Compartmentalise all ion feedback parameters into one method  
  papanest_20100118   Added new histograms and options to the Alignment Monitor
  jonrob_20100119   Minor bug fixes and some new options from Ross tagged
Rich/RichRecTemplateRings seaso_20091216 v1r2 Added some options to find Cherenkov Rings in No-Magnetic field data tagged
Tf/PatAlgorithms smenzeme_20100119 v3r28 use ignore flag of Pattern Reco hits tagged
Tf/PatVelo dhcroft_20100116 v3r19 R and Space correct for tracks crossing between half boxes crossing better  
  krinnert_20100120 v3r19 All algorithms now obey the 'ignore' flag of pattern reco hits tagged
Tf/PatVeloTT witekma_20100109   Fix proper update of reconstruction parameters when B field changes  
  smenzeme_20100119 v3r10 use ignore flag of pattern reco hits tagged
Tf/TfTools smenzeme_20100119 v1r9 add algorithm to skip hits for pattern reco tagged
Tf/TrackMatching wouter_20100105 v2r26 Don't retrieve Forward container if not used tagged
Tf/TsaAlgorithms smenzeme_20100119 v3r15 add ignore flag to HitBase class tagged
Tr/PatPV cattanem_20091214 v3r11p1 fix untested StatusCode
witekma_20091216 Loose PV reconstruction (without demanding tracks to have VELO segments) Already released with DaVinci v24r7
graven_20091218 v3r12 register with IUpdateMgr to update cached velo position when needed
witekma_20100111   make PatPV2DFit3D as GaudiHistoAlg and add histos
rlambert_20100120   fix for unititialised variables, bug 61282 tagged
Tr/TrackMonitors jluisier_20100107 v1r19 added functionalities in STEfficiency
  hennessy_20091212   fix spurious vertices being produced in certain plots wait for confirmation
  wouter_20100121   add ITOverlapMonitor tagged
Tr/TrackTools svecchi_20091218 v3r25 improvements in the MuonMeasurementProvider code  
  mtobin_20100118   Bug fix in TTHitExpectationTool  
  jluisier_20100121   Adaptation to run on B ON data tagged
Tr/TrackUtils wouter_20100105 v1r33 added TrackListRefiner and TrackListMerger tagged
Tr/TrackFitter wouter_20100121 v2r44 added more stable expression for standard smoother. tagged

Hlt v9r0 (Released Feb 3rd)

Based on Hlt v8r2 but using LHCb v29r0, and the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Hlt/HltCommon cattanem_20100113 v5r17 fix to follow Gaudi fix #61116
Hlt/HltGlobalMonitor kvervink_20100129 v3r0 add Hlt2 monitoring
Hlt/HltRawData tskwarni_20091221 v2r3 fix bug in saving PV keys in HltSelReportsMaker; add PVs to verbose printout
Hlt/HltSelChecker cattanem_20100113 v10r3 fix to follow Gaudi fix #61116
Hlt/HltSelChecker pkoppenb_20100113   Wrong setting fixed
Hlt/Hlt2Lines dvaneijk_20100112 v2r3 minor modification in cuts in Prescaled/Detached JpsiPhi Hlt2Line
Hlt/Hlt2SharedParticles albrecht_20100120 v3r1 add NoCutsProtons to basic particles
Hlt/HltSettings albrecht_20100125   add new threshold settings that use bot hadron viaT and viaVelo
  albrecht_20100202 remove obsolete Hlt1ExpressLines
Hlt/HltConf kvervink_20100129   modify to pick up the Hlt2Express stream; add Hlt2 lines for the monitoring
  albrecht_20100202 remove obsolete Hlt1ExpressLines
Hlt/Hlt2Lines albrecht_20100125   commit of the first draft of the 6 express stream lines
  albrecht_20100125a   add slots to all selections
  albrecht_20100201   update selections to more meaningful (=loose) settings
Hlt/HltSettings albrecht_20100125a   add new threshold settings on top of above ones with Hlt2Express stream
Hlt/HltLuminosity panmanj_20100129   add LumiFlagMethod --NEEDS LHCb v29r1
Hlt/Hlt1Lines panmanj_20100129   add LumiLow* lines --NEEDS LHCb v29r1
  albrecht_20100202 remove obsolete file:
Hlt/HltConf panmanj_20100129   add LumiLow* lines --NEEDS LHCb v29r1
Hlt/HltSettings panmanj_20100129   activate LumiLow* lines --NEEDS LHCb v29r1

Phys v9r0 (Released Feb 1st)

Based on LHCb v29r0, and the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Phys/ParticleMaker pkoppenb_20091008 v5r5 Avoid code duplication
Phys/DaVinciTools vanya_20091218 v19r7 CombineParticles&FilterDesktop: explicitly reset all fuctors in finalize method. It can be vital for non-trivial functors, that keep backreference to tools/algorithms& services
  pkoppenb_20100106 v19r7 New algorithm CountParticles used in tests
  graven_20100113   changes for lazy evaluation of PV. Needs corresponding tag of Phys/DaVinciKernel
  pkoppenb_20100113 v20r0 Remove obsolete stuff
  jpalac_20100114b   Remove some obsolete PhysDesktop methods
  jpalac_20100115   Add back obsolete methods until LoKi adapted
  koppenb_20100122   Fix some compilation warnings
  rlambert_20100128   Fix uninitialiased bool in FindCloneTool see bug 62069
Phys/StrippingSelections yamhis_20091219 v1r13 Updates to the minimum bias stripping lines/streams
Phys/LoKiFitters vanya_20100104 v2r3 The first step towards correct tretament of various particle types in VertexFitter, requires new Kernel/PartProp
  jpalac_20100122   Fix compilation warnings in VertexFitter.

