Releases based on LHCb v30r0 (and Gaudi v21r8, LCG_58b)

This page documents releases based on LHCb v30r0. Do not edit, the content of these releases is frozen.

LHCb v30r0 (Released 25th March 2010)

Based on LHCb v29r3, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloDAQ odescham_20100308 v4r19 protect against bad MagicPattern
Calo/CaloInterfaces odescham_20100308 v7r18 ICaloHypo2Calo : virtual _setPropert()
Calo/CaloKernel odescham_20100302 v6r2 extend python ConfUtils for any context (not only Hlt/Offline)
vanya_20100318 CaloVector: Change the formal signature of the default template parameter to allow the usage of class in python (due to "feature" of Reflex, the class can't be loaded properly). Note that the actual signature is the same! Add also metood CaloVector::at to allow much faster iteration in python
Calo/CaloUtils odescham_20100302 v8r12 Improve CaloAlgUtils + context-dependent TES locations
  odescham_20100313   fix default track locations to 'offline' or 'hlt' depending on context
  vanya_20100318   Add more dictionries for various CaloVector-classes, add python iterators for these classes
DAQ/DAQUtils r12358 v1r2 Buglet fix. More doxygen in bankKiller
DAQ/MDF v3r23 v3r23 Fix bug in TAE decoding to TES
Det/CaloDet vanya_20100318 v10r5 Add few classed into the dictionary, CaloPin, CaloVector(CellParam) to allow the useful manipuation with class DeCalorimeter in python
Det/DDDB cattanem_20100315 v1r29 Update latest tags
Det/DetCond r12125 v12r11 Removed the dependency on rx (obsolete)
  r12178   Fix to CondDB configurable for the PIT
  r12428   InhibitHeartBeat defaults to true for Online
Det/MuonDet asatta_20100302 v9r2 Improve coords strip matching
Det/RichDet r12337 v14r0 use of separate MDMS parameters for up and down field
Det/STDet mneedham_20100226 v4r18 Bug fix in noise update methods
Event/DAQEvent odescham_20100302 v9r1 Add new status 'BadMagicPattern' in RawBankReadoutStatus
Event/DigiEvent marcin_20100225 v2r16 Update container location for VeloPixCluster
Event/L0Event vanya_20100315 v18r3 L0CaloCandidate and L0MuonCandidate: add typedefs T::Selection and T::Range (needed for Hlt) for coherent access to the data in TES
Event/PackedEvent jonrob_20100309 v4r1 Extend RichPID packer to support Below Threshold DLLs
Event/PhysEvent vanya_20100315 v11r12 Particle and Vertex: change typedef T::Range from Gaudi::Range(ConstVector) to Gaudi::NamedRange(ConstVector)
Event/RecEvent jonrob_20100309 v2r27 Add support for Rich Below Threshold DLL values
  vanya_20100315   RecVertex, VertexBase, TwoProngVertex, CaloCluster, CaloHypo: add typedefs T::Selection and T::Range for coherent access to the data in TES
  jonrob_20100316   Add a few new enums to the ProtoParticle class + a method to convert strings to enums
Event/TrackEvent v5r4 changes for VeloPix
GaudiConf r12340 v13r4p2 Update RichPID packing version to 1
Kernel/HltInterfaces pkoppenb_20100308 v3r2 Bug fix #63745 in RealRoutingBits
Kernel/LHCbAlgs graven_20100301 v2r33p1 optimize DeterministicPrescaler
  marcocle_20100302 v2r34 added check for ODIN back magic pattern task #14202
Kernel/LHCbKernel jonrob_20100309 v11r12 Add "Below Threshold" RICH ParticleID type
Kernel/MCInterfaces asatta_20100302 v1r11 Changes in IMuonPad2MCTool interface
Kernel/Relations vanya_20100307 v5r9p1 Remove "empty" file src/Relations.cpp that produces warnings for Win32 platform
LHCbSys rlambert_20100226 v30r0 added run-time test of all configurables
  rlambert_20100227   sort list of configurables
