How to administer the screens in the computing operations room (2-R-14)


You need to install TeamViewer. I recommend to install the latest version (currently 9.0).

How to connect to the remote screens

In the operations room we have 3 different screens

  • LBOCRDISPLAY01 (plasma screen on the side of the corridor)
  • LBOCRDISPLAY02 (small screen in the opposite corner of LBOCRDISPLAY01)
  • PCLBOCR06 (small screen right of LBOCRDISPLAY02 and next to the small office)

For connecting to those screens you need an id/pwd for each of them

In addition each screen is running under a local account. In case you need to logon you will need to do this to the local machine (not CERN domain) with localmachine\user (e.g. "PCLBOCR06\ user ".

For the local user and connection keys please check /afs/ or contact Stefan

Once you have the connection keys and teamviewer installed you may put the "id" into the "Partner ID" field of "Control Remote Computer" section in TeamViewer, with the password you should be able to connect.

The only application that needs to run on each node is firefox, the tabs can be restored with the "storeTab" icon (green batch icon on top or bottom of firefox).


  • Once you connect to the remote screen you see a menu in the middle / top of the screen. Check that
    • "Actions" -> "Send key combinations" is enabled
    • "Actions" -> "Lock Computer" -> "Lock on session end" is disabled
  • Unfortunately a popup window appears sometimes on the remote screen when you disconnect. If this remote window appears it also appears at the same time on your local screen. If this happens just re-connect, click on OK to dismiss the window and close again. I couldn't find out how to disable this for good.
  • Before disconnecting check that the "teamviewer window" (some blue little window which says "Free license (non-commercial use only)" on the top) is not visible on the remote screen. If so minimize it, otherwise it will stay visible after disconnect.
  • Each of the screens is running Firefox with two plugins
    • "Tab Slideshow" will manage the switching between the tabs. You can disable it in the main menu if needed
    • "storeTab" (green "batch icon") allows you to restore tabs after a new start of Firefox. If you change the content of the tabs and you would like to preserve those please remember to also "store" the tabs with this addon such that they can be re-generated.
  • Firefox runs in "full screen" mode on the remote screens. In order to get the menu you need to send "F11" to the application. This can be a bit tricky, eg. on a macbook it's "FN + F11"

-- StefanRoiser - 07 Jan 2014

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