Rack Control Using PVSS:

You can use PVSS to connect to the control PC which handles the real hardware, and control everything.


  • Copy directory G:\online\rackctrl\console\rackctrl_console to L:\pvss
  • Copy shortcut G:\online\rackctrl\rack_control_local.lnk to anywhere you want to run the rackcontrol component. (e.g. put it to L:\pvss)
  • Register L:\pvss\rackctrl_console on your local machine, make sure to uncheck "Runnable" option.
  • Then you can double-clicked the shortcut "rack_control_local" to run the components. There will be a "Device Navigator" panel, you can open Logical View, and control your crates.
  • Note: This rackctrl_console project is not runnable, so you can open as many panels as you want.


  • execute shell script "/group/online/rackctrl/cpproj.linux dstpath" to copy project files, if no dstpath is specified, project will copy to ~/pvss
  • register this project, make sure to uncheck "Runnable" option.
  • you can run dstpath/rackctrl.linux.lnk to run the DeviceEditor panel now smile please use Logical View to control your crates.
  • The script cpproj.linux will automatically update the path in the config file.

Rack Control Using "rackctrl" under Linux:

  • copy file /group/online/rackctrl/rackctrl to your own machine where there is DIM installed.
  • run rackctrl for help
  • run rackctrl status to get status of all available crates
  • run rackctrl start crate to turn on specific crate
  • run rackctrl stop crate to turn off specific crate
  • run rackctrl reset crate to reset VME bus of specific crate

-- KaikuoZHUO - 02 May 2007

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