  rlambert_20100304   improved validation of configurables
L0/L0Interfaces jucogan_20100308 v1r7 Add new tools for the L0Muon trigger
jucogan_20100309 Add a new tool for the L0Muon trigger
L0/L0MuonKernel jucogan_20100308 v9r1 Add new error flags
Muon/MuonDAQ asatta_20100302 v4r8 magic pattern check
Muon/MuonInterfaces v1r0p1 Minor fix in MuonTrack.cpp
OT/OTDAQ   v4r8 Added check for raw bank magic number in OTRawBankDecoder
Phys/DaVinciInterfaces giampi_20100314   Added interface for isolation tools
  vanya_20100316 v2r1p1 Fix LaTeX in Doxygen
jpalac_20100318 v2r2 Add ITrackIsolation interface
Phys/LoKiCore vanya_20100307 v9r12 Add friendly check for function in the list, e.g. ODIN_RUN == [1,2,3,4] or ODIN_RUN [1,2,3,4], add new function in_list , that allows to check the same: in_list( ODIN_RUN, 1 , 2,3 , 4) or in_list(ODIN_RUN,[1,2,3,4]) in addition to in_range( 1 , ODIN_RUN, 10 ). Add useful converter from python lists to STL-vectors
  vanya_20100308   Fix the bug
  vanya_20100315   Resurrect the accerss to Doxygen documentation: from LoKiCore.doxygenurl import getURL, searchURL, browse, lbglimpse<.code>. Add new functions for "automatic" documentation: from LoKiCore.decorators import getSymbols, buildDoc
Phys/LoKiHlt v2r7p1 v2r7p1 explicitly check L0 mask
vanya_20100307 v2r8 Add new symbols ODIN_EVTNUMBER: predicate to chek event number, event range or event list; ODIN_RUNEVTNUMBER: the predicate tocheck run-event pair, ran-event range and run-event list. In additon the helper functions odin_runs, odin_events and odin_runevts haveneed added. Examples: odin_runs(1,2,3,4,5), odin_runs(1,4), odin_runs([1,2,3,4,5]), the same with odin_events, and a little bit different for odin_runevts: odin_run_evts( [ (1,2) , (3,4) , (5,6) ])
  vanya_20100308   Fix for Win32 platform
  vanya_20100312   The major change in L0_(SUM)DECISION, following the recent changed in LHCb::L0DUReport, from now both L0_DECISION and L0_SUMDECISION are types, and not instances anymore. The new names has been introduced form preconfigured instances: L0_DECISION_PHYSICS (short cut for L0_DECISION( L0DUDecision.Physics)), L0_DECISION_BEAM1 (short cut for L0_DECISION( L0DUDecision.Beam1)), L0_DECISION_BEAM2 (short cut for L0_DECISION( L0DUDecision.Beam2)), L0_SUMDECISION_PHYSICS ( short cut for L0_SUMDECISION( L0DUDecision.Physics,0)), L0_SUMDECISION_BEAM1 ( short cut for L0_SUMDECISION( L0DUDecision.Beam1,0) ), L0_SUMDECISION_BEAM2 ( short cut for L0_SUMDECISION( L0DUDecision.Beam2,0) ).
Phys/LoKiNumbers vanya_20100307 v8r5 Make use of new functions from Phys/LoKiCore
Phys/LoKiPhysMC vanya_20100314 v8r8 Tiny fix, very useful for MicroDST: to not "use" ProtoParticles and Tracks, if no tables are provided explicitly. It prevents the attempts to load the non-accessible locations while reading MicroDST
Rich/RichRecBase r12152 v3r27p1 Suppress warning message about empty HPD data blocks
  r12253 v3r28 Updates to support the new Configurables
Rich/RichKernel r12381 v7r32 Updates for the new Configurables + python dictionary fixes
Tf/TfKernel smenzeme_20100316 v2r16 add new method to LineHit class
Tools/CondDBUI r12146 v3r3 Fixed the bug in database diffing and merging procedures
  r12403   allow the import of python module without PyCool (see task #13390)
  r12403   allow the import of python module without PyCool (see task #13390)
Tools/XmlTools r12135 v6r3p1 Restore dict for IXmlParserSvc on Windows
Tr/TrackInterfaces v4r11 Changes for VeloPix

