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Meetings (short summaries by Yasmine)

2012-12-05 : Seventeenth meeting : Agenda

  • Olivier summarized the studies needed for the ST viability assessement on February 7th. Inputs are needed to parameterize the radiation effect on attenuation length:
  • Moritz will provide two 2D maps with 10cm and 50cm granularities for estimating the radiation dose.
Documentation for the TDR :
  • Olivier will implement the creation of an attenuation map, as Eric has no time this month due to teaching duties. The last update of the digitisation code is already in svn.
  • Till Moritz will be contacted by Olivier to see if he will really provide noise description to be put in the simulation.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday 12 December, 2 PM, via Vidyo as usual.
2012-08-29 : Sixteenth meeting : Agenda
  • Olivier presented in the news the slides he gave to Blake for the SciFi report Tuesday in Davos.
  • Oliver has written a documentation on the geometry, see here and send him comments.
  • Eric should revisit the change Olivier did in the digitisation. Speed of the Poisson generation should be checked. And the clustering shoudl be improved in particular for large occupancy.
  • Olivier presented his slides for the tracking report in Davos.
  • Moritz should study if we would globally gain by 'cutting' the area in the horizontal plane near the beam pipe: Some long tracks will be lost, but tracking efficiency will improve due to lower occupancy, and we may globally gain.
  • Next meeting on September 27, 2 PM, before the Scintillating Fibre meeting on 28/9.
2012-07-25 : Fifteenth meeting : Agenda
  • Plamen reported on the light sharing final solution, we agreed to have a single interface 'createHit' that will return a vector of pair (channelID,energy). The central hole should be made circular.
  • Eric reported on the light attenuation implementation. The factor .4 to .6 doesn't seem to be really applied, to be checked.
  • Plamen has commited his changes, Eric will use them and commit to svn before leaving for vacation.
  • Next meeting: Wednesday August 29th, 2 PM.
2012-07-19 : Fourteenth meeting : Agenda
  • Plamen reported progress on light sharing. The 5 rows should be summed with a weight corresponding to the trajectory length in the fibre. Final code expected early next week.
  • Oliver reported that the DDDB has been given to Sajan for integration. No development foreseen in the near future.
  • Eric reported his work on light attenuation. A single method per MCHit shoudl be enough to compute the attenuation. The shape of the central hole (square or circle) should be checked by Plamen. Circle is what we want now. The conversion energy -> Adc should compute first the number of expected photoelectrons from teh energy in the cell, then draw a Poisson with that value, and then convert to ADC with a calibration. The cluster deposit should be centered around 15, half scale of the ADC.
  • Olivier reported his work on reconstruction, several attempts to improve the performance without success.
  • Moritz reported on the channel distribution ni SiPM. Clear structure in the centre and on the ends of the SiPM, probably due to a cluster shift when on a the missing cells. A pattern every 8 channels in interpreted as due to the maximum cluster size of 8. This should be checked by excluding the clusters with size 8 from the plot.
  • Next meeting on July 25, 2 PM.
2012-07-04 : Thirteenth meeting : Agenda
  • Plamen has left, but will finish the computation of light sharing in the detector element from home.
  • Eric will introduce a better calibration, poisson photostatistics, light attenuation,...
  • Olivier gave a rehearsal of his presentation at the tracking upgrade meeting.
  • Moritz presented plots on SiPM average occupancy. Maximum around 3 cluster/event/SiPM in the central region at 2 10^33.
  • Next meeting on 18/07
2012-06-13 : Twelveth short meeting
  • Short summary of the code review, and preparation of the SciFi meeting.
  • No date fixed for the next meeting, probably early July.
2012-06-12 : Code review, see Agenda

