Class Summary

Contains the Particle Identification information for the RICH detectors.

Data members are :-

  • A smart reference to the associated track object.
Currently some gymnastics are performed to allow this to be either a TrStoredTrack or a TrgTrack. Eventually, this will be simplified when only one unified track object is in use.

  • A bit packed history code. Contains some information on how the PID result was produced (For example, which radiators were available for the associated track, and which algorithm was used).

  • A vector of floats containing the delta log likelihood values (defined to be with respect to the best hypothesis) for each of the 5 mass hypotheses. Users are discouraged from accessing this vector directly but instead should use the accessor methods provided.

  • The best mass hypothesis. Internally it is stored as an integer but is converted into an enumeration in the acces methods.

Doxygen Documentation

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