Releases based on LHCb v29r1 (and Gaudi v21r7p1, LCG_58a)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v29r1. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v29r1 (to be released on or soon after 15th February 2009)

Based on LHCb v29r0, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Associators/MCAssociators head v1r0 New package containing MCAssociation classes to be shared between DaVinci and Brunel
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20100130 v4r18 fix pb with CaloL0DataProvider BeginEvent
DAQ/DAQUtils odescham_20100128 v1r1 OdinTypesFilter : protection against missing ODIN bank
Det/DDDB v1r28 Update default tags, add 2010 DataType
Det/DetDescChecks v5r2
Det/DetCond r5921 v12r10 Add functionality to use latest tags
Det/Magnet cattanem_20100208 v5r7 Fix for access to UpdateManagerSvc when not using CondDB
Det/MuonDet asatta_20100209 v9r1 add methods
Det/OTDet wouter_20100202 v8r4 Added interface to straw status flags
Det/RichDet papanest_20100122 v13r4 Proper handling of the magnetic field
  papanest_20100205   Changed some output level from info to debug
Det/STDet mneedham_20100102 v4r17 Protection in findTopLevelElement
Det/VeloDet krinnert_20100207 v13r9 new residual method in DeVeloSensor needed in sensor alignment and improved documentation
  krinnert_20100208   bug fix in new intersection method
Event/L0Event odescham_20100213 v18r1 update L0DUBase with hardware limitation number + adapt all L0DU xml's
Event/LumiEvent panmanj_20100129 v2r5 add LumiMethods class and counter in LumiCounters
Event/RecEvent asatta_20100209 v2r26 add MuonCluster class
GaudiConf v13r4 fix bug 62625
Kernel/LHCbAlgs graven_20100205 v2r32p1 If DeterministicPrescaler accepts all events, do not say so using Info()
  gcorti_20100212 v2r33 Put LbAppInit factory back
Kernel/LHCbMath vanya_20100208 v3r16 Fis for Win32 platform
  vanya_20100210   add missing file
L0/ProcessorKernel jucogan_20100204 v6r0 Propagate unit properties to its daughter
L0/L0MuonKernel jucogan_20100204 v9r0 Allow change of parameters during execution
Muon/MuonInterfaces asatta_20100209 v1r0 New package
Phys/LoKiGen vanya_20100210 v8r8 Add new symbols: GY & GY0 for evaluation of rapidity and
Phys/LoKiHlt vanya_20100212 v2r6 Add new symbol ODIN_PRESCALE: functor implementation of DeterministicPrescaler, see task #13885. The idea and code belongs to Gerhard The Great Raven
Phys/LoKiMC vanya_20100210 v8r8 Add new symbols: MCY & MCY0 for evaluation of rapidity and
pkoppenb_20100212 v8r8 Remove useless dependency on DaVinciMCKernel
Rich/RichKernel jonrob_20100211 v7r30 Improvements to the histogramming base classes
Rich/RichRecBase jonrob_20100122 v3r26 Increase maximum CK theta for aerogel to match 2009 real data
ST/STKernel mtobin_20100208 v1r19 added missing python dictionary
  mtobin_20100210 Modified detector plot class
  mtobin_20100211 bug fix in generation of dictionary
Tools/CondDBUI r5940 v3r2 various updates
Tf/TfKernel wouter_20100128 v2r15 added hitsLocalXRange to hit creators
Tr/TrackInterfaces mschille_20100127 v4r10 add ITrackHitCollector interface
mschille_20100201 ITrackHitCollector: include improvements suggested at the Tracking workshop
decianm_20100209 changed IAddTTClusterTool for new PatAddTTCoord

Lbcom v8r2 (to be released on or soon after 16th February 2010)

Based on Lbcom v8r1, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloTools odescham_20100213 v5r15 HeraBExtrapolator->RungeKutta
L0/L0DU odescham_20100204 v10r2 workaround for weird compilation error on windows
jucogan_20100212 Add a python module to access individual L0 algorithms
odescham_20100213 detailed hardware-consitency check of L0TCKs + automatic condition ordering
jucogan_20100215 add missing file
L0/L0Muon jucogan_20100204 v9r0 Use CondDB for emulator configuration + clean up
jucogan_20100205 disable the access to CondDB
jucogan_20100208 Fix compilation warning + protection against missing condition in DB
jucogan_20100209 fix bug when filling L0MuonError
Rich/RichMCMonitors jonrob_20100211 v1r7p2 Adapt to RichKernel changes
Rich/RichTools jonrob_20100212 v2r28p1 Fix untested StatusCode warning
ST/STMonitors mtobin_20100208 v2r4 modified histo binning and added new histo
  mtobin_20100210 Modified cluster monitor
  mtobin_20100210 Added some histograms, counters and fixed some indentation
  mtobin_20100215 minor bug fixes
ST/STTools mtobin_20100208 v3r16 modified reading of condition from dbase
Velo/VeloAssociators dhcroft_20100204 v2r4 Better associate clusters to MCParticles with MCHits from delta rays

Rec v8r1 (to be released on or soon after 16th February 2010)

