Work package: Controls and Monitoring

Chairs: Lukas Gruber, Niels Tuning, Mauricio Feo (online)


This work package deals with the development of the software for configuration, control and monitoring of the various subsystems of the SciFi detector. The proper and safe operation of these subsystem (high voltage, low voltage, cooling, etc.) will be provided by a dedicated SciFi Experiment Control System (ECS), which will be later on integrated in the main LHCb ECS. The SciFi control system is developed on the basis of the JCOP framework with some additional LHCb specific tools and guidelines and will be very similar to currently running systems (e.g. OT). The control framework is based on a SCADA application called WinCC-OA. The SciFi ECS is structured in a dedicated FSM hierarchy provided by LHCb, which basically contains six FSM domains: data acquisition – DAQ (front-end and back-end), DAQ infrastructure – DAI (e.g. crates), detector infrastructure – DCS (low voltage, monitoring of humidity, temperature, etc.), high voltage – HV, timing and fast control – TFC and high level trigger – HLT. The TFC and HLT domains are provided centrally and are linked to general LHCb ECS. A SciFi control system, though not necessarily in its final form, is already required for the C-frame tests in the assembly hall. The SciFi ECS should be provided by the SciFi collaboration, using the general JCOP tools, LHCb components and guidelines, FSM domains and hierarchy. The work on the individual FSM domains is split within the SciFi group.

Tentative schedule

A first version of the SciFi ECS including certain domains should be ready for the prototype C-frame testing starting end 2018. Based on that an improved version of the control system should be developed beginning 2019 when the start of the first serial C-frame commissioning is envisaged (April 2019). A close to final SciFi ECS has to be ready for detector commissioning in the LHCb cavern starting end of 2019.

Current main activities

  • Preparation of document summarising the design of the individual FSM domains for SciFi
  • Preparation of SciFi Online Databases needed for detector calibration
  • Development of SciFi ECS (FSM domains and user panels) by SciFi groups
  • Control and monitor related hardware (power supplies, PLCs, ELMBs, etc.) via WinCC
  • Preparation of infrastructure for tests in the assembly hall (e.g. racks, servers, network, PLCs)


The SciFi tracker is a very large and complex detector system consisting of many subsystem which need to be controlled and monitored. The development of the control system is split among several institutes and groups. There will be exchange and sharing of expertise and experience among these different groups. The division of tasks has been discussed and agreed upon with the respective people. Some tasks are not yet assigned. After completion of the individual tasks, the domains will be put together to form the SciFi ECS, which will be finally implemented into the LHCb ECS with the help of the LHCb online group.

Task Link Involved institutes People / contact Description / comments
DCS LV link CERN K. Poplawski / L. Gruber Control and monitor Wiener Maraton power supplies for electronics.
DCS BCAM link EPFL, Warsaw   Control and monitor the BCAM alignment system. System still in design phase.
DCS MON link CERN L. Gruber / K. Poplawski This task includes temperature, humidity, cooling and vacuum monitoring. The controls for the systems will be mainly provided by other groups (EP-DT, EN-CV), however, monitoring in WinCC is needed.
HV link EPFL T. Nanut Control and monitor CAEN power supplies for SiPM HV.
DAQ TELL40 link LPNHE O. LeDortz, D. Terront Control and monitor TELL40 readout boards. Mostly standard panels.
DAQ FE link Nikhef, Heidelberg R. Hart / T. Damen / M. Feo / D. Berninghoff / X. Han / L. Witola / H. Malygina Control and monitor front-end electronics. Highly customised.
DAI link CERN L. Gruber DAQ infrastructure (e.g. TELL40 crates). Mainly provided by LHCb online group.

Other tasks

  • Data monitoring: threshold scan analysis, histograms, presenter, calibration - D. Berninghoff / L. Witola / A. Davis / M. Bieker / S. Esen / V. Zhukov / A. Guth / M. Whitehead
  • Detector Safety System (DSS): design of the DSS system (conditions and actions) - L. Gruber / S. Jakobsen / N. Tuning
  • Alarms and alarm screens: as part of the control task responsibilities
  • Databases (recipes): as part of the control task responsibilities - X. Han / L. Gruber / B. Leverington / R. Hart
  • "Interlock" WinCC safety projects

Setting up the environment

In order to source the SciFi wide bash configuration files on all machines connected to the LHCb network, you will need to modify your personal .bashrc and .bash_profile files as following:


# ~/.bash_profile

# Source group profile
if [ -f /group/sf/etc/profile ]; then
    . /group/sf/etc/profile

# Get the aliases and functions
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    . ~/.bashrc

# Personal environment settings
# ...


# ~/.bashrc

# Make sure to not do anything if not interactive shell
# (optional, but can be necessary to avoid errors with scp)
[[ $- == *i* ]] || return