Lbcom v9r0 (Released 25th March 2010)

Based on Lbcom v8r3, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
Calo/CaloTools odescham_20100302 v6r2 use RungeKutta extrapolator + update CaloHypo2Calo
DAQ/DAQMonitors odescham_20100302 v1r2 fix missing last bin in ReadoutStatusMonitor histos
LbcomSys rlambert_20100226 v9r0 added run-time test of all configurables
  rlambert_20100227   sort list of configurables
  rlambert_20100304   improved validation of configurables
L0/L0Calo robbep_20100302 v11r1 Protect agains missing magic pattern
L0/L0DU odescham_20100225 v10r4 improve L0Filtering
odescham_20100302 protect against bad MagicPattern and against missing Processor data (no longer crash but lof of warnings)
L0/L0Muon jucogan_20100302 v9r1 add protection against wrong magic pattern in RAW banks
  jucogan_20100308 v9r1 Adapt to new condDB structure, improve TAE, add new tools
  jucogan_20100309 v9r1 add a new tool
  jucogan_20100312 v9r1 use new SoftFOI condition
L0/L0MuonMonitor jucogan_20100308 v2r0 Add new algorithms + improvements
  jucogan_20100309 v2r0 Add labels + histo for overflow + Fix compilation errors on windows
  jucogan_20100310 v2r0 Fix compilation errors on windows
  jucogan_20100311 v2r0 Fix compilation errors on windows
L0/PuVeto v7r7p1 v7r7p1 Already released with DaVinci. bug fix for backward compatibility with old L0PU bank version 1
Muon/MuonAssociators asatta_20100302 v3r3 changes in MuonPad2MCTool
Rich/RichDAQ r12344 v3r26p1 Add check on raw bank magic pattern
Rich/RichTools r12153 v2r29p1 Add support for Below Threshold PID type
ST/STMonitors nchiapol_20100312 v2r6 new column in text output from STDQSummaryAlg
  mtobin_20100311 v2r6 some changes in histogram types+addition of new algo
  nchiapol_20100305 v2r6 improvement in text output from STDQSummaryAlg
ST/STTools v3r17 v3r17 Already released with Boole v21r0 (Add STSmearedPositionTool + change default of STRndmChannelIDSelector)
  smenzeme_20100315 v3r18 tuning of measurement uncertainties
Velo/VeloDAQ szumlat_20100303 v4r12 Added protection against corrupted banks
  krinnert_20100317   ZS banks are no longer decoded when the TELL1 has set the error flag
Velo/VeloAlgorithms dhcroft_20100407 v5r2 Remove warnings for empty sensors and other minor fixes
Velo/VeloSimulation dhcroft_20100405 v3r8 Changed to match 2009 data taking conditions, mostly reduce ADC per electron scale and timing curve
VeloPix/VeloPixDAQ cocov_20100301 v1r1 added partial decoding of full cluster

Rec v9r0 (released 25th March 2010)

