How to Recover the system.

Dont Stop any pvss project. The system is now based on 3 projects operating together. One of them is used to configure the tell1s and the Velo control board and beetle chips,

another one is used to configure the tfc system and the third one is used to configure the the runcontrol. The Runcontrol is not yet quite operational so for the moment I suggest to  use  the 2 essential ones.

supposing that you restarted the pvss projects for any reason, you should go to the Device editor navigator of each project, run it if it's not running (you can find it on the  pvss console for each project) go to FSM tab, do stop all fsm and start all fsm. you can do it even twice just to be sure.

follow also these instructions if the fsms got somehow blocked.

click on the top level with the right click to view the fsm panel that you are interested on. 

on ACDC3 project you can start the acdc3Tell1Control (right click -> view)

on the TFC you can start the same way the tfc control. that will give you the tfc panel, you should navigate down always with double clicks on the name of the State machines.

try to reach the partition odinv2_02. look for the recipe ACDC3_Lat133_extTriggers recipe. select it and on the fsm (the coulored button) click configure.

wait until it's configured.

to reconfigure the tell1s click on the toplevel, ACDC tell1 control and do reset if they show ready state, or do  configure if they are in not ready state. dont do load Firmwarebe cause that will require a reboot of the crate.

the system should then be configured. start the event builder on the receiving PC.

ssh daq@lbh8lx02 with lhcbdaq as password

do source setupdaq

use the alias takedata to the script to take data.

do it like this:

takedata <string>


the string will be the prefix given to the files.


go to the tfc and start the run. check if the event builder receives events. if not there is a problem. check if the tfc is sending triggers.

check if all the green lights for the states of auxiliary trigger, odin front end. trigger type broadcast and  destination assignments are on.

if not stop the run, click on the tickboxes and  make suere it's ok.


if you still doesnt receive any events, try stopping the run, log in to the tfc@odinv202 (should be an expert to do that),

do source


reload the recipe on odin and reset and reconfigure the tell1s.

if even then it doesnt work, call me


you can try to sudo tethereal -ieth1 to check if ip packets are coming.


you can also try to look at the switch and see if the lights connected to the green cables are flashin with some frequence. if not that's funny (strange)


if so, it may be that the switch got blocked, call me.


check if the tell1s have happy leds on the back of them.


check if the credit card pcs are alive (ping them)


check if the pvss log doesn show something to bad (it often does and that doesn mean much)


chech if i'm around or awake. call me also works smile


i dont know any other funny (not haha) states. try rebooting the crate and restarting the pcs and read this from the top smile (there should be in principle no reason to do that)

Remember that this will kill the temperature readout and also the module configuration.




















How to run the DAQ

search for an open panel on pvss called crack ECS. if it's not open search for one of the panels called Device  Editor Navigator, and on the FSM tab look for the one which has crack_ecs. right click on it an then view.

there are some useful things such as the Run number which will go to the odin bank and ultimately to the data. If you use this panel the Run number will be updated automatically.

if you click on the top level, on crack ECS, depending on the state you can click to prepare for physics (if it is in not ready state) or start run, stop run.

click and click again on the cascade button to change the state. you can go from not ready, do prepare for physics to configure the boards inside...

if you click start run, it starts the run. no big misstresses.




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