Fibre Mat Production Bible:



Tool sub-tool Number (minimum) Drawing date needed Production date needed info/url link to drawing
Online Camera hardware 4 DO Dec? DO+external Dec?    
software - DO Jan? - -    
Jig basic (ITEM+parts) 30 (27) AC Nov ITEM profile everyone on its own Dec    
Casting (upper + lower) 10 " " EPFL "    
Cutting 4 " "   "    
1st end pice 5 " " AC "    
2nd end piece (wo basic) more? " " AC "    
optical scan see below            
Sr90 see below            
optical scanner jig 4            
hardware 4 AC?          
software - Warsaw?     -    
Sr90 Jig 4 AC/HD          
Jig Sr90 modification 4 AC/HD          
trigger 4 AC/HD          
read out electronics 4 AC/HD          
end piece     AC   external      
metrology   4 HD   HD      
transport box   ? EPFL          
cart with wheel bearing   12 AC has something  

carts+motors: external

axis etc: EPFL?

fume housings winding 4 DO?          
anti-stick 4 DO?          
hot cutter   4 AC exists        
mat storage     -          
fibre storage     -          
bearing (adapter axis to heel)     AC exists AC will be send out in Dec    
wiper     - - - - AC  
glue mixer     - - - - AC  
mat transport pad     - - - - AC  


Winding center Wheel Producer Producer ID In use for fibre mats since Axial wobbling
min-to-max [mm]
Pin width (range [mm]) Pin-to-thread alignment
(min-to-max [um])
Comments Documents
Aachen AC1 IPT IPT1           Slides
AC2 IPT IPT2          
AC3 BOMA BOMA3          
AC4 BOMA BOMA6         used to be used at Dortmund
Lausanne EPFL1 BOMA BOMA2016-2 May 2016 (SF01) 0.10 2.96-3.03
(2 pins > 3.0)
63   Slides
EPFL2 BOMA BOMA2017-5 April 2017 (SF82) 0.08 2.93-2.97 83 re-worked
EPFL3 BOMA BOMA2017-4 June 2017 (SF117) 0.15 2.94-2.99 98 re-worked, Smooth variation of the pin-to-thread alignment
EPFL4 BOMA BOMA2017-2 June 2017 (SF130) 0.13 2.97-3.03
(2 pins > 3.0)
Dortmund DO1 BOMA BOMA2016-1 Jan2016 checked checked checked    
DO2 BOMA BOMA2017-1 Feb2017 checked checked checked re-worked once see below
DO3 BOMA BOMA2017-6 - checked checked checked re-worked once, scretch introduced by BOMA see below
DO4 BOMA BOMA2017-8 - checked checked checked re-worked twice see below
DO0 TUDO DOPrototype1 in current version: Sep2016       test wheel  
Moscow KU 1                
KU 2                
KU 3                
KU 4                
KU 5                
KU 6                

wheels documents comments

BOMA2017-BOMA-measurements.pdf: BOMA wheels 2017 measurements by BOMA

BOMA2017-Dortmund.pdf: BOMA wheels 2017 measurements by Dortmund



  • Latest version: 2016.04.21 (M. Wlochal)

Quality Assurance


Optical Scan

Light yield

Light yield (LY) measurements are performed before
and after the mirror gluing. A Sr90 source is used (electrons
up to ~2 MeV) to evaluate:
-- LY per cluster and per channel, cluster size
-- Channel uniformity
-- Mirror efficiency
-- Optional: attenuation length

Experience and practical advices

  • Fishing line vs scintillating fibre
    • From experience it is known that winding fishing line is "harder" than winding scintillating fibre, i.e. higher rate of fibre jumps. Possible reasons are the higher elasticity and unknown thickness (bumps) of the fishing line
    • In the case of a fishing line it has been observed different behavior as function of the fibre tension (higher tension leads to more unexpected results)

  • Glue preparation
    • Any small dust or hard grain could lead to fibre jumps:
      • Check for had grains in the TiO2, and if needed -- sift it
      • Make sure there are no crystals in the bonding-component of the glue (apply heat treatment if needed)
    • Program for the vacuum mixer (time interval, rotation speed, etc.): see the production bible (p. 46 in the current version)