Based on Rec v8r3, with the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment release?
Calo/CaloMoniDst odescham_20100309 v4r5 use context-dependent TES using CaloAlgUtils + complete CaloMoniDstConf  
  rlambert_20100324   fixes for windows warnings savannah 64668. tagged
Calo/CaloPIDs odescham_20100309 v5r5 update configurable + new Neutral-PID  
dgolubko_20100312 enable CondDB by default in CaloID2DLL tagged
Calo/CaloReco odescham_20100302 v5r4 update configurable + new CU CaloProcessor() for HLT processing  
cattanem_20100309 add dependency on CaloPIDs and CaloDAQ, for Configurable  
odescham_20100309 new iteration in CaloProcessor CU definition  
odescham_20100313 fix non-reproducible processing in CaloSharedCellAlg tagged
Muon/MuonID rlambert_20100322 v7r8 fixes for windows warnings savannah 64668.. possible bug in MuonIDAlg?  
helder_20100322   Fix MuonIDAlg bug. Set default data type to 2009. Suppress some printouts  
rlambert_20100324   fixes for windows warnings tagged
Muon/MuonPIDChecker polye_20100322 v5r0 code clean up and configurable/cpp changes to use Histograms slot  
asarti_20100323   Fixed a bug preventing compilation on windows  
cattanem_20100324 Another fix for Windows tagged
Muon/MuonTools rlambert_20100217 v5r2 Added in MuonFastHWTool. Needs major fixing.  
  asatta_20100315   Fixes to MuonFastHWTool  
  rlambert_20100323   fixes for windows warnings savannah 64668. tagged
Muon/MuonTrackAlign rlambert_20100324 v1r8p1 fixes for windows warnings savannah 64668 tagged
Muon/MuonTrackRec ggiacomo_20100319 v3r1 fix interface to LHCb::Track in the cosmic case tagged
Rec/GlobalReco jonrob_20100306 v6r32 Remove obsolete ChargedProtoPAlg  
  odescham_20100302   update NeutralProtoPAlg + make chargedProtoParticleAlg working on vector in input  
  jonrob_20100312   Add RICH Below Threshold DLL to charged ProtoParticles. Add IsMuonLoose to ntuple  
  jonrob_20100315   Add back RICH, CALO and CombinedDLLs tagged
RecSys rlambert_20100226 v9r0 added run-time test of all configurables  
  rlambert_20100227   sort list of configurables  
  rlambert_20100304   improved validation of configurables  
  jonrob_20100312   Configuration changes needed to adapt to the RICH changes to support multiple reconstruction configurations in the same job.
  polye_20100322   Change configuration to adapt to changes in the Muon/MuonPIDChecker configuration Release, After testing in 'tuesday' nightlies
  jonrob_20100322   Add new RICH package for HPD image shift monitoring tagged
Rich/RichENNRingFinder r12379 v1r2 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichGlobalPID r12154   Minor change to support future PID'ing of "Below Threshold" PID types  
  r12305 v3r11 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichHPDImageAnalysis r12533 v1r0 New monitor for RICH HPD image movements over time tagged
Rich/RichMarkovRingFinder r12305 v2r9 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichPIDMerge r12155   Add code to allow RichPID version to to set via options  
  r12305 v2r8 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichRecAlgorithms r12305 v2r18 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichRecMCTools r12305 v2r26 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichRecPhotonTools r12156   Add support for BelowThreshold PID types  
  r12305 v1r7 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichRecQC r12173 v2r38 Minor updates to support BelowThreshold DLL values if they are activated  
  r12330   Add support for new Configurables  
  r12542   Incorporate new HPD image shift monitor tagged
Rich/RichRecSys r12341 v3r27 Add support for new Configurables + Option to set PID version tagged
Rich/RichRecTemplateRings r12305 v1r4 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichRecTools r12157   Add support for BelowThreshold PID types  