Based on Rec v8r0, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment release?
Calo/CaloMoniDst odescham_20100128 v4r4 update SpdMonitor + CaloEFlow (Albert & Aurélien)
  dgolubko_20100130   CaloEMuMonitor: add histograms, update ref.values
  odescham_20100205   fix initialization
cattanem_20100211 Replace DaVinciMCKernel dependency with MCAssociators tagged v4r4
Calo/CaloPIDs dgolubko_20100208 v5r4 add reading of the DLLs from CondDB
  odescham_20100213   HeraBExtrapolator->RungeKutta tagged v5r4
Muon/MuonID helder_20100210 v7r7 MuonID parameters can now be read from conditions database, DLL using hyperbolic tangent histos option (DLL_flag=3)
  helder_20100216   Made MC09 the default configuration file
  rlambert_20100216   Fix windows compilation warning tagged v7r7
Muon/MuonPIDChecker helder_20100210 v4r1 Added compatibility with DLL_flag=3 - histograms of hyperbolic tangent of distances tagged v4r1
Muon/MuonTools asatta_20100209 v5r1 New tools  
  rlambert_20100216   fix windows compilation error tagged v5r1
Muon/MuonTrackRec rlambert_20100216 v3r0p1 Added vectorisation to avoid warning in wondows nightly tagged v3r0p1
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20100212 v3r3 add LumiLow FSR tagged v3r3
Rich/RichIFBAnalysis jonrob_20100131 v1r1p1 Various minor improvements and bug fixes
  youngr_20100212   Dark count code added; Improvements to speed
  jonrob_20100213   Compilation fixes for latest RichKernel version tagged v1r1p1
Rich/RichRecMonitors jonrob_20100211 v2r25 Adapt to RichKernel changes tagged v2r25
Rich/RichRecQC jonrob_20100122 v2r36 Increase max CK theta value for aerogel
  papanest_20100124 v2r36 ntuples for RichAlignmentMonitor
  jonrob_20100131   Add new clustering monitor, fix logic error in alignment monitor and suppress some MC related printout in MC-free running
  jonrob_20100203   Add new histogram that shows the raw expected CK theta distributions for each radiator
  papanest_20100205   change default range of alignment histos
  jonrob_20100211   Adapt to RichKernel changes
  youngr_20100212   2-D IFB hitmaps disabled tagged v2r36
Rich/RichRecTemplateRings seaso_20100128 v1r3 Added some fixes in selecting hits for finding Cherenkov rings tagged v1r3
Rich/RichRecTools jonrob_20100211 v4r9p2 Adapt to RichKernel changes tagged v4r9p2
Rich/RichRecTrackTools jonrob_20100211 v1r16p1 Adapt to RichKernel changes tagged v1r16p1
Rich/RichRecSys jonrob_20100212 v3r26 Add temporary correction to aerogel CK theta values for earlyData. To be removed once DB is properly updated tagged v3r26
Tf/PatAlgorithms decianm_20100212 v3r29 new parameters, parametrisation and methods in PatAddTTCoord, fixed unchecked StatusCode
  smenzeme_20100213   latest early data tuning for PatDownstream and PatForward tagged v3r29
Tf/TfTools wouter_20100128 v1r10 added hitsLocalXRange to hit creators tagged v1r10
Tf/TrackMatching decianm_20100208_2 v2r27 changes in AddTTClusterTool for new IAddTTClusterTool tagged v2r27
Tf/TrackSys smenzeme_20100213 v4r30 move all decoding and clustering at the beginning of the tracking sequence tagged v4r30
Tr/PatPV witekma_20100209   improvements for displaced PV
  graven_20100211   make sure that filterPassed is set to false if no vertices found under all circumstances
  smenzeme_20100213   add for the tuning on 2009 data tagged v3r13
Tr/PatChecker pmorawsk_20100211 v3r6 added VELO tracks counetr, some printouts and histos; shifts measured with respect to MC position
pmorawsk_20100211a fixed bug in previous version tagged v3r6
Tr/TrackExtrapolators graven_20100211 v2r24p2 SimplifiedMaterialLocator: change 2 messages during initialize from Info to Debug tagged v2r24p2
Tr/TrackFitEvent wouter_20100201 v4r4 added muon chi2 information to KalmanFitResult
  wouter_20100214   added flag that tells how drifttime was used by track fit tagged v4r4
Tr/TrackFitter wouter_20100216 v2r45 configurable changes needed for HLT tagged v2r44p1
Tr/TrackMonitor wouter_20100202 v1r20 added profiles to OTHitEfficiencyMonitor
  svecchi_20100209   added TrackMuonMatchMonitor
  wouter_20100214   added histograms to OTEffMonitor and OTTrackMonitor tagged v1r20
Tr/TrackProjectors wouter_20100214 v2r27 improvements in TrajOTProjector tagged v2r27
Tr/TrackTools mschille_20100127 v3r26 add TrackHitCollector tool (collects hits around a track)
  mschille_20100201   TrackHitCollector: include improvements suggested at the Tracking workshop tagged v3r26
Tr/TrackUtils wouter_20100128 v1r34 added TrackHitAdder
  wouter_20100202   fixed bug in TrackV0Utils (Marco Cattaneo) tagged v1r34
RecSys smenzeme_20100215 v8r1 call different PatPV options for "2009" datatype and/or "earlyData" special data  
Velo/VeloRecMonitors malexand_20100201 v2r6 added filtering of beam-gas to VeloIPResolutionMonitor
  siborghi_20100209   bug fix and update residual method to the change in Det/VeloDet in krinnert_20100208  
  szumlat_20100210   Add projected angle computation in VeloTrackMoniNT algorithm tagged v2r6

-- MarcoCattaneo - 12-Feb-2010

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