Until install_project eclipse works, you need to take a few steps to install eclipse on an external site:

The best you can do at the moment is to copy yourself the files from the TOOLS project on AFS, until we have a proper installation procedure.

mkdir -p $MYSITEROOT/lhcb/TOOLS/Java/jre
mkdir -p $MYSITEROOT/lhcb/TOOLS/eclipse
rsync -aP lxplus.cern.ch:/afs/cern.ch/lhcb/software/releases/TOOLS/Java/jre/v1r6p0b21 $MYSITEROOT/lhcb/TOOLS/Java/jre
rsync -aP lxplus.cern.ch:/afs/cern.ch/lhcb/software/releases/TOOLS/eclipse/v3r7p0 $MYSITEROOT/lhcb/TOOLS/eclipse
cd $MYSITEROOT/lhcb/TOOLS/eclipse
ln -s v3r7p0 prod

Then create the necessary cmt structure:

You have to create $MYSITEROOT/lhcb/TOOLS/cmt/project.cmt with the content:

project TOOLS

build_strategy without_install_area
setup_strategy root
structure_strategy with_version_directory

-- RobLambert - 04-Oct-2011

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