  r12305 v4r10 Add support for new Configurables tagged
Rich/RichRecTrackTools r12158 v1r18 Add support for BelowThreshold PID types  
  r12336   Add support for new Configurables. Add global scale factor to binned CK theta resolution tool tagged
  r12542   fix for some windows warnings tagged
Tf/PatVeloTT witekma_20100313 v3r11 PatVeloTT pattern recognition bug fix tagged
Tf/TfTools smenzeme_20100315 v1r12 update of hit smearing/skipping tool (no impact on default pattern reco)  
cattanem_20100316 remove obsolete file tagged
Tf/TrackSys smenzeme_2010315 v4r31 load update of ST measurement uncertainty tuning tagged
Tf/TrackFitter rlambert_20100322 v2r46 fixes for some windows warnings Savannah 64668  
  rlambert_20100322   more windows warnings and bug in TrackMasterFitter tagged
Tf/TrackMatching rlambert_20100323 v2r28 fixes for windows warnigs Savannah 64668 tagged
Tf/TrackSeeding rlambert_20100324 v1r4p3 fixes for windows warnigs Savannah 64668 tagged
Tf/TsaAlgorithms mneedham_20100318 v3r17 new early data tuning tagged
Tr/TrackFitEvent cocov_20100318 v4r5 added case velopix to a switch to fix a warning  
  none (wouter, 20100319)   added Chi2::Prob tagged
Tr/PatChecker pmorawsk_20100301 v3r7 fixed small bug in PrimaryVertexChecker tagged
Tr/PatPV pmorawsk_20100304 v3r14 modified LSAdaptPVFitter so it could be used insead of SimplePVFitter, added PVSeed3DOfflineTool, changed fitter and seeding in, added timer in PatPV2DFit3D  
pmorawsk_20100305   corrected error in and warning in PVSeed3DOfflineTool  
  witekma_20100311   fix Initialize/Finalize misbalance in PVSeed3DOfflineTool tagged v3r14
Tr/TrackCheckers rlambert_20100324 v4r10p1 fixes for windows warnigs Savannah 64668 and bug in TrackEffChecker tagged
Tr/TrackExtrapolators smenzeme_2010319 v2r26 use detailed bethe block de/dx tool as default in fit tagged
Tr/TrackMonitors pmorawsk_20100301 v1r22 added algorithm for measuring resolution of PV without MC Truth  
wouter_20100323 v1r23 fixed untested statuscodes. added hitpattern histograms to TrackMonitor
  wouter_20100318   added histograms to trackmonitor, trackvertexmonitor, trackcalomonitor, ...  
  wouter_20100319   added more histograms, fixed bug in MuonMatchMonitor, remove most algs from ONLINE sequence  
  rlambert_20100320   changed to use RMS residuals in TTTrackMonitor  
  wouter_20100323   fixed untested status codes and histogram levels tagged
Tr/TrackProjectors rlambert_20100322 v2r27p1 fixes for initialization verbosity and wiondows warnings tagged
Rec/LumiAlgs panmanj_20100318 v3r4 fix unittest  
  panmanj_20100322   add lumi FSR counters to xml summary tagged
Tr/TrackTools dhcroft_20100317 v3r28 Reduced expected MPV to match 2009 beam data  
  dhcroft_20100319   Made dEdx parameters in TrackVelodEdxCharge load from conditions  
  dhcroft_20100324   Fixed condition name in TrackVelodEdxCharge tagged
Velo/VeloRecMonitors jmylroie_20100315 v2r7p1 Reduced binning of several plots  
  rlambert_20100322   fixes for windows warnings Savannah 64668  
  szumlat_20100323   developments of the VeloTrackMonitorsNT algo  
  rlambert_20100324   fixes for windows warnings Savannah 64668 tagged

Boole v21r1 (to be released 7th April 2010)

Based on Boole v21r0 but using Lbcom v9r0, LHCb v30r0

Brunel v37r0 (to be released 7th April 2010)

Based on Brunel v36r3 but using Rec v9r0, Lbcom v9r0, LHCb v30r0, and the following new tags
Package User tag Suggested official tag Comment
BrunelSys rlambert_20100226 v37r0 added run-time test of all configurables
  rlambert_20100227   sort list of configurables
  rlambert_20100304   improved validation of configurables
  rlambert_20100327   test brought in-line with Illya's latest configurables

-- MarcoCattaneo - 18-Mar-2010

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