2012-06-06 : Eleventh meeting : Agenda

  • Code review next Tuesday, Olivier will present. SciFi meeting next Thursday, Eric will report on our progresses.
  • Plamen reported on the latest changes. Initialisation printout to be removed (put at DEBUG level). His contract ends end of June, maybe he will be able to continue but this is not sure. Thanks for his nice work!
  • Oliver has released a frozen version of the database with correct positions and tilt, and produced a data file. See his slides. To be tested. The luminosity was reported as 2.5 10^29 per bunch, it corresponds for upgrade (2800 bunches) to 7 10^32.
  • Eric has a stable digitisation. Still to add the light sharing with neighbours, and the conversion to photoelectrons with Poisson statistics.
  • Olivier has produced a digi file, and is able to reconstruct some tracks, bad tracks for the time being. Fast progresses expected.
  • Next meeting on Wednesday 13, 2 PM. Eric and Moritz will be at CERN, Plamen on a conference.
2012-05-30 : Tenth meeting : Agenda
  • Packages should be put in repository by the end of this week. Review scheduled on 7 June, postponed to the week after after the meeting. The DDDB will be put in a public place by Oliver and advertized.
  • Plamen reported on the detector element. We agreed that the fractional position as defined is adequate, and that it will return in the list of crossed cells the 'insensitive cell' as being on layer 15, this is needed to compute the fraction of energy in all active celles when the particle crosses a 'dead' zone with no SiPM cell. The central hole will be made circular; in fact this is controlled by the shape of the sensitive volume.
  • Oliver has a new geometry with more realistic z positions, taken from OT position. The holes size are now following the beam pipe with a 10 mm clearance, and the detector is vertical, i.e. tilted compared to the Y axis. This version will be made available and advertized by Oliver when he will have produced some events. The luminosity of this production should be also advertized, 10 10^33 would be nice.
  • Eric reported on the digitisation. Cluster size should be limited to 8 cells (size from 0 to 7), clusterisation only in half SiPM, i.e. not crossing the 63-64 boundary nor the SiPM boundaries. FTDigit is not needed. However, production of MCTruth for the clusters is mandatory. The sorting oh the container is believed (by Olivier) to be automatic, to be checked.
  • Olivier propose to help in committing the code to svn, as package creation is a bit tricky.
  • Next meeting on June 6, 9 AM.
2012-05-15 : Ninth meeting : Agenda
  • Oliver has produce a first sim file last week, very important step forward! Congratulation
  • Plamen has shown slides to discuss a few issues for the detector element. We agreed that the central position in the cell is enough to be returned with the list of channels. He will soon put his (preliminary) code in a public area. Hits with small z interval are split by Gauss.
  • Eric reported that he doesn't find the MCParticle on the hit. Found that they are there after the meeting.
  • Next meeting on May 30, 4 PM. Hope to have a realistic geometry and a first digitisation!
2012-05-09 : Eighth meeting : Agenda
  • Plamen described his progresses in the Detector Element. Few corrections decided. Code to be reviewed by Olivier before being put in svn for public use.
  • Oliver should get a sim file very soon, and advertize it on the mailing list. He should then check with Fred for more accurate numbers for size and position of the layers
  • Eric proposed a data format for the readout board. The format for the DQ buffer should be slightly different. Event classes should be designed, and reviewed by Olivier ASAP.
  • Next meeting on May 15, 9 AM, and then on May 30th at 4 PM (Olivier is on morning shift). Code review organised by Gloria on May 31 afternoon, we should attend and report our work.
2012-05-02 : Seventh meeting : Agenda
  • Review of Plamen's description of the Detector Element. No base class, Station and Bilayer levels. Clarification needed on teh best way to define parameters.
  • Oliver updated his slides. Names converge on Station (T1-3), BiLayer (0-1, 2-3, 4-5) and Layer A, B inside. Details on the material of the Scintillating Fibres seems too big, Olivier will investigate. The first attempt to run the code produced nothing, the configurable needs to be modified so that FT is really run!
  • Next meeting on Wednesday May 9th, 14:00
2012-04-24 : Sixth meeting
  • Oliver has put slides here with improved settings. Naming should be fixed: Layer is the sensitive layer. Bilayer for the assembly of two fibre layers on rohacell. The planes should be tilted: They are vertical, not at fixed z. The .01 mm gap between layers should be removed, we only need scintillating fibres, carbon fibre and rohacell.
  • His code is available on afs at ~ogruenbe/public/FT_upgrade
  • No progresse from Plamen not Eric, nor Olivier...
  • Fred will soon provide a function to produce the cluster shape for Eric
  • next meeting on Wednesday May 2nd, 2 PM.
2012-04-04 : Fifth meeting
  • No progresses from Plamen.
  • Eric started to work on the Event Model classes. We discussed the algorithm sequence. Fred will provide the light sharing as a function of the fractional position in a cell.
  • No news from Oliver.
  • Olivier is preparing general tracking tools to include FT.
  • Next meetings on 11/4 and 18/4 9:00 AM without Olivier. Fred will chair.
2012-03-28 : Fourth meeting : Agenda
  • Oliver is progressing, hope for some particle gun next week. Code and xml will be made available in public area for review. How to release to be clarified.
  • Detector element function clarified: x,y,z -> channel + fraction. Right/Left neighbours. Linear sharing between cells as alignment fibre-SiPm will not be perfect. Low number of photo-electrons-> fluctuation of signal per cell -> smear resolution, to be compared with test beam. Handling of missing channels (between SiPM, at centre) to be clarified.
  • Eric to propose a data format for output of front-end (bandwidth limitation) and raw bank (TELL40 output).
  • Olivier started to re-implement the forward tracking with FT in mind, first impression quite positive.
  • Moritz will study layout options (stereo angle, remove layers) from June, some stay at CERN to discuss with Olivier needed.
  • Next meeting : April 4th, 9:00 (new weekly meeting time)
2012-03-14 : Third meeting
  • Mainly discussion on the detector element, geometry boundaries. Plamen will prepare a document for the SiPM channel positionning.
  • No meeting next week, possible slot in LHCb week to be discussed
2012-03-07 : Second simulation meeting : Agenda
  • Numbering and channelID code available, see slides in agenda
  • Plamen Hopchev from CERN will work for a few months on geometry/detector element: position->channel and reverse. This should also allow studies of misalignment effects, i.e. what is the contraint of the accuracy of the fibre positionning for the quality of the tracks.
  • Moritz Demmer from Dortmund will contribute, details to be discussed with Mirco
  • Oliver will start working full time on Gauss simulation after Moriond QCD, in 2 weeks.
2012-02-22 : First meeting after the simulation tutorial.
  • Work plan has been discussed.
  • Oliver Gruenberg will work on Gauss to describe the material and produce MCHits
  • Eric Cogneras will work on Boole to digitize the hits
  • Olivier Callot will work on data format for the raw event and later on track reconstruction.
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