# Source global definitions
if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
    . /etc/bashrc

# Source group definitions
if [ -f /group/sf/etc/bashrc ]; then
    . /group/sf/etc/bashrc

# Personal aliases and functions
# ...

Overview of SciFi ECS

Schematic of the SciFi Upgrade (SF) Experiment Control System


Proposed control PC names (for final system)

  • SFECS01
  • SFHV01
  • SFDAQA01
  • SFDAQC01
  • SFDAQA02
  • SFDAQC02
  • SFOPC01

General guidelines for WinCC developers

  • Project name = system name
  • System numbers for SciFi: 1220 - 1239 (as listed below "Envisaged architecture")
  • To change system name and number:
    • Stop the project
    • Run
      WCCOAtoolSyncTypes -proj <projName> -log +stderr -system <newSystemNumber> <newSystemName>
      (make sure no error messages are printed)
    • Restart the project
  • Envisaged manager port numbers are listed in the table "Envisaged architecture" (see example config. file for how to set the port numbers)
  • WinCC OA projects: /localdisk/wincc/<projectname>
  • WinCC OA project components: /group/sf/wincc/fwComponents_<projectname>
  • More details: see LHCb ECS guidelines and link (ECS workshop 29-11-2018)

Archiving of WinCC DPs

Data points values from C-Frame tests should be archived using the Oracle online data bases. To setup Oracle archiving one needs to setup RDB archiving, which can be done using the lbArchive component (/sw/pvss/lbArchive) and the lbArchive_config.pnl panel. The settings for SciFi are:

Current WinCC projects under development and control PCs architecture at build. 3852

This table shows the current control PC infrastructure and running WinCC projects in the assembly hall (build. 3852). Some other projects are still existing from previous developments and are not yet following the guidelines and proposed naming and port numbers. The envisaged architecture is outlined in the second table below. It is recommended to follow already now during development the proposed (final) list.

Machine (in SXL8) WinCC project Domain Project name System name System number pmonPort dataPort eventPort distPort Project path Comments
scifi01 LV DCS SFDCSLV SFDCSLV 1222 12220 12221 12222 12227 /localdisk/wincc/ -
scifi01 MON DCS SFDCSMON SFDCSMON 1223 12230 12231 12232 12237 /localdisk/wincc/ -
scifi01 VAC DCS SFDCSVAC - - - - - - /localdisk/wincc/projects/ -
scifi02 ECS ECS SFECS SFECS 1220 12200 12201 12202 12207 /localdisk/wincc/ -
scifi03 HV HV SFHV SFHV 1221 12210 12211 12212 12217 /localdisk/wincc/ -
scifi04w OPC - SFOPC SFOPC 1239 12390 - - - C:\wincc Wiener and CAEN OPC
sfminidaq01 FEE DAQ SFDAQFEEA SFDAQFEEA 1225 12250 12251 12252 12257 /localdisk/wincc/ -
sfminidaq01 TELL40&TFC DAQ SFDAQTELL40 SFDAQTELL40A 1227 12270 12271 12272 12277 /localdisk/wincc/ -
sfminidaq01 - - MON_TEST MON_TEST 5000 50000 50001 50002 50007 /localdisk/wincc/ Test project for data monitoring
sfminidaq02 FEE DAQ SFDAQFEEC SFDAQFEEC 1226 12260 12261 12262 12267 /localdisk/wincc/ -
sfminidaq02 FEE DAQ SFDAQTELL40C SFDAQTELL40C 1228 12280 12281 12282 12287 /localdisk/wincc/ -
sfminidaq03 FETESTER DAQ SFFETESTER1 SFFETESTER1 1500 15000 15001 15002 15007 /localdisk/wincc/ -

Envisaged (final) architecture for serial C-Frame commissioning in build. 3852

WinCC project Domain Project name System name System number pmonPort dataPort eventPort distPort Machine (in SXL8) Project path
ECS ECS SFECS SFECS 1220 12200 12201 12202 12207 scifi02 /localdisk/wincc/
HV HV SFHV SFHV 1221 12210 12211 12212 12217 scifi03 /localdisk/wincc/
LV DCS SFDCSLV SFDCSLV 1222 12220 12221 12222 12227 scifi01 /localdisk/wincc/
MON DCS SFDCSMON SFDCSMON 1223 12230 12231 12232 12237 scifi01 /localdisk/wincc/
BCAM DCS SFDCSBCAM SFDCSBCAM 1224 12240 12241 12242 12247 scifi01 /localdisk/wincc/
FEEA DAQ SFDAQFEEA SFDAQFEEA 1225 12250 12251 12252 12257 sfminidaq02 /localdisk/wincc/
FEEC DAQ SFDAQFEEC SFDAQFEEC 1226 12260 12261 12262 12267 sfminidaq02 /localdisk/wincc/
TELL40A DAQ SFDAQTELL40A SFDAQTELL40A 1227 12270 12271 12272 12277 sfminidaq02 /localdisk/wincc/
TELL40C DAQ SFDAQTELL40C SFDAQTELL40C 1228 12280 12281 12282 12287 sfminidaq02 /localdisk/wincc/
OPC - SFOPC SFOPC 1239 12390 - - - scifi04w C:\wincc