Boole v20r1 (released 26th January 2010)

Based on Boole v20r0 but using Lbcom v8r0, LHCb v29r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
BooleSys marcin_20091214   Add VeloPixAssociators and VeloPixAlgorithms
Boole marcin_20091214 v20r1 Add VeloPixAssociators and VeloPixAlgorithms to requirements
Boole marcin_20091214a   Change the according to the needs of upgrade
Boole marcin_20100121   Add PrepareVeloPixRawBank algorithm to VeloPix sequence in
Calo/CaloDigit robbep_20100115 v3r2 Improve L0Calo simulation (conversion ADC -> L0ADC for small energy values)
VeloPix/VeloPixAlgorithms marcin_20100106 v1r0 Update the name of FastClusterContainer in VeloPixClusterCreator according to the change in VeloPixLiteCluster.h

Boole v20r2 (released 5th February 2010)

Based on Boole v20r1 but using Lbcom v8r1 and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment

Brunel v36r0 (released 27th January 2010)

Based on Brunel v35r11 (and including patches in v35r11p1 branch) but using Rec v8r0, Lbcom v8r0, LHCb v28r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Rec/Brunel cattanem_20091217 v35r12 Add DataType to xxxConf. Fixes bug 60636
panmanj_20100103   disable nanoEvent writing to DST
cattanem_20100107 Only write Lumi FSR if input is MDF
cattanem_20100111 Add option to kill banks from RawEvent
rlambert_20100118 Added new test for bug 59544

Brunel v36r0p1 (released 2nd February 2010)

Based on Brunel v36r0 but using Rec v8r0, Lbcom v8r0, LHCb v28r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Tr/TrackUtils wouter_20100202_FixBrunelv36r0 v1r33p1 fixed bug in TrackV0Utils (Marco Cattaneo)

Geant4 v92r2p2 (released 05 February 2010)

Build of Geant4 9.2.p02. No new tags with respect to v92r2p1, only recompilation for compatibiity with new Gaudi/LHCb

Gauss v38r3 (released 05 February 2010)

Based on Gauss v38r2 and Geant4 v92r2p2, with the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Sim/Gauss silviam_20100126 v38r3 updated the QMTest gauss-dev.qmt with latest conditions
  gcorti_20100205 v38r3 use latest tags for conditions and new options for MC for 2009 data
Sim/GaussKine silviam_20100126 v3r5 fixed error in compilation due to incompatibility with LHCb::Math (LHCb v29r0)
Gen/EvtGen robbep_20100122 v11r8 Correct bug in B -> 3 pi generation
  robbep_20100126 v11r8 Reactivates Direct CPV
Gen/LbPythia robbep_20100204 v9r0 Change PARP(90) from 0.119 to 0.238
GaussSys silviam_20100205 v38r3 created sam.qms wrapping gausssys.qms, updated ref file on slc4 64
Bls/BlsMoniSim vtalanov_20100206 v1r1 Corrected local variables and multimap size

Analysis v4r0p1

Based on LHCb v29r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Phys/DaVinciMCTools gligorov_20091217 v9r25 Fix to make sure code compiles on Windows
  pkoppenb_201000113   Remove unnecessary include
  gligorov_20100201   Updated documentation for BackCatViaRelations code
Phys/DecayTreeTuple gligorov_20100105 v2r10 Update TupleToolTrigger to use the ANNDispatchSvc
  gligorov_20100111   Update TupleToolTISTOS to use the ANNDispatchSvc
  pkoppenb_20100113   Remove unnecessary include
  rlambert_20100126 v3r0 Major changes, see bugs 61744,61672,61644 and task: 13423
  rlambert_20100127 v3r0 Additions to TupleToolTagging, see bug 61644
  rlambert_20100204 v3r0 Fix for slc5 warning about returning const in return by value, see bug 62360
Phys/DSTWriters panmanj_20100107   enable copying of FSR to DSTs
Phys/FlavourTaggingChecker jpalac_20100114 v4r0p1 call DVAlgorithm's primaryVertices()

DaVinci v25r0 (deadline to be decided)

Based on DaVinci v24r6 but using Hlt v9r0, Phys v9r0, Analysis v4r0, Rec v8r0, Lbcom v8r1, LHCb v28r0, and the following new tags

Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Phys/DaVinci panmanj_20100107   enable copying of FSR to (F)ETC

-- MarcoCattaneo - 20-Jan-2010

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