  • Glue application
    • Too much glue could lead to fibre jumps due to displacement / aqua-planning of the fibre (according ot Matthias D. the amount of glue is actually not so critical)
    • Info from Michael W.: amount of mixed glue+TiO2 (there is always a little bit of a rest):
      • On the wheel: 31,25 g
      • On L1-5: 21,88 g
      • On top of L6: 31,25 g (here we have the most rest we keep until the next day)
      • Note: the amount of glue given in the EDR is less: ~12 g/layer (Table 3.1)
    • Tools and procedure:
      • Deposition of the glue: syringe (in particular to fill the pin holes)
      • Spread/polish the glue: window cleaning wiper or a similar custom-made wiper (Matthias D.: I find the hardness of a window wiper a bit too soft. So we build our own „rakel“ of two pieces of wood and a piece of approx. 3 mm thick soft silicone-rubber). Brush is not recommended as bristles might detach
      • Some experience is needed in order to perform the procedure properly. Different force leads to different glue layer thickness, too high force might displace the fibres. It is possible to apply and spread the glue while the wheel is turning at low speed (e.g. 3 turns/minute)

  • Initial positioning of the fibre
    • It is possible that bad initial positioning leads to fibre jumps, e.g. if the fibre position has forerun or backlash with respect to the positioning wheel (direction transverse to the fibre). Combined with fibre bumps and not-uniform glue layer one can get various winding errors. For instance if the fibre/fishing line is too thick and the placing wheel has too much backlash one could also get back jumps and gaps in the same layer
    • In the beginning one needs to set the proper range for the linear stage that guides the fibre (technology file)
      • Distance between Start and End position: 140 mm (recommended)
      • The exact values for Start/End depend on the relative position of the final spool and the winding wheel. The values should be tested and adjusted for each machine
      • At the start of the layer, it is recommended to have 1-2 turns outside the thread
    • Tip from Michael W.: attach the fiber to a screw and wind slowly backwards until the fiber is free (has no contact to the wheel anymore) except the connection point (screw) itself. After this we just start winding in the winding direction after about 1 turn the fiber moves into the groove

  • Technology parameters
    • See the screenshot with example setting below
    • Recommended mat width: 140 mm for the first layer. For each following layer, subtract half pitch at the Start and at the End
    • Tension: the recommended value is 30 cN (same for all layers). The tension sensor on the machine can be cross-checked (calibrated) by attaching a known weight to a fibre and leave it hang vertically after the last spool. Or, one can measure the fibre tension with an independent tool (e.g. a spring balance).

  • Cleaning of the wheel
    • It is recommended to do dry cleaning (see tools below). In case a liquid product is used (e.g. ethanol or zyvax) it might be necessary to re-apply the non-stick agent
    • Tools: Nylon6.6 piece 20 x 20 x 100 mm or a wooden piece with sharpened edge (bamboo is being tested). For the more persistent glue remnants one can use a soft brass brush (bristles of 0.1 mm) or a metallic/plastic spike (one should push only along the grooves and wear safety glasses!)

Screenshots of the winding machine control screen (examples)

Main window Technology settings for L1 Service window

Transport of equipment between the Winding Centers

Below are listed the delivery addresses and additional information for transporting material to the Winding Centers.
The persons given in column "Contact person" must be informed when a delivery is organized to the relevant Winding Center.
To accelerate the customs formalities, a proforma invoice must be included by the sender (typically 3 copies). Templates are given in column "Proforma invoice".

Winding Center Contact person Address Proforma invoice Comment EORI number
Aachen Thomas Kirn
Michael Wlochal
I. Physics Institute B, RWTH Aachen
Michael Wlochal
Sommerfeldstrasse 14
52074 Aachen
Template - -
Dortmund Robert Ekelhof
Janine Müller
TU Dortmund
Experimentelle Physik 5
Janine Müller
Otto-Hahn-Straße 4a
44227 Dortmund
- - DE3100596
Lausanne Plamen Hopchev
Fred Blanc
Laboratoire de Physique
des Hautes Energies
Route de la Sorge (BSP-Cubotron)
CH-1015 Lausanne

Contact 1: Florian BERNARD: +41 21 693 0486
Contact 2: Alain PINARD: +41 21 693 0478
- -
Moscow - - - - -
Heidelberg Sebastian Bachmann Physikalisches Institut 03.404
Sebastian Bachmann
Im Neuenheimer Feld 226
69120 Heidelberg
+49 6221 54 19404

EORI number of the wheel-producing company BOMA ( DE4920368

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PDFpdf cast-15-3016d.pdf r1 manage 43.3 K 2016-05-03 - 17:07 PlamenHopchev  
PDFpdf proforma_assembly-jig_moscow.pdf r1 manage 130.0 K 2016-05-18 - 13:49 PlamenHopchev  
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