Installing a new TCK in the production version of Moore in the pit

  • Make sure the TCK/HltTCK package is released and appears in CVMFS at $LHCBRELEASES/DBASE/TCK/HltTCK/
  • First make absolutely certain that the new TCK has been fully tested with FEST and is known to work. Speak to Roel if unsure!!!
  • log on to a plus node as user hlt_oper
  • cd /group/hlt/sattelite
  • ./ --manifest vXrY
  • Check in the Trigger Configuration panel on LHCb that you can see the new TCK.
  • if all is ok, check with the run coordinator whether you can update the Physics trigger configuration for LHCb
  • Make sure that the TCK package is also updated in all other parts of the system (monitoring, online brunel, etc.)
  • Optional: test with FEST. Note that this requires preparation of files that have been processed with the correct L0 with L0App.

-- EricvanHerwijnen - 12-Aug-2011

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