Other Ethernet equipment in build. 3852

Device name Location IP address Description
scifigw 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) SciFi gateway machine (GPN - LHCb network)
scifi01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) SciFi control PC (Linux)
scifi02 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) SciFi control PC (Linux)
scifi03 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) SciFi control PC (Linux)
scifi04w 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) SciFi control PC (Windows)
sfminidaq01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) SciFi MiniDAQ2, used for ROB tests
sfminidaqipmi01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) - IPMI for SciFi MiniDAQ2
sfminidaq02 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) New SciFi MiniDAQ3 server incl. 3 PCIe40 cards
sfplcs7vac01 3852/1-002 (vacuum rack mezzanine) Siemens S7 PLC for vacuum system
sfplcs7mon01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) Siemens S7 PLC for temperature monitoring
sfplcm340cool01 3852/1-002 (baby plant mezzanine) Schneider M340 PLC for Novec cooling system
sfwienerrcmlv01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) Wiener Maraton control unit
sfcaenpshv01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) CAEN power supply crate
sfkvm01 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) KVM (keyboard/video/mouse)
sfminidaq03 3852/1-002 (test rack mezzanine) MiniDAQ2 server for FE-tester

Power-up procedure of each HalfROB

1. Configure Master SCA

  • Send SCA reset command
  • Control Register values:
    • Serial ID (formerly CRA): Do not write to!
    • CRB: 0xFE -> Enable SPI, GPIOs, and I2C bus 0-4 (going to Data GBTs)
    • CRC: 0x1F -> Enables I2C bus 5-9 (going to Data GBTs, Housekeeping FPGA and LIS)
    • CRD: 0x18 -> Enables JTAG and ADCs
  • Set GPIOs 0 (LIS), 27 (power section 1), 28 (power section 2), 29 (3v3) to OUTPUT HIGH (disables the LIS and enables power)
2. Configure Master GBT, following recommendation 5 in the GBTx application note: 3. Configure Data GBTs 4. Configure Cluster Board SCAs
  • Send SCA reset command
  • Control Register values:
    • Serial ID (formerly CRA): Do not write to!
    • CRB: 0xFE -> Enable SPI, GPIOs, and I2C bus 0-4 (Cluster FPGAs + PACIFICs 0-2)
    • CRC: 0x01 -> Enables I2C bus 5 (PACIFIC 3)
    • CRD: 0x18 -> Enables JTAG and ADCs
  • Set GPIOs 0-3 (disable PACIFIC clock), 16-19 (PACIFIC ResetN), 20-23 (PACIFIC Load Init Config), 24-27 (PACIFIC Refresh) to OUTPUT (are all LOW active):
    • First Perform ResetN (set 16-19 to LOW)
    • Then 16-19 back to HIGH, and 20-23 to LOW (Load PACIFIC initial configuration)
    • 20-23 back to HIGH
5. Enable ADC Current Sources:
  • Master SCA: Enable ADC lines 0-7 -> temperature sensors on Master Board
  • Cluster Board SCAs: Enable ADC lines 0-3 -> Temperature sensors on SiPMs (lines 0+1) and PACIFIC board (lines 2+3)

Power-Up Procedure for Test Racks

1. Power on the network switch and scifigw. Wait until it is up.

2. Power on the other machines (scifi01, scifi02, scifi04, scifi04w, sfminidaq01, sfminidaq02).

Photo of test rack with labels:

3. Start the projects.

$ ssh scifi01 -X
$ startPA
$ etc. 

SciFi documentation and communication

SciFi ECS design document (draft:

SciFi online databases (draft:

CERN E-GROUP: lhcb-scifi-online

GITLAB: (a sub-group of lhcb-scifi)

JIRA: (for task and issue tracking and notification)

Data format information:

Cabling info: SciFi optical links cabling for LS2 (

CAEN HV bias supply routing: link

SciFi readout numbering scheme (J. van Tilburg):

SciFi LV naming convention for both ECS and hardware: link

SciFi MON archive is stored locally on scifi01 machine - archiving parameters (updated regularly if needed):


LHCb online project

-- BlakeLeverington - 2018